June 13, 2018 2 min to read

It has just been confirmed that The United States, Canada and Mexico will be hosting the 2026 world cup.

This will give 48 teams the chance to qualify instead of the usual 32 team – making the 2026 World Cup a bigger event in general.

Three counties hosting 2026 World Cup

This summer's World Cup in Russia could well be the last one staged by just one country for some time, as financial and political considerations play an ever-increasing role in choosing hosts.

With just 2 bids for the 2026 World Cup, the trio bid (also known as United 2026) which includes the USA, Mexico and Canada was at first not the favourite to win.

However after they calculated everything, they realised that Morocco was only bringing in around $6 billion while on the other hand, if United were to host it, it would bring in $14 billion – more than double that of Morocco.

With the new addition of 3 countries being able to host this World Cup, this brings a whole lot of opportunity for bigger and better stadiums to be built.

This event will last for 34 days, with 80 matches being played throughout.

This won’t be the first time any of these countries have hosted a World Cup. The United States hosted in 1970, Mexico in 1986 and Canada hosted the women’s World Cup in 2015.

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Is this the last time we’ll see a single nation hosting a World Cup?

It is quite possible that we won’t be seeing one nation host a World Cup.

This is because joint-hosting comes with quite a few benefits.

There has been recent speculation that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar may include some other Middle Eastern nations to co-host the event.

This is why they have taken the opportunity to raise the amount of teams that can qualify from 32 to 48.

For the third time, Morocco has failed to win the bid of being able to host the World Cup. Reason being because FIFA’s inspection task force had rated that hosting a World Cup in Morocco is “high risk”.

There was also a “risk rating” awarded to both Morocco and United. Morocco’s score was 2.7/5 while “United’s” was 4/5, showing that hosting the World Cup in North America seemed to be a lot safer rather than hosting it in Morocco.

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