Is Sports Betting More Profitable Than Poker?

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The time old question of whether sports’ betting is more profitable than poker, has been the heat of many discussions among bettors since the games existed. Both sports betting and poker require a certain amount of skill to be able to make a profit.

The punter must have sufficient funds in his bankroll and disciplined enough to act on your instincts when plans don’t exactly go as planned. Odds in poker are easy to grasp and apply but it’s key that you can easily read people and in turn have a good poker face.

Sports betting on the other hand require the punter to have encyclopedic knowledge and to be able to apply it to multiple sports.

As people spend more time playing poker and betting on sports online, the question is sports betting more profitable than poker begs to be answered.

Sports Betting vs Poker: Is Sports Betting More Profitable Than Poker?

Is Sports Betting More Profitable Than Poker

Sheer Skill & Strategy

The amount of money you stand to win in either sports betting or poker heavily relies on how good you are.

This means that you have invested in developing your skills, read advice from more experienced bettors, read blogs and books, tested out strategies and took a keen interest in the sports and rules of poker.

Poker does require the player to use more skills and for this reason it might be easier for any novice to try his hand at sports betting to turn a profit rather than poker.

This is for the simple reason that sports bettings does not need as much practice as poker.

That being said, you cannot expect to bet and win, but after some time you can learn to bet and eventually make a profit in sports betting online.

Sports betting online also necessitates that you keep updated, rigorously.

Keep an eye out on the teams and players within the sports you will be betting on. Having a clear idea of the team dynamics will help you as you place your bets and earn potential profits.

Bankroll Management

This might not sounds exciting but a great deal of poker players and sports bettors have gone off the grid for lack of discipline when it came to their bankroll.

You could be the best player or bettor, choose the best races and line ups, but if adopt poor money management skills then your betting career is going to be short lived and it will catch up to you eventually.

For poker players, the bankroll requirements fluctuate depending on the game you could cho0se to participate in games dealing with cash, multi-table tournaments or sit n’go tournaments.

You can choose to keep the stakes low and still turn a profit.

Sports betting in this respect is slightly different. The amount bettors choose to place in their bankroll varies; usually a sports bettor spends 1-2% of his bankroll on each bet.

A punter does not risk as often a poker player, betting more than 5% of their bankroll is often risky and if not successful will be considered a sizeable loss for a punter.

The goal of a sports bettor is to balance their books. If punters can win up to 55 percent of their wagers than they can consider making a living off betting.

If we’re talking about sports betting, then the worn on phrase ‘ you need money, to make money’ has never been truer. You must be capable to handicap multiple sports, meaning you need to put in the time and work.

A considerable amount of time compared to making a profit with poker.

The reason that it is harder to make a profit in sports betting lies in the fact that you would have to take into account a vast amount of sports and therefore you need a larger bankroll.

Your profit potential corresponds to the amount of money you have in your bankroll. If your aim is to earn more by investing less than poker is definitely the route for you.

Any punter needs to understand that with sports betting there is learning curve, which requires you to start off with low amounts and slowly work your way up.

Think of this as training. The end goal for any sports bettor is to find inefficiencies in the market and working on your handicapping.

Tip; build up your bankroll from day 1 to give you the flexibility to improve your methods and work on your skills.

Collecting Bonuses

Depositing bonuses when it comes to online poker are more consistent than online sports books. Sports betting sites promote ‘free bets’ and ‘free-play’ which are less profitable.

For the sports bettors out there, it’s worth your while to collect bonuses from reduced juice markets or competitive pricing.

Reduced juice betting markets is a specific market that offers you the same amount of winnings but you risk less stake.

Working Through Levels and Stakes

Poker and sports betting fail to see eye to eye when it comes to moving up in levels or adding value to your bet size and stakes.

As a sports bettor your goal is to shop around for a line at the best possible asking price.

As you begin to increase your bet amount, the challenge then lies in saving money on the best line. This does not get easier as your budget increases and but the good news is that your handicapping skills remain at the same level.

When dealing with poker, this is not the case. When a player moves up a stake, they welcome tougher stakes and opponents, although the rules still apply the outcome of the game relies solely on the player’s skills.

Moving up in sports betting is concerned with getting the best odds, in poker one would have to change their tactics and improve their skills. This will make all the difference when it comes up to increasing your stakes within a game.

Playing Online Poker

Poker does seem like the channel one would chose to make more money, it’s important to mention that it has its own set of difficulties.

Firstly, playing poker is astonishingly competitive. You will be competing against people who might have more experience than you under their belt and will use tactics, which they learnt over time to help them generate out a profit.

They will most probably use tools such as PokerTracker to help them keep tabs on a number of statistics, on their opponents and also to analyse their own moves during the game.

Participating in a live poker game involves a great deal of effort whilst sports’ betting remains an easier and quicker option.

poker vs sports betting

Final Words

Sports Betting online can be compared to a game of chance. The majority  of the time, the outcome depends on the punters luck and choosing a sport you have a broad based idea about. Some factors such as how a horse runs a race or the outcome of team in football affects your bet.

Variables, which are out of your control. Whilst poker depends highly on the player, they are in more control and an active participant. In sports betting once you place your bet all you have to do is wait.

It’s important to enjoy both poker and sports betting and to respect the pastimes respectively.

Neither of these paths is a quick money making scheme and rather take time to cultivate the skills required.

To answer the question; is sports betting more profitable than poker? No it is not, poker is more profitable but there is also the added risk and skills as mentioned earlier.

Be the winner you were always meant to be.

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