Kentucky Derby Horses 2018 (Here Are The Official Contenders)

April 9, 2018 3 min to read

Only a few weeks away now, the Kentucky Derby 2018 will soon grace our screens with some of the best-thoroughbred horses in the country.

In this article, we will discuss the Kentucky Derby Horses 2018 and who we believe stand a chance to take home the racing purse offered to the number 1 horse.

Will a new horse on the scene stand a chance to win this prestigious event? Or will a Californian horse once again win the race for the fifth consecutive time?

The Santa Anita Derby which took place on the 6th of April, 2018 showcased two of the most sought after 3-year-old horses; Bolt d’Oro and Justify.

In all, twenty horses can qualify for the Kentucky Derby and in preparation for this event, any qualifying horse must earn points.

For the 2017 Kentucky Derby, the cut-off point was 34 and might have increased this year.

As one of the top contenders for the 2018 Kentucky Derby, Justify will need to finish in first or second place to even have a shot to run for the roses.

(Kentucky Derby 2018 Predictions Here)

Kentucky Derby Horses 2018

Kentucky Derby 2018 Horses

1) Instilled Regard

Derby points: 19

Place on Derby leaderboard: #30

In January 2017, this horse was purchased for $1.05 million and a year later this horse seems to be one of the top contenders for the Kentucky Derby 2018.

However, we predict that this horse will finish in the top 3 places.

2) Orbit Rain

Derby points: zero

With no Derby points behind him, this horse will need to hit the wire first.

What’s encouraging about this horse is that he seems to improve as the distances increase but has not raced since December and might be a bit out of his league in an event like the Kentucky Derby.

3) Bolt d’Oro

Derby points: 64
Place on Derby leaderboard: #4

A guaranteed spot on the starting line on the 5th of May, 2018, Bolt d’Oro is coming strong from a win in Grade 2 San Felipe just a month ago.

The only concern here is that this winning horse gets the best possible prep to be able to run his best race in a month’s time.

We predict this horse to finish in the top 2 positions.

4) Jimmy Chila

Derby points: zero

This is the second horse in this list without a single win to his name.

In the past, he has run four times and finished third three times.

We would have to admit that this is the horse with the least potential to make it to the Kentucky Derby.

5) Pepe Tono

Derby points: zero

This horse makes it as one of the 2018 Kentucky Derby contenders as he has an all-star jockey – Victor Espinoza.

This jockey has won the Derby 3 times and a Triple Crown too.

To make any headway this horse will need to beat the next horse on our list and that might harder to do than you think.

6) Justify

Derby points: zero

Currently, one of the favourite to win the Kentucky Derby 2018.

He is under the mentorship of Bob Baffert who has won the event a total of four times.

Under such leadership, we predict that this horse will make it to the top 3 positions in the Kentucky Derby 2018.

Final Thoughts

There you have it… the top 6 Kentucky Derby horses 2018.

We predict that one of these horses will make it all the way to the Roses and personally, our money is on Bolt d’ Oro.

As the day of the event gets closer we will have a clearer idea of who stands a chance so be sure to check in with us daily!

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