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Bet $50 – Get a 50% match bonus

Place a bet of $50 and get $25 or place a $100 and get $50 redeemed into your account. This will be activated as soon as you place your first deposit.

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Bet €10 – Get €30 in free bets 

Bet €10 and you will get another 3 €10 free bets. This bonus is only available to customers in the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle Of Man.

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100% deposit bonus – Up to €50

Log in and deposit €5 or more to your account. You will receive a bonus worth the same amount you deposited.

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100% deposit bonus – Up to €50

Log in and deposit €5 or more to your account. You will receive a bonus worth the same amount you deposited.


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Why are bonuses important?

We have made this page so punters, like yourself, benefit from the bonuses currently available from online bookmakers. Sports betting bonuses will maximise your bets and ultimately your bankroll.

The aim of this page is to keep you updated with sports betting bonuses, so you do not miss out on any major opportunities in the sports betting markets.

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Since bookmakers have made the move from betting booths to websites, the sports betting market has become extremely competitive.

The sheer amount of bookmakers and betting markets available are a testament to this. Sports betting bonuses have therefore increased and we wanted to create a space which is constantly updated for any level bettor.
Bookmakers in turn have to constantly offer incentives, this has created profitable opportunities for all sport punters. On average a regular will sign up to more than one bookmaker to maximise the betting markets and best available odds.

Keeping up with bookmakers might seem like daunting task, therefore a space like our sports betting bonus page would be the perfect space for you to keep updated on any of the latest promotions.

Bonuses are so popular for more reasons than just the fact that people enjoy being given stuff for free.

Bonuses provide rookie punters a time period which they may use as a learning curve without burning much of their personal savings.

Previously, newbies would play their first bet and lose without any cushion of a free bonus. This would discourage them to continue their betting activity.

The bonuses we offer on this page are the sign-up bonuses of all of the top bookmakers on the market. This way, Alpha-Bettors are
spoilt for choice for where they wish to begin their betting venture.

An advantage of the current environment in the betting industry is that you may sign up with multiple bookmakers. Before, you were only limited to the betting booths and therefore your bonuses were very limited.

Today, nothing stops punters from creating accounts with all of the top bookmakers and benefiting from all of the great bonuses there are currently available on the market.

To get access to these great offers, just press on the icons on this page and it will redirect you to the bookmakers sign-up bonus and registering process.
If there is any bookmaker that you feel is a must-have and we have missed out on them, feel free to contact us and we will get right on it.

We firmly believe that any punter who wishes to up his betting game must play closer attention to bookmaker bonuses. Keep in mind that sports betting bonuses will only add more value to your bets.

Finding value in your next bet will in the near future increase your winnings, which is also a plus for any bettor.

For any questions you may have about anything we have to offer, feel free to get in contact with #teamAlpha on our live chat feature.

Sports betting bonuses are a large portion of online sports betting and should be overlooked. It’s in your best interest to use these betting bonuses to best of your abilities and win bets, more frequently.