Sportsbooks and Bucanneers Facing Huge Liability

September 25, 2018 2 min to read

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has been having one of the hottest starts as the behind backup quarterbacks with Tampa Bay, is the talk of the season for everyone involved in football news. In Week 1 Fitzpatrick, was able to lead an amazing road in New Orleans, while subbing for the suspended James Winston.

Not only was this his greatest achievement for the week the biggest highlight is definitely the fact that he ensured victory for the Buccaneers against defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia with 27-21.

Pittsburgh is facing one of its hardest times, looking at it people might think that it’s in a state of despair and hopelessness. They are still trying to find that first win of the season after going 13-3 just last year, however, if they don’t get to strategizing and making new decisions soon pretty much nobody sees that happening. Also, the Steelers were defeated by Kansas City in Week 2, losing a 42-37 quite a large margin according to fans.

On point spread action, almost all of the money is on Tampa Bay, coming to nearly 78% with the share, now that is phenomenal. Almost 81% of all the dollars on the total are on the Over. The result that almost everybody is looking for is Steelers winning with the least amount of points they can so the numbers are covered.

William Hill has seen similar line movement, but isn’t looking at much liability to either side tonight.

“We’re dead even to the game, and all the money is for the Over – a ton of money,” Bogdanovich said, pointing to William Hill’s opening total of 52.5 reaching 55, just as it has at CG. “We’re just rooting for the Under.”

No matter how much the Over or Under figures are, people are just waiting for the game, hoping for the best. Most of the people have been even worrying of potential fraud happening because of the sheer amount of unbalance in the betting. However, officials say that the probability of fraud happening is an inch away from none. They and pretty much everyone else are hoping for a clean and honest game.

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