Miller is Out! Who Will Fight Joshua?

April 18, 2019 4 min to read

It’s official. The fight between Anthony ‘AJ’ Joshua and Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller for June 1st is off the table. The two heavyweight boxers will not meet in the ring in Madison Square Garden this summer. Miller was denied his professional boxing license application after a voluntary drug test came out positive for illegal substances. The New York State Athletic Commission has officialy denied Miller the license for professional boxing. The New Yorker, therefore, is no longer allowed to fight Joshua. What does this mean for Joshua’s upcoming fight? Will the match take place? Who will face him in the ring of Madison Square Garden?

The American boxer, who is now suspended until further notice, let his fans know that the results of the drug test came as a complete surprise to him. To this he commented:

“This was a voluntarily test that I was very happy to do and these results came just one week after another voluntarily test that I had taken which was completely clean.”

This Tuesday, the results of a urine test showed, however, that Jarrell Miller tested positive for the illegal substance of GW1516. He was submitted to the drug test on March 20 by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). VADA can ask any professional boxer to volunteer to be subjected to unexpected drug tests in the eight weeks preceding an expected fight. The institution hands boxers the chance to show their engagement to promote fair play.

The substance that was found in Miller's blood is better known as Cardarine or Endurobol. It is a drug which boosts endurance and can deceive your body into burning more fat. In the US, it is legal to buy, possess and sell but it’s illegal to tag it for human consumption. It is often promoted on bodybuilding websites and has been available on the black market since 2008.

In one of the first press conferences leading up to the highly anticipated fight, Big Baby ironically accused the man who, until recently, was supposed to be his opponent on June 1st of using performance-enhancing drugs. Joshua dodged these bullets with military precision and replied:

“That’s a compliment. Because, if I was, I would not even be able to fit in this shirt. I dedicate to myself to training which you can see through my physique training. I have applied myself properly and they are the results.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn broke the news about Miller’s drug test to Joshua himself. Joshua’s reaction when he found out Miller is out for the fight on June 1st was:

“Ok, who’s next?”

Hearn is now trying to find a replacement and has declared that Cuban boxer Luis Ortiz is the first choice for the fight in June. Another option would be Dillian Whyte, but Hearn said he doesn’t expect him to be ready in the only six weeks that are left until the fight is to take place. However, Hearn said Whyte would be 100 percent welcomed as a potential opponent for Joshua this summer. Other names that have been reviewed so far are Michael Hunter, Adam Kownacki, and Manuel Charr. Joshua will get the opportunity to defend his world titles in the heavyweight class of boxing on June 1st.

Changing the date of the event is not considered an option since over 17,000 tickets have already been sold. More than half of them have been sold to British fans who will make the journey to the Big Apple to see Joshua fight in the Madison Square Garden.

In the past, Miller has already been in a situation where he was caught using doping. Back in 2014, he was suspended for nine months after he tested positive for methylhexaneamine. This drug is better known as Forthane and is considered a stimulant which increases blood pressure and sends more blood to areas of the body that need it. This is why it is ideal for athletes to increase their performance.

We are sure to keep you up to date about the details of the upcoming fight and who Anthony Joshua will face as his opponent the ring on June 1st. Speculations are flying wild about who will replace Miller. Don’t forget to place your bets if you haven’t done so yet! Check out the latest Anthony Joshua odds here.

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