Eurovision Drinking Games: You Have to Try!

April 16, 2019 3 min to read

As the Eurovision is coming up once again, you are either really excited and can’t wait for the music spectacle to start or you are really dreading the whole festival but watching it anyway since the final is broadcasted on a Saturday. If you belong to the first category, these drinking games will help you spice up this year’s Eurovision; if you’re a member of the Eurovision-hating group these drinking games will help you get through it.

Either way, you are welcome.


Secret Supporter


This one takes some preparation in advance, but it is totally worth it! Create cards for each competing country and make sure each player draws one of the countries. Once a card is picked it can’t be changed and must be kept a secret to all other players!

Each time ‘your’ country is mentioned in the TV broadcast, you have to take a sip. Make sure you keep your nationality hidden from other participants and keep your eyes open to other suspicious behavior at the same time. Each player has three guesses to unveil other players identities. The last country standing wins!


Eurovision Sips Festival


Stick to these rules and apply these accordingly (or as you see fit):

  • 1 sip If a singer winks at the camera
  • 1 sip If someone sings off the pitch
  • 1 sip If there are unnecessary props on stage
  • 1 sip If a costume is altered on stage or if a part of it is stripped off (one sip for each alteration)
  • 1 sip If fireworks are used on stage
  • 1 sip If a key change is part of the performance
  • 2 sips If someone enters the stage barefoot
  • 2 sips If a fist is raised in the air during the performance to express emotion
  • 2 sips If the artist is wearing some sort of traditional outfit
  • 2 sips If multiple languages are used in a song
  • 2 sips If the host country is given more than 5 points
  • 3 sips If politics are involved in the lyrics of the song
  • 3 sips If a wind machine is used on stage
  • 3 sips If the UK is given 12 points


Eurovision Bingo


I know this doesn’t sound too exciting and bingo is usually played in a retirement home, but trust me on this one. Too start Eurovision bingo, make sure everyone gets one of these bingo cards. Every time one of the phrases on your card is said, you can cross it out. Completed your card? Stand up and call out ‘bingo'!

You can easily download and print the bingo cards, but I do encourage to make them yourself as you can add a personalized touch to each bingo card for all your friends. Make sure to get some Eurovision prizes for the winner as well: Perhaps some Eurovision merchandise or a bottle of the host country’s national liquor?

The Eurovision will start on the 14th of May, the finale will take place on the 18th of May. If you are curious who will be representing the countries on stage, check out all competitors and their entries here. If you are planning on placing bets for the ESC, make sure to check the Eurovision 2019 odds.

Have fun and remember to drink responsibly!

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