Will This Be Tom Brady’s Last Super Bowl?

January 29, 2018 4 min to read

The final two teams for the Super Bowl LII are set: The New England Patriots Vs The Philadelphia Eagles.

As the teams make their way to Minneapolis, predictions and suspicions around the two teams are buzzing.

Will this be Tom Brady’s last Super Bowl?

Do the Eagles stand a chance to beat the Patriots?

Is this is the last year for Coach Belichick?

In today’s article we will discuss:

  • Tom Brady’s Future in the NFL
  • The Super Bowl Predictions
  • Latest Odds
Super Bowl Bets 2018

will this be tom bradys last super bowl

 Tom Brady’s Future In The NFL

With a fist full of rings, on one hand, is there space for team Brady to once again land a win?

Let’s backtrack just a little bit.

This time 13 seasons ago, the New England Patriots were the elite team winning back to back Super Bowls and yes against the Eagles.

This is no new ground for the Patriots arriving at this stage.

The team, their coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady know the level expected.

Five-time winners, the Patriots have what it takes to win once again but there is one thing that stands in their way – TIME.

Tom Brady is now over the hill, pushing 40 in his 19th year playing football, his body has felt the hits, the wins and more importantly the losses.

Knowing all this, we have to ask, will this be Tom Brady’s last Super Bowl?

Fans of the team will immediately say no, because he has brought winning status to team, ingrained into NFL Super Bowl history.

No matter how the game against the Philadelphia Eagles unfolds on the 4th of February in Minneapolis, the Patriots will need to quickly adapt to the Eagles game plan.

Fortunately for the Patriots, this is Brady’s best asset.

He may not be the biggest or fastest but he definitely knows how to think quickly on his feet and get his team moving.

The last time the Patriots beat the Eagles they then went on to endure a 10 year drought of wins, one which most teams would hardly complain about.

However, this Super Bowl will prove to be different since the team is 10 years older.

Belichick adapted to this time-sensitive issue, by changing players and doing his best to remain ahead of the declining age curve.

the patriots odds of winning

The Patriots also worked tirelessly to improve their defence which is led by NFL hall of fame player; Tom Brady.

It all starts with Belichick and his ability to be flexible, coach and develop,” former Washington Redskins and Houston Texans general manager Charley Casserly said.

He has an ability to pass on players, find another, develop and work them into the system. That’s evident. … And the offensive line, you don’t find a lot of Pro Bowlers, but they’re well coached by Dante Scarnecchia. … Coaching has taken care of a good part of the defence and the offensive line. And of course, he has Brady.”

At 40, Tom Brady retain his G.O.A.T status as we saw two weeks ago against Jacksonville in his 42nd fourth-quarter comeback and 53rd game-winning drive to lead the Patriots to their 10th Super Bowl appearance, eight of those under Belichick.

Everyone asks, when will he reach the end of his quarterback career?

The truth is that no one knows and this is because there is no one like Brady. He is in uncharted territory and possibly the first of his kind, in the sense that he was a late bloomer compared to other quarterbacks.

It seems that Brady only gets better with age.

However, the Patriots success does depend on Brady’s performance and one can only wonder how much longer they can depend on him.

Brady’s still looking like Brady, and Bill’s still going to be Bill. There’s nobody on his level from a coaching and adjustments standpoint. Time’s gotta run out eventually. But as long as they want to, those two will give them a chance.

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tom brady and bill belichick

 The Super Bowl Predictions

Here at Alpha Sports Betting, we have intently discussed who we think will win.

The Super Bowl LII winner will most probably be the New England Patriots, simply based on their recent comeback, quarterback and past Super Bowl wins.

They know this game and they know it well.

Placing a bet on The New England Patriots is the save option.

Whilst betting on The Philadelphia Eagles will give you more of a profit, betting on the underdogs always does.

 Super Bowl LII Latest Odds


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Final Thoughts

Back to our first question, will this be Tom Brady's last Super Bowl?

Based on how he played this NFL season, we can confidently say that this will not be Tom Brady's last season with the Patriots.

We can expect great things from both Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this coming Super Bowl LII.

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