Black Friday Special: NFL Review

November 22, 2018 10 min to read

Black Friday is just hours away and we, AlphaSportsBetting, will bring you team by team how they are doing during this season NFL.

NFL Review


AFC Conference

This a table of the AFC Conference until 22nd November 2018. Calm down! We will be giving you a guide of every team in every division how they are doing.

AFC Conference

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AFC East

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are on a 1 winning streak after 4 consecutive losses and are currently 3rd in the AFC East with 3 wins in 10 games.

Buffalo Bills are unlikely to make it to the playoffs this year as the New England Patriots seem to be on fire yet again.

Miami Dolphin

Miami Dolphins are currently second only behind the champions of the division, New England Patriots, however, having lost the last game, it’s highly unlikely that the Dolphins will be playing in the Play-Offs.

While it’s just unlikely to make it to the playoffs from the division, they can still make it through being a Wild Card.

New England Patriots

The Patriots look set to win the division yet another time for the seventh consecutive time. Unless, a huge Miami Dolphins upheaval, the Patriots look set for a place to the playoffs.

New England Patriots will be surely hoping to win the Superbowl after agonizingly missing out on the final last year.

New York Jets

The last placed team in the division, just like a year ago, are on a losing streak of 4 games which is the worst of the division and although they share the same points as the New England Patriots, the downward spiral seems likely to continue.

It’s almost impossible for them to make it to the playoffs yet again this year, even as wildcards.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Pretty much in a decent position, just like a year, can make it to the playoffs as one of the two Wild Cards of the AFC Championship.

The Ravens will have to hope for a miracle to make it though, as the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a comfortable position and seem to be moving to the playoffs and win the division.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals seem to be going head to head with Baltimore Ravens for the wild card. However, they need to pick up immediately as they are on a 2 match losing streak.

Just like anyone in the division, it is quite impossible to go for the playoffs by winning the division.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are currently in a tough spot, with just 2 wins and a tie in 10 games. Which is virtually impossible for them to make it to the Wild Card.

However, the Browns are on a match winning streak and can end the season in a positive note.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are on their way to the playoffs, on an impressive 6 winning streak look like set for yet another year in the playoffs.

This time the Pittsburgh Steelers will hope they make it to the Superbowl as last year they just managed the Semi-Finals

AFC South

Houston Texans

The Texans are on fire! With a winning streak of 7 matches. With their place for the wild card virtually ready, the division still needs to be played yet with Indianapolis Colts on a good form themselves.

With just 3 losses in 10 games, the Texans will be hoping to make it to the playoffs after a much improved season after a horrific one last year.

Indianapolis Colts

Thanks to their 4 matches winning run, Indianapolis looks like to give the Texans a run for their money for the Division although being a bit far, one game could change the landscape.

Just like the Texans, the Colts are having a great season when compared to last season and will be hoping to make to the Wild Card at least.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars won the division last year, however, ended the season with 2 losses and lost the final of the championship last season.

It looks like a downward Spiral from that moment then, as the Jaguars are on a 6 game losing streak and it’s looking impossible for them to win a Wild Card position nevermind the division.

Tennessee Titans.

Last year championship semi-finalists are fighting for the wild card and could be fighting for the division if not for losing their last game.

With their eyes set on the division after being runners-up last year, they can still be the wild card this season yet again.

AFC West

Denver Broncos

After finishing last place last year in the division, this year could finish one year although it’s difficult to win the wild card place.

The Broncos will be holding their head high after a much improved season than the last one.

Kansas City Chiefs

A team with 9 wins in 11 games who looked set to wrap up this year division, however, their last game resulted in a loss which opened up the fight vs Los Angeles Chargers open once again.

With the division yet to be won, the wild card position looks like already won. So, practically the playoff position looks like done and dusted.

Los Angeles Chargers

Yet another fantastic season, however, yet another fight for the division with the Chiefs. Can they get one better this year? Having lost their last game, they will hope to not suffer the same faith as last season, with missing the wild card.

The Chargers must look to win the remaining games, as that would handle them the wild card for sure and a close run for the division.

Oakland Raiders

After a disappointing season last year, they look like are set to an even worse one this time around.

Just 2 wins notched from 10 games, the Raiders will hope they put this season behind and start the new one with a refreshed spirit.


