Joshua Vs. Miller: Pregame Preparations

April 15, 2019 6 min to read

It won’t be long until Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller will meet in the ring of boxing bakermat Madison Square Garden on June 1st. Speculations of the outcome of the fight are going wild and an increasing amount of people seems to be invested in the results of the widely discussed battle. The two heavyweight boxers will not encounter in the ring until the beginning of June, but they have had some previous moments at which they met each other. The press conferences in London and New York let us catch a glimpse of both fighters. Let’s take a closer look at the previous encounters and see what there is to learn about the boxers’ style and personality. This will be helpful in order to work out and assume the result which is useful when finding the odds for betting.

New York, July 2018

Anthony Joshua, the titleholder in the heavyweight class, climbed the stage in New York when he was about to engage in his first face-off with rival Alexander Povetkin in July 2018. The faceoff was part of the pregame events for the fight that was to take place However, AJ was interrupted by Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller who surged onto the stage and provoked Joshua whose attention shifted directly. Armed in sunglasses he started jeering at the British world champion to incite an angry response. Which he got…

“I walked up on him and whispered behind him: ‘you’re a punk, let’s make it happen’,” Miller later explained to Sky Sports.

The fight between the two had not been scheduled or announced at this point, but both fighters were obviously eager to make it happen.

New York, February 2019

In February 2019, the announcement about the Joshua Vs Miller fight was made. Allegedly, their management teams reached an agreement for a championship fight at the Garden in New York. Matchroom USA and DAZN came together to officially announce the upcoming fight between Joshua, who will be defending his titles, and challenger Big Baby Miller.

AJ and Big Baby met in New York and shared the stage for their first official press conference. The heavyweight boxers engaged, as is customary, in shouting matches, intense staring contests and Miller even went as far as shoving Joshua on stage. The press conference itself wasn’t clarifying, as the rivals mainly flung allegations to each other about the use of illegal substances. The microphones acted like a mean of communication to pass on insults without answering any stated questions. The conference ended when Miller exclaimed to only step out of the Garden ring victorious. Joshua promised to knock his rival out as he named him the softest puncher in his division.

This will be Anthony Joshua’s debut in the US’ ring, which is why Miller feels the fight will be a home match for him as he ‘invites Joshua into his backyard’. The public is eagerly waiting for the fight to happen this summer because both boxers have been undefeated in their previous fights.

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London, February 2019

The pregame show continues. The second press conference made sure the two heavyweight boxers met again. While title defender Antony Joshua entered the stage, Miller did not pay any attention to him and looked away. The British boxer made some tough announcements in London.

“This is all I know, this is all I do. As I’ve said, I don’t know no football, no rugby, no NFL, no basketball, no kickboxing — I know how to knock people out and beat them up! And all this spirit that this boy over there, talking shit, I’ma strip it from him — every once of spirit he’s got. That’s what I do to people. I’ma strip him of his soul in that ring… Look at his face. I’m gonna reconstruct his face on June 1st, and I’m really looking forward to the challenge. I’m a good boxer, heavy-handed puncher, I’ve beaten better opponents than any heavyweight out there. And Jarrell, I’m just gonna reconstruct his face and his body June 1st. I’m looking forward to it. So, I’m gonna be a surgeon in the UK, ‘cause I’m gonna give him a new makeover.”

Big Baby Miller made some promises as well in the statement he made during the press conference. The challenger was on his enemy’s territory, but that didn’t seem to bother him at all:
“UK, what’s up? I’m in a better mood as you can see, I had a cup of tea. I’m just chilling, I already said what I had to say. You already know how I feel about AJ, you all know my back story, know where I come from and know where we’re going. It’s a blessing to be here, and I just can’t wait for June 1.

We’re going to do the thing, man. I’ve been hearing from the fans themselves saying AJ is too posh – his nose is up here sometimes. They don’t give two licks about him right now, I’m for the underdogs. For all the underdogs out there, people telling them they’re not good enough, or people telling them they’re too fat, or whatever the discrete is they want to discriminate against you, don’t listen to them, just keep pushing through because I’m a proving factor that hard work and dedication, and you know one or two cheeseburgers and a cup tea you can go real far. Let’s go to work, June 1, there will be fireworks, and there will be that saying that I love so much, ‘And the new,’ so tune-in June 1 on DAZN for $9.99, and watch me kick AJ’s butt.”

Miller was asked what he felt would be needed for him to win. His reply was:
“See that’s the problem, you think, I don’t think, I just get it done. That’s my mentality, is set is any task in front of me, I go balls to the walls, there’s no turning back, no if, and, or but’s about it. If I doubted myself one step of the way I would have never made it this far, and we going to continue to go forward and keep working hard. The game plan is to stop in seven rounds – point, blank, period.”

We will still have to maintain our patience for a bit longer as the fight is scheduled for the 1st of June. If you are planning on making your bets for the event, check out the latest odds on who will win the fight and place yours now!
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