Philadelphia Eagles Predictions

January 24, 2018 3 min to read

Wearing their new title as an emblem of the team; the Philadelphia Eagles are drawing energy from the Under Dog chants.

The Eagles are gearing up for possibly the biggest game of their Super Bowl career against the reigning champions, The New England Patriots.

As everyone is aware this will be no easy feat as the Patriots are the defending champions and even a household name within the NFL.

What the Eagles need to understand is that the Patriots are used to this level of pressure and players like Tom Brady excel under it.

In today’s article, we discuss the Philadelphia Eagles Predictions as the underdogs in the Super Bowl 52, 2018.

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Philadelphia Eagles Predictions

Super Bowl 52 Predictions

Even though the Super Bowl is still a few days away, we thought it’s never really too early to predict we think will win the Super Bowl 2018.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, it will be a bit intimidating playing against the perennial Super Bowl favourites.

Despite this, we can be certain that the Eagles will step out with their best foot forward to give the Brady- Belichick duo a good run for their money.

Prediction #1

Nick Foles Will Outperform Tom Brady

Ok – this is bold.

But let’s just run with it.

Nick Foles has two playoff wins and also a Pro Bowl MVP to his name, could this be enough to go up against the five-time Super Bowl winner Brady?

At a first glance, this seems impossible, however, if they play their men right the Eagles might be the ones to beat.

The Eagles excel at short passes, tight ends and running backs all from Foles who threw 352 yards and also three touchdowns throughout the NFC Championship.

What we need to keep in mind is that throughout the NFC Championship divisional playoffs, coach Doug Pederson used the underdog label to his teams advantage.


By playing to Foles strengths the team succeeded and one solid game plan helped too.

Remember that Foles dominated one of the league’s best defences on Sunday.

This makes us think that it’s not insane to think that he will once again pull off a win by pulling off 250 yards in a single game.

It’s pretty simple, the Eagles need to play towards Foles strengths and they will follow the same success the Jaguars had against the Patriots defence.

Think of Foles pulling off his second straight 300-yard passing game.

Super Bowl 52 prediction: Eagles 26, Patriots 24

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Super Bowl 52 Vegas data

Who Should Bet On For The Super Bowl 2018?

We think this all depends on who ultimately have more faith in, but as it’s been proven in the past the underdogs always seem to summon up the strength to go all the way.

These Philadelphia Eagles Predictions could prove to be highly profitable  for you as the days of the Super Bowl are numbered.

Keep in mind that the odds will change as the date gets closer but we will keep you up to date.

The Super Bowl 52 will be nothing short of a spectacle and one you can be sure to make money on!

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