Bet On Formula 1: How To Win More Bets

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Formula One is the at the top tier of Motorsport. A sport which races across our screens year after year, as some of the world’s best single-seater drivers race the fastest cars produced.

The motor sport is governed by the Federation Internationale de Automobile (FIA), the FIA Formula One World Championship has been the premier racing series since its debut season in 1950.

To our delight and the scope of this article, you can bet on F1 racing. There are markets open and available for you to bet on today.

bet on formula 1

What Is The F1 Championship?

The F1 championship is made up of 11 teams. The teams are comprised of two cars and participate in the 21 Grand Prix across the globe.

A typical race weekend looks something like this; teams take part in three free practice sessions. This is an F1 qualifying format that consists of three parts and the Race.

The Race is considered the most crucial part of the Formula One. the Formula 1 point systems basis its point system on awarding drivers according to their highest finishing position.

For example, if you finish first you earn 25 points and 18 points for the second finisher and lastly 15 for third place. The points for Formula 1 descend till 10th place.

The points are added up after each race weekend and then tallied up at the end of the season.

The driver who caps off the season with the most points will be named the FIA Formula One World Drivers Champion.

As for the motorsport makers aka the constructors, the two drivers points will be added together to form the FIA Formula One World Constructors Championship. The team with the most amount of combined points is awarded the title.

The Formula One Races

Anyone interested in Formula One should know that this is not a typical sport. Unlike football, tennis or cricket which are all a one vs one battle.

In these popular sports there are only three possible outcomes: win for either side or a draw.

F1 racing is a different story, you have 20 competitors behind the start line. This means that there are countless combinations of how a race can unfold.

This all means that there are endless opportunities for punters in a fast-paced sport which requires sheer skill to master.

bet on formula 1

Practice, Qualify And Race


As we mentioned Formula 1 is slightly more complicated than other sports. The sport kicks off with a two 90-minute practice session usually held on a Friday.

This is when punters who are interested in placing money on the sport will have time to learn more about the performance of each car and the driver.

The first practice session doesn’t really count for much, think of it as the warm up. The second practice session, however, is the most revealing.

The track surface has been cleaned up by cars from the first session running on it. Rubber build up means the lap times are a more clear representation of a car’s performance.

This is normally the first time we see teams using the softer of the two available tyre compounds.

Keep an eye on these lap times, as they indicate how drivers will perform in the all-important qualifying session which decides the grid for the race.

Normally during the second practice, the drivers will spend the second half of their time in longer runs so that the tyres replicate race conditions.

Punters should keep an eye out for the cars whose tyres pressure drops too quickly. This means that the car will experience more pit stops within the race.


After the two practice sessions, the drivers will get another chance to practice on Saturday morning before qualifying begins.

The qualifying stage is a three-stage knockout. According to how many cars will be racing, a group of the slowest drivers are eliminated in Q1, and then again in Q2, leaving a ten-car shoot-out for the top places.

At this point, you will have a better indication of the cars and teams and their potential to be one of the front runners.

The Race

A Grand Prix race runs to a minimum distance of 305 kilometres. The time limit for the race is two hours, not including any red flag suspensions.

The race unfolds like this: whoever leads the field at the finish of lap one will have the benefit of a clear track in front of them. Having a clear track in front of you is any cars desired position.

Why ?

Well, Formula One cars are depended heavily on their aerodynamic features in which they are designed. Their aerodynamic wings help to generate downforce and grip and give them an edge all on competitors. That head start will give a car the advantage to be a top finisher.

Sunday is the day when all the competitors’ efforts come into play. This is why punters must pay close attention to the entire weekend as each day will serve new challenges and how the Formula One car handle them is essential to the outcome.

Punters who keep their eyes peeled for the teams with the best strategies will, in turn, earn more from their bets.

Bet on formula 1

F1 Betting Explained

When it comes to betting on F1, there are a number of markets on offer. One of the pinnacle markets is Outright Betting.

Outright betting is a bet placed over the course of the entire season and not one single event. Unlike traditional outright bettings, in F1 there is no steady pace or form. Therefore bets are placed throughout the campaign.

Here are some of the markets you can bet on :

F1 Constructors’ Championship Odds

This is a title awarded to the team which finishes with the most points in the full season with the two drivers.

Should the punter correctly assume the team which finishes first in the overall standings, they will win the bet.

F1 Drivers Championship Odds

Punters can place wagers on the 2017 Drivers’ Championship. This will be awarded to the driver that accumulates the most amount of points for the best race finished throughout the course of the year.

If the bet is correctly selected on the number one driver than the bet is won.

bet on formula 1

F1 Any Race Podium Finish Odds

As a punter, you can also bet on any driver of your choice to win a race in 2017.

If the selected driver finished any race in the first standings ir cross the line in the top-three positions than the better will win the bet.

Driver vs Driver Match Bets

Another kind of bet to place your money on is the Driver vs Driver match bet.

For this kind of bet, the punter is given two options: Driver A or Driver B.

The final outcome will be decided by the driver that finishes higher in the official Formula One Standings at the end of the season.

F1 Race Winner Odds

This is the most popular betting market for the F1 betting. You can choose to bet on the race winner, pole position, podium placing, fastest lap and safety car.

The winner of the Formula races is decided by the driver which finishes the race after completing a number of laps in the fastest recorded time.

Fastest Lap Odds

Bet on the fastest lap by picking the driver that will complete the quickest lap during the race.

You can place your bet at any time during the race. For the duration of the race, you can place wagers on the driver you believe has the best odds of winning.

Pole Position Odds

The pole position odds are decided on the Saturday afternoon prior to the race day.

This is an hour long event in which drivers must set the best one-lap time in order to avoid being eliminated.

F1 Qualifying rules state the driver which finishes Qualifying Session 3 with the fastest time once all laps have been completed and the 12-minute period is over is awarded pole position, meaning they will start the race in first place on the grid. On certain tracks, this position is a significant advantage.

Fastest Lap Odds

In order to bet on the fastest lap, punters will select the driver which they think will finish the lap in the quickest time.

Top 3 Finish

The top three finishers after every race will celebrate their achievements. We’re sure you know how this goes down, think of the F1 winner with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a trophy in the other.

This is when you can choose to bet on any driver you believe will finish on the podium.

bet on formula 1

Final Words

With this comprehensive guide on how you can bet on Formula 1, you should feel more at ease when placing a bet.

The great things about Formula 1 are that there are multiple combinations for every race, meaning there are countless opportunities for punters all over the world.

Take a shot at betting on Formula 1 and let us know below what your outcomes are !

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