Ten Interesting Facts about the Peruvian National Team And its Fans

June 21, 2018 4 min to read

This is their first world cup in 36 years

They last qualified in the 1982 world cup in Spain where they drew two games and lost one.

They were knocked out in the first round. The current team qualified after an inter federation play off round against New Zealand.Peru 1982

Peru has the fifth most fans in the world cup

Fans bought 44 thousand tickets According to German News Outlet Detusche Welle.More than 15 thousand of them are travelling from Peru .

Russians bought the most tickets about 870,000 which is 10 times that of American fans who bought 88000 tickets followed by Colombians who bought 62000 tickets ,Brazilian fans who bought approximately 53000 tickets and finally Peruvian fans bought approximately 44000 tickets

The average salary in Perú is £400 and the cheapest flight tickets cost £1500

 The BBC reports that a lot of fans are paying for packages to travel to Russia which are 40 times the national average Monthly salary in Peru.

This unfortunately means that most people would not have a chance to watch the Blanquirrojas play in the world cup in Russia this year in spite of many of them waiting 36 years to have the opportunity to do so.

Peru poor cities

A 24 year old Peruvian fan put on 25 kilos to get a seat on a plane to Russia

His only option to watch the World Cup was to be eligible for a Disabled ticket.

To do this, he would have had to become morbidly obese. This meant him having to gain 25kg.  This is what he has to say:
The only tickets that remained on the FIFA website were tickets for the disabled. I noticed what the requirements were: being in wheelchairs, something specific for women and suffering from morbid obesity, 35 BMI, the body mass index I looked at mine, I was in 30 and I did accounts, I had to raise 25 kilos” reported Clarín Sports, a news agency from Perú.

The captain, Paolo Guerrero almost missed the world cup because he tested positive for cocaine

The talismanic captain tested positive for cocaine and a metabolite benzoylecgonine,but FIFA overturned the ban once his lawyers  proved that it is not a performance enhancing drug and its coca tea is a normal part of the diet there.

His lawyers relied on the testimonies of archeloogists who used two mummies as evidence of coco leaf consumption as a traditional part of the Peruvian diet.

A forensic analysis of two mummies' hair showed up a positive test for benzoylecgonine – the substance found in Guerrero's urine.

The doctors proved that he had lower levels of these substances than the mummies and they were not enough to have any kind of psychoactive or performance enhancing effects.

Paolo Guerrero

The Peruvian President declared a national holiday for Perú upon it´s qualification

He tweeted “we have been waiting for more than 35 years to be in the world cup.

Thank you all the warriors (referring to the Perúvian players) for giving us this opportunity. Come on Perú!

The streets in Lima were teeming with thousands of people who were celebrating this achievement.

Ricardo the Gareca, the manager of Peru denied them a chance to qualify for the 1986 world cup as a player for Argentina.

Peru needed to win against Argentina in the qualifiersin order to qualify for the 1986 world cup held in Mexico and were leading 2-1, but Gareca scored in stoppage chance to deny them the chance to qualify.

Ricardo the Gareca

They haven’t wont their last 5 games against a European side in the world cup

Their last victory came against Scotland in the 1978 world cup which was held in Argentina.

Since then, they have have lost 3 games and drew 2 games against European teams.

Until their defeat to Denmark they were undefeated in 15 games.

They won 10 games and drew 5. They are reached 10th in FIfa´s ranking in October 2017 which is their highest ever ranking,they are ranked higher than England,Ururguay,Italy and the Netherlands despite not having world class players.

A plane crash led killed their talented team and many of their talented players

In 1987 in the Alianza plane Crash, he national team entered a hiatus after the Alianza Lima air disaster of 8 December 1987, when a plane carrying most of Alianza's players and staff crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

Only the pilot survived the crash; among the dead were the Peru manager, Marcos Calderón, and several Peru international players, including goalkeeper José González Ganoza andwidely tipped future star forward Luis Escobar.

Afterward, Peru did not come close to reaching the World Cup finals until the process for France 1998, when it missed qualification only on goal difference.

 Alienza plane crash

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