This is the table of the NFC, we will be explaining every team in every division once again with pretty much every position yet to be won by the teams.

NFC Conference

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NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

In this division the fight is really close, in fact, all 4 teams look like to be in a healthy position to win the division. The Cowboys missed out on the on the Wild Card last year, however, this year they look like to change it with a 2 match winning streak.

The Cowboys have won 5 games from the opening 10 games and they look to better a position and win the division.

New York Giants

The Giants had a bad season last year, and this year looked like another one. However, they have picked up a 2 winning streak run which puts them in a place to keep fighting for the wild card.

With the 1st Place, not a foregone conclusion, but highly unlikely, the last place finished team will hope to keep the streak going and finish a respectable 3rd at least.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Superbowl winners run away with the division last year, however, this year couldn’t keep the pace they had last season and are a bad 3rd place position by their standards.

However, a wild card is still possible, and even a 1st place finish. However, they need to pick up immediately and end their 2 matches Losing streak.

Washington Redskins

The 1st placed team, and maybe a surprise considering that last season, they ended the season with a defeat and missed on a second place.

The Washington Redskinds will have in mind that all the teams in this division are looking to win it and must keep winning games. Currently, on 1 losing streak, they must pick up and start winning again.

NFC North

Chicago Bears

The bears ended last season as last placed with 11 defeats in 16 matches, however this year, they look set to win the division with 7 games won and an outstanding 4 matches winning streak.

With the division yet to play, it’s looking unlikely that one of the teams can stop the Bears.

Detroit Lions

Losing a place for the wild card last year, it seems that the disappointment has shattered the confidence for this season as the Lions are last placed with the division virtually lost and a place for the wild card could be won by teams from other divisions.

The Lions are currently on a 1 match winning streak and will hope to at least finish this season with a good run.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers are in the same position which was last season, however, a position for the wild card is still to be played with the Vikings and one game can change everything.

Having lost their last game, the Packers will hope to hit the ground running once again to keep fighting till the last breath.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings comfortably won last year’s division and went to the final of the championship too. However, they were trashed and this season is in a wild card position, however, the division seems to be moving away after losing their last game.

With 5 wins from 10, it was expected more from the Vikings and will hope to secure a wild card position come to the end of the season.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Last year the Falcons were one of the 3 teams that qualified for the playoffs from this division, however, this year it doesn’t look it will be the case. The Falcons sit in 3rd with 4 wins in 10 games.

With the division a foregone conclusion, the Falcons will have to be better than Carolina Panthers and hope to get a place in the wild card.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are in second place and aren’t guaranteed a place for a wild card and with the division a foregone conclusion the Panthers will hope to end their losing streak.

Currently, on a 2 match losing streak, the Panthers will hope to get through a wild card.

New Orleans Saints

The title win is just a mathematical question as the Saints won an impressive 9 games from 10 matches.

Last year championship semi-finalists, will hope that this year can win it. As form suggests that they will be up there.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers aren’t having a bad season, compared to last season. Currently, on a 1 game winning run, the Buccaneers will hope to end the season with a high.

With a wild card position also virtually impossible, The Buccaneers will look forward to keeping the winning run going.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

What felt it is going to be a transitional season to a team that has a weak bench are currently 3rd in the NFC West with 2 wins and 8 losses in 10 matches.

The Steve Wilks managed a team who renamed their stadium to State Farm Stadium, currently on 2 games losing streak will have to perform a miracle to find themselves in the play-off.

Los Angeles Rams

Just like last season, the Rams are looking like to be winning the division yet another time. Probably the best team in the championship and it’s no surprise.

The Rams will hope, however, that they can go to the Superbowl this year.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a lot far from the wild card position and will have to settle on finishing the season on a winning streak.

Not a disappointment, as its the same position they have been last year.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are set for a wildcard position if they can keep the winning run going, with the division title a foregone conclusion, however, they will be happy to go to the playoffs.

The Seahawks are currently with a 1 game winning streak.

Our Prediction

NFL Predictions

So this our review for Black Friday, however, we are not done yet. We will give you our predictions. We will give you the Play-Off teams according to our team of NFL Enthusiasts.


Division Winners

New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs


Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers


Division Winners

Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears
New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Rams


Washington Redskins
Seattle Seahawks

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