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November 27, 2017 6 min to read

Talk about exceeding expectations!

The SIGMA 2017 Conference, ‘Summit of iGaming Malta’ has just come to a close, but before we start counting down the days for next year’s edition, we thought we’d recap some of the key moments of this 4-day summit.

The SIGMA conference took place from the 22nd – 25th of November in Malta, what we feel has become the hub of the iGaming industry, with many companies moving to Malta in recent years.

This year was the third edition of SIGMA, and year after year, the conference has continued to exceed expectations, bringing together the top names of the industry under one roof.

Find out here what the key takeaways were from this now global iGaming conference.

sigma malta 2017

Sigma 2017 In Malta

One can only imagine what the behind-the-scenes of this conference can look like – it takes the team a year of hard work to plan one of the most popular iGaming conferences in all Europe.

Event organizer and founder Eman Pulis began this iGaming journey just three years ago and collaborate yearly with the industry’s top innovators.

But, you might be thinking, why malta?

The answer is simple, Malta is home to some 300 gaming companies for online sportsbooks, online casinos, slots and budding affiliate companies too.

With 450 licenses on this buzzing island and a workforce of around 10,000 employees, the number is only expected to continue growing every year.

Sigma is, therefore, the perfect showcase for both the big names in the industry and start-up businesses who are looking to collaborate with others in their field or even just gain some exposure.


The Summit of iGaming Malta conference was held at the largest venue to date venue due to the great number of people attending.

Sigma welcomed over 6000 delegates at the Malta Fairs and Convention Center (MFCC), located in the heart of the island.

Kicking off the KPMG Regulatory eSummit, was MGA’s Executive Chairman Joseph Cuschieri, who opened his speech with the following words:

The gaming industry is entering a new era which will be dominated by the next generation legislation (to be enacted in Q1 of 2018), innovation and disruptive technologies in the context of a more challenging regulatory environment, particularly in Europe.

This places more responsibility on the MGA to be more proactive and agile in dealing with the challenges the industry is facing. The need to invest more in knowledge management, human resources and technology become more accentuated in this context”.

sigma malta 2017

3 Conference Talks To Keep In Mind

1. SEO Master Class

On the first day, we attended the SEO master class which was held at the Corinthia in St.George’s Bay.

The conference started at 9 am with around 100 SEO experts and novices attending the Master Class.

The main speaker was Gary Beal who kicked off the talk with tips on how to build an agency and what is the key formula for building a successful one.

He then moved on to discussing the in’s and out’s of SEO for affiliates, where Mr Beal stressed the importance of using multiple online tools to help with improving the ranking of a website, as well as increasing website traffic.

One of the things he kept reminding his eager audience, was to keep organised in everything they did, especially keeping track of the tools they are using and have a think on how they can adapt and maximize their use for their particular product.

This led him to the next point: the power of good reporting; which included showing the client how one’s SEO strategy is in play and working for the growth of the brand holistically.

The speaker then moved on to one of SEO’s hot topics: Black-Hat SEO. Mr Beal emphasized the importance of protecting a website against black hat attacks and what every SEO should do to recover in the event of this.

To wrap up the talk, Mr Beal mentioned the importance of Social Media for SEO and how SEO must use different social media platforms to their advantage.

How exactly?

Mr Beal suggested to reach out to the people who are interested in what you are selling and talk to them through a more casual medium.

2. Affiliates & CMOs

On the second day of SIGMA, we got front row seats to the Affiliate & CMOs talks which kicked off with a series of speakers.

PPC strategist Burak Han from Casumo explained to us the company’s exponential growth and how they moved from a tier 3 to a tier 1 company in under 2 years.

Another interesting talk on the same afternoon was how to boost player acquisition and which strategies must be in place for the overall experience of the player.

Speaker Martin Calvert form BlueClaw stressed how each online casino and online sportsbook should have one main focus: the player’s experience.

As people working in the industry, we need to collect data from these players continue to test new strategies.

What we learnt is that there is no one-size-fits-all, but on the contrary, we should always be running tests to find what works best for our demographics.

3. Blockchain

On the final day of the conference, we attended the Blockchain and Disruptive tech talks.

The biggest takeaway here is that Malta’s iGaming industry will be putting a great amount of focus on including cryptocurrency, not only as a method of payment but also as a means of building gambling platforms on the public Ethereum network.

It’s a change that will bring more security and transparency to the providers and players.

Another takeaway was that Malta is at the forefront of blockchain technology – not just in implementing it, but also in working on the regulation and facilitating businesses such as ICOs with the correct legislation.

What we know for certain is that 2018 will be an exciting year for Malta, blockchain, cryptocurrency and iGaming as these will all unite together for the first time.

sigma malta 2017

Why We Will Be Attending Sigma 18

Our Team at Alpha Sports Betting attended SIGMA 2017 and it definitely met up with all the hype surrounding this global conference.

These are the top reasons why SIGMA 18 will form part of our calendar of events.

This is the perfect event for networking and getting some insider tips for your own brand.

Make sure you ask the right questions and make your way around the different booths – the more information you have the better you can improve the experience on your online asset.

You get to listen to some of the top experts in the iGaming field.

For Sigma ’17 conferences were held throughout the day and there were also interesting panels where leaders in the field discussed how they plan on moving forward.

At a conference like SIGMA, you will get up to speed with all the latest tech and information your brand needs.

We have to remember that this is a highly competitive industry and you need to stay ahead of the game to win.

There is no better place than a conference like SIGMA to do just that.


The Sigma Malta 2017 conference was without a doubt, a great success, creating the perfect space for new opportunities for all iGaming professionals.

Whether you’re a well-established brand or a startup, Sigma has something to offer everyone.

As you make your way through the different stands you feel the infectious energy spread, and it’s only getting better and better every year.

Here at Alpha Sports Betting, we can’t wait to see what Sigma 2018 has in store for us iGaming enthusiasts.

As Malta keeps pushing the iGaming industry to new heights, we can only expect Sigma to follow, creating the most suitable iGaming event of the year!

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