Brazil World Cup News: Will Neymar Be The Weak Link?

May 17, 2018 2 min to read

“This injury is difficult, and the biggest challenge is right now, going to the World Cup after not playing for three months…The expectations are very high, not just from the fans but from me as well, that’s why this is the biggest challenge I’m facing.”

And yes, the expectations are high for Neymar who only joined the Ligue 1 team from Barcelona with a record-breaking price tag of 222 million euros ($265.18 million).

So with the World Cup 2018 round the corner, what is the faith of both Brazil and Neymar?

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2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams2018 World Cup Predictions Top Teams

Will Neymar Play In The World Cup 2018?

It’s safe to say that both Brazil and Neymar are both desperate for a win in the World Cup 2018.

Brazil will also be hungry to redeem themselves from their failure back in 2014 in their own home country. They regrettably lost to Germany in a 7-1 defeat.

The last time Brazil won the World Cup title was back in 2002 and Neymar is definitely a key ingredient in their success towards a win for the World Cup 2018.

The five-times world champions have been drawn with Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia in Group E, with their first outing on June 17.

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Will Neymar be part of this winning team?

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