Interview With An Amateur Football Bettor, Who Wins Big!

July 3, 2018 4 min to read

Find out how you can make money from betting on the world cup even if you are an amateur.

We interviewed a guy who came to us – let's call him Phil – and wanted to share his story.

We decided to talk to Phil and learn about the elusive secret to actually make money from betting on football.


philipAlpha Sports Betting: Are you a football fan or do you just like to bet on football?

Phil: I just follow football during the big tournaments like the Champions League, Euros or the World Cup.

Alpha Sports Betting: What are your favourite teams? Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?

Phil: I don't really have any favourite teams, I just like to watch different teams play, however, I must admit, I have a soft corner for England and my family tends to root for England.
I like to root for the underdog – México.


Alpha Sports Betting: Why did you decide to start betting on football?

Phil: The World Cup was around the corner and my friends were interested in trying their hand at some football betting.

It just started out as a fun thing to do with my friends. One of them told me about Leo Vegas and their special offers wherein you can get free bets. So I decided to try it.

Alpha Sports Betting: Which betting site do you use and why?

Phil: I started off with Leo Vegas but I liked William Hill better. I personally believe their website is more user-friendly.

Alpha Sports Betting: What was your first bet? What was your first winning bet

Phil: I started betting in the first round on match results. My first big win came in the match between England vs Tunisia. I bet on Harry Kane to score the last goal. I bet €1 and got €99. I bet on Korea to win against Germany. I bet €10 and got €107 in return. William Hill sometimes gives boosts or bonuses on your big wins. For instance, the initial odds were 9/1

Alpha Sports Betting:  Any losing bet or bets?

Phil: Honestly, Yes, a lot of them, because I make several small bets with big potential payouts.

Alpha SPorts Betting: What is your strategy?

Phil: I started off with betting on match results, after my big win I started betting on more specific conditions, like a number of corners, score lines, goal scorer and when he would score.

I initially used to bet bigger amounts like €10 but I started betting small amounts like €1 with high odds and switched from simple match results to making bets on details like the number of corners, goal scorer, time of goal etc.

For example, I made €61 from €1 on a multi-match bet. Germany, México, Brazil, and Switzerland all to have a corner each corner of the pitch. Seemed like a realistic possibility to me.  The odds were 61/1

Alpha Sports Betting: What did you learn from your betting experience?

Phil: Always bet while you are watching the game, this way you can gauge how the teams are playing and make more accurate bets. Avoid unrealistic bets.

Alpha Sports Betting: Let´s talk about budgeting, How much do you spend on betting?

Phil: I try not spend too much, I started with €10 and I haven't spent more than €50. I make several small bets with high odds, in the end even though I lost a lot of bets I still make a profit when I end up winning some of them.

Alpha Sports Betting: What will you do with your winnings?

Phil: I will go out and eat something nice and probably get a new tattoo 🙂

Alpha Sports Betting: Are you planning to make any new bets?

Phil: *chuckles* I decided to retire. It was a fun ride but I am happy with what I won.

Alpha Sports Betting: Advice for our readers?

Phil: As I mentioned earlier, make several small bets which could realistically happen and have a high payout.

Spread out your bets, that way you hedge your losses and increase your odds because even if you lose a lot of them a few of them would help you make a profit.

Alpha Sports Betting: Thanks for your time Phil!



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