Best Bookmakers For In-Play Betting

July 19, 2017 7 min to read

You may also know it as live or in-running betting.

Not long ago, live betting was an option offered only by a few of the biggest bookmakers, now you’ll find that most competitive betting websites will provide an in-play betting platform.

But, not all live betting platforms are the same. Some are easier to use, others may have a broader range of markets or a number of useful features which others may not have – like live streaming.

Knowing which are the best bookmakers for in-play betting, will help put you in the best possible position to become a successful pro punter.

In this article, we’ll briefly go over key differences that distinguish in-play betting from traditional betting. Also, give a brief overview of the features you need to look at when choosing a platform and offer some tips on how to approach live betting like a pro punter.

More over, you can look at our selection of the bookmakers we recommend based on ease of use, betting markets range, and the features they provide.

Best bookmakers for in-play betting

In-Play Betting: An explanation

Almost two decades ago, Betfair introduced in play betting and caused a ripple effect in the betting world. After that, other bookmakers quickly followed suit, taking live betting to new levels and pushing the bar every time with new features and better functionalities.

An online live platform gives pro punters the ability to place bets on wagers during a sporting event. It can be used during football games, horse races, boxing matches and a variety of sports events.

While a match is ongoing, the odds provided will fluctuate in real-time. This means that they are changing along with the circumstances of the game, match, or race.

For example, if a goal is scored, the odds will change dramatically. This opens up a number of betting opportunities that will be based on your intuition of what is going to happen next.

One strong advantage of in-play betting?

You will have the opportunity to place stakes on a number of smaller markets that are not available before a match. For example, bets can be placed on whether there will be a penalty in the next 5 minutes.

Markets get momentarily suspended e.g. if a penalty is awarded during a match, then markets (wagers) on the player are suspended until after the penalty is made.

How To Make Money With In-Play Betting

Understand value

This is one of the tactics any pro punter should become aware of when betting online.

Learn how to spot value bets. If you notice that an outcome has low odds on a sportsbook, but you think it is actually likely to happen, you have a value situation.

Remember that bookmakers are always at an advantage. The odds they present do not always represent value, as bookmakers set their own margins on the odds.

Learn how to find true value >>

Maintain Discipline

Try and avoid betting impulsively – you need rich insight into the sport if you want to outsmart the bookmaker.

In-play betting is engaging – more so than any other form of betting. Getting caught up in the moment is extremely easy, so before you dive into live betting, make sure you know which pitfalls you must avoid when playing responsibly. 

The real-time involvement experienced during live betting can lead to buzz-inducing victories, but can also lead to irresponsible, if not (at least financially) dangerous betting.

Use Multiple Bookmakers

We have highlighted the importance of this before. It is harder to organise this when betting life, but this will allow you to play bookmakers against one another and choose the one offering the highest value.

Understand How Match Events Will Impact The Odds

How do events such as cards, injuries, and goals impact in play odds? The only way to understand how the odds will be affected is through observing matches, and hard earned experience. So, have patience.

best bookmakers for in-play betting

In-Play Betting Features

Cash Out

The ability to ‘cash out’ allows you to back out of a bet you have made at the outset of a game, match, or race. If the odds you have placed a stake on are looking less likely as the event progresses, you can take a cash out value of less than the stake you have placed.

Quick Bet

Time is king in in-play betting. This feature provides the bookmaker with an almost instantaneous way of placing a bet. If used wisely, this will allow you to quickly take advantage of available odds which might soon change.

Phone App

A number of betting companies are now making sure punters get to access in-play betting on their phone app.

Since in-play betting requires constant attention, portability is crucial. After all, if you could actually stay in one spot all day, you would just go to watch the match in the first place, no?

Live Scores

Any online live-betting platform will have some form of a scoreboard. Scoreboards are especially useful if you can’t watch the match, game, or race live – or if you can only watch it with a large delay.

Live Statistics

If you want to bet on totals or other statistics within the game, looking for a bookmaker that offers up-to-the-minute statistics regarding the game or event in question is necessary.


Some bookmakers go a step beyond live statistics and allow punters to actually watch matches, races, or events as they happen. Rules vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Also, live-betting usually tends to have delays. This means that those who are actually present at the match will be at an advantage over those watching it or whoever is getting live statistics/scoring.

It only tends to be a couple of seconds, but this will give others the chance to alter their betting or cash out before you can.

Best Bookmakers For In-Play Betting


It tends to take the top spot in most of our list and with a live-betting rating of 4.7 on the top bookmaker's list, fantastic bonuses, a phone app designed specifically for in-play betting, and a broad range of betting markets, Bet365 deserves to be first in this list.


They have a free mobile app, flawless reputation and a plethora of betting market opportunities, particularly when it comes to props, totals, and novelty bets. Ladbrokes have all the features we mentioned above, including the opportunity to cash out, place quick bets, and stream matches.


If you plan on betting the horse racing in the UK, Coral is the best choice as a live betting bookmaker. What makes Coral so singular is their live betting multi-view, allowing you to use the same browser, yet have as many live betting events open and ready to place bets as you wish (or your monitor screen allows).


Regarded wildly as the pioneer of online and live-betting.

Betfair may not have all the features of our top two, but when it comes to updating the odds quickly during streams, it remains unchallenged. Also, their odds remain the best in the market.

Best Bookmakers For In-Play Betting

William Hill

It doesn’t give you the opportunity to place quick bets, nor does it provide live statistics, but William Hill nonetheless has a sharp live betting console, and cover all major sports like football (soccer), tennis, and baseball.

Their selection of in-live betting markets is a bit limited, but unless you’re looking for a very niche sport, William Hill remains a fantastic and smart choice for any pro punter.


Don’t attempt to execute a nuanced and complicated trading strategy you would use in traditional betting when placing wagers in -play betting for the first time.

Instead, watch how others are betting during matches, games, or races, learn from them, and then start building your own experience. Start with single bets at first.

Now that you have a good understanding of what to keep in mind when placing bets live, you can look over the bookmakers we recommended and decides which ones will best suit you.

These best bookmakers for in-play betting will maximise your bankroll and improve the overall quality of your bets.

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