Malta Approves Cryptocurrency Gambling License To Unikrn

October 11, 2017 3 min to read

The word Blockchain has invaded our every vocabulary.

You may or may not know what it is, but what you do know is that this a trend that is here to stay.

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm as the financial systems we know today might soon face a much-needed change.

This technology has one main ideology: a decentralized money system.

Where the middleman, the bank, for example, is exempt from the equation completely.

Two parties are able to transfer funds without the third party involved, making you the all-around decision maker.

Due to this surge of interest, companies have begun offering their own ICO which are Initial Coin Offerings and the purpose of this article.

Unikrn the leading eSport betting platform announced on the 9th of October 2017 that they have just been granted the gambling license in Malta.

In this article, we will discuss how you can now bet on esports online be using Unikrns cryptocurrency.

malta approves cryptocurrency gambling license to unikrn

What Is Unikrn?

Unikrn was founded back in 2014 and swiftly came to be the world’s leading bookmaker for anything eSports related.

What is truly interesting about Unikrn is that they always seem to be at the forefront of the latest technologies.

They were some of the first investors of Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

After learning this, we far from surprised that they have their very own ICO.

UnikoinGold and its Crypto platform are run by Unikrn’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Unikrn Bermuda Ltd.

This forward-thinking company has strong connections with gambling giants like Tabcorp which is Australia’s largest betting company.

What all of this means is that Unikrn has established themselves as the direct link between the world of competitive gaming and the ever-growing world of sportsbooks and casinos.

UniKoinGold & What You Need To Know

Unikoin Gold is a platform that punters can use for real-money wagering by their UnikoinGold crypto token. This cryptocurrency is based on the ERC-20 Etherum standard.

It is currently being distributed by wuther token sale or ICO. Now that is had been given the green light with Maltese licensure, it means that 80% of the European continent can use UnikoinGold.

According to Rahul Sood, chief executive of Unikrn:

“The European expansion means there’s going to be a large and soon-growing marketplace of users, including the real-money transition of already established users, who want to buy, exchange and use our token to bet on our platform.”

eSports mimics real sports but it’s all computer generated. The great thing is that unlike the real live sport, you can place bets more frequently.

The great thing is that unlike the real life sport, you can place bets more frequently.

Also, variables like injured players, buying tickets, travelling and even the weather are entirely dismissed.

Here are some numbers to prove just how big eSports is: for 2017 eSports revenue will rake in $696 million. By 2020

By 2020 analysts expect the industry to be worth $1.5 billion, if not more.

malta approves cryptocurrency gambling license to unikrnWhy Should You Use UniKoinGold?

Well, for starters Unikrn has been acclaimed by high profile investors like Ashton Kutcher, Elisabeth Murdoch and Mark Cuban.

Up until now, Unikrn has only offered real-money betting in two nations: The United Kingdom and Australia.

The eSport brand only acquired licenses in these countries until the 9th of October 2017 when they announced the European license in Malta.

This a great step forward to transferring the company’s free bettor base to real money.

“We chose to turn Unikoins into an esports cryptocurrency so we could expand our business more efficiently. With UnikoinGold and UnikoinSilver we won’t have to deal with multiple banks and currencies across multiple countries,” said Sood.

Final Thoughts

Sood explained:

“Earning, using and utilizing UnikoinGold is not going to be restricted by region, and we think the more fans that are able to get it, the more uses we can give it. The more uses we give it, the more people will want it, and that drives a ton of potential into our platform.”

The great thing is that this betting platform also attracts a younger audience and also provides a more secure and legal way of placing bets!

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