NFL Playoff Picks 2018

Down to the final eight teams in the NFL postseason, this can only mean that the matchups between the teams are more exciting to watch.

….but also harder to pick too.

Last week we witnessed the wild card weekend which highlighted some of the top teams:

  • Jaguars
  • Saints
  • Titans

From the three teams, the Titans were definitely the biggest surprise in their landslide win against the Chiefs.

No one expected Marcus Mariota to be the one-man show that he was and finish the game with a 22-21 win.

With a couple of weekends left till the Super Bowl 52, we can expect a few good games which means we will placing our money on the top contenders.

Here are out top NFL picks 2018:

NFL playoff picks 2018

What To Expect From The NFL 2018?

We are looking forward to the upcoming game on Saturday the 13th of January between the Patriots and the Titans.

The Patriots seem to be the clear winners here, although Mariota might once again steal the show and knock them out of the game.

As it currently stands, the Patriots are the top seed in the AFC division and will host the Titans at Gillette Stadium.

Should they win, thanks to Tom Brady who has never lost a match under coach Mike Mularkey they might be up against the Jaguars or Steelers the following weekend.

Who You Should Bet On:

These are the eight teams left :

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. New Orlean Saints
  5. Atlanta Falcons
  6. Philadelphia Eagles
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars
  8. Tennessee Titans

Odds to win super bowl 52

(Place a bet WIth Bovada here)

First Pick: New England Patriots

For the upcoming game, the New England Patriots have a big edge with a home-field advantage in their reserve.

Also, they have been fortunately paired up with the Tennessee Titans.

With odds from Bovada favouring the Patriots, it seems that punters are in for quite the bet.

The Patriots currently have the largest spread against the Titans and also the highest odds.

Second Pick: Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are the second pick for us.


Because the Minnesota Vikings have the unique chance to make history in the Super Bowl.

They have the opportunity to play for the Lombardi Trophy in their very own home stadium.

Also, they might be the only team to have never left their home field for the entire duration of the playoffs.

In week 1 they kicked off the postseason with a win against the New Orlean Saints.

They might be up against the Eagles for the first time this year next or the Atlanta Falcons, should the Falcons win they will need to travel east for the NFC Championship.

Third Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

The last pick is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Starting off the year on the wrong foot, the Pittsburgh will much rather see Tennessee beat the Patriots.

If the Titans to beat the Patriots it will mean that the AFC Championship home game for the Steelers.

The Steelers beat the Titans earlier this year and would host them again, while they lost to the Pats by just three points in a classic.


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