Top Bookmakers For The Premier League

July 21, 2017 10 min to read

August 2017 is going to prove to be an exciting month.

Punters worldwide have two main events to look forward to; the McGregor – Mayweather fight on the 26th of August and the first match of the Premier League on the 11th of August.

Keeping up with all of these top sporting events is no easy task. As any bettor will understand, you need to keep an eye on the odds, team performance, player dynamics and the betting markets.

That’s quite the load.

However, here at #teamalpha, we have got all hands on deck or in this case all players in place.

We’ve decided to start from the basics and give our readers a solid foundation for the upcoming Premier League.

The first box to tick on your list is finding the right bookmakers to place bets with. In this article, we will list the top bookmakers for the Premier League.

The bookmakers will be listed in no particular order, but they will all include their betting markets and odds. We also include any current promotions and any points we think punters should keep an eye out for.

top bookmakers for the premier league

Premier League: How Does It Work?

At this point, you’re definitely interested in the Premier League but not quite sure how it all works.

We don’t blame you, it’s a lengthy football season with several teams competing, to be accurate there are 20 teams in total.

The 20 teams will play each other twice over the course of one season, one game will be played at home and the other match away.

This means that each side will play 38 games for the duration of the Premier League season. The season runs from August 11th, 2017 to 13th May 2018.

Chelsea is the current defending champions whilst New United,  Brighton &Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town have joined the 2016-17 EFL Championship.

This is the basic information to get you started, you can read more about the English Premier League here >>

Top Bookmakers For The Premier League

Ask any experienced punter what the top 5 betting necessities are and we’re sure they’ll mention: choose the right type of bookmakers.

And we couldn't agree more.

Selecting the right bookmaker is like choosing the right bank to place your money in. At face value, they might look appealing but you need to know how they will handle your money beyond the front door.

The same can be said for a bookmaker.

Sure there are more bookmakers than we count, however, how many of them are legitimate? How many of them offer secure and reliable customer service?

Well, not all.

Therefore we have compiled a concise list of the ten top bookmakers for the Premier League.

We have based our list on:

  • The website interface
  • Range of betting markets and odds
  • Promotions and bonuses

Let’s get right to it:

Bookmakers For the Premier League Are :

#1 Bet365

A bookmaker that always saves a sport on anything that is betting. Bet365 is a bookmaker that truly lives up to its name and reputation.

A bookmaker that caters to any type of punter from most countries around the world. What’s more is that as this sportsbook grows in number it retains its stellar service and high value betting markets.

You can assume rightly that Bet365 have a vast range of betting markets open for the upcoming Premier League.

As of current, they have odds for the first three matches from Friday 11th August to Sunday 13th.

Keep in mind that there are 380 games, so the odds for the upcoming games will be released closer to the date.

For each match, there will be 16 betting markets. Some of which include:

  • Full-time result
  • Goals Over/Under
  • Asian Handicap
  • Winning Margin
  • Correct Score

These are a few of the betting markets you can bet on for the Premier League football matches.

Bet365 also has 23 related markets for punters to explore, some of which include:

  • Top Finish In The Top 6
  • To Finish In The Top 4
  • Top London Club
  • To win outright
  • Not To Finish In The Top 4

Above these markets Bet365 also have a well laid out league table which is updated based on live scores. The league table includes all of the latest odds for all 20 teams and even their odds of winning.

This is what every punter needs, a bookmaker that ensures you never miss a beat.

top bookmakers for the premier league

#2 Bovada

Bovada is a bookmaker based in the US that caters to American residents who are looking to place bets on American sports as well as European, English and Asian markets.

The sportsbook has a fantastic reputation in the United States and has established itself as a reliable bookmaker of high integrity.

Bovada has an extensive range of markets, providing more than any American punter would ever need. They are one of the largest in the U.S. markets.

As you probably guessed, Bovada has opened markets for the Premier League this coming August. They currently have 11 betting markets for American punters to place bets on.

Some of the betting markets at Bovada available for the Premier League include:

  • Winner
  • Top Goal Scorer
  • To Finish Bottom
  • Top 2 Finish
  • Tournament Props

These are few of the markets, you can check out more here >>

#3 William Hill

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable bookmaker then look no further. Why ?

Well, William Hill is a bookmaker that has been in operations since 1934. This means that they have survived the ebbs and flows of the economy and the changes within the betting industry over the years.

This is a resilient bookmaker and a front runner in betting.

William Hill has a plethora of reasons to be in this list of top bookmakers for the Premier League but one of the main ones is that this is an English based bookmaker.

Feel reassured that William Hill will have the interest of the football enthusiasts at heart and in turn offer the best value betting markets.

For the 2017/18 Premier League, they have 50 betting markets open for punters. Some of which include:

  • Bottom Half Finish
  • Handicap Betting
  • Out Right
  • Winner
  • Dual Forecasts

You can find out more about William Hill from here >>

#4 Leo Vegas

LeoVegas is a Swedish mobile betting company that offers both an online casino and a sports betting services such as Slots, Jackpots, Poker and their Leo Vegas Sportsbook.

LeoVegas have an extensive sports betting markets, with over 36 sports to choose from, this means LeoVegas has something of interest for everyone.

Leo Vegas like all of the other betting giants followed suit and set odds for the upcoming Premier League.

They have an abundance of high value betting markets at Leo Vegas. A few of the betting markets include:

  • Winner
  • Top Goal Scorer
  • General Team Markets
  • Best In London
  • Best Promoted Team

Leo Vegas also have odds for the first month of matches, which sets them apart from the other bookmakers.

#5 Betfair

Betfair Sports Betting is one of the largest online sports betting exchange in the world and it was also one of the first online betting platforms to be established in 2000.

Betfair is known for its casinos, gambling, live casino, bingo, poker and betting exchange operations worldwide in addition to its sports betting offerings.
Unlike other bookmakers and online betting sites, Betfair has the advantage of having its own licensed betting exchange.

This allows them to provide the best winning odds to their customers as bookmakers normally exploit the difference between the winning odds provided by a betting exchange to earn a profit from their customers who are placing bets via them.

Betfair has issued odds for the Premier League 2017/18. Here are a few of the latest betting markets:

  • Top Goalscorer
  • Rock Bottom
  • Team To Score Most 17/18
  • Top 3 Finish
  • Season Match Bets

More bet selections can be found here >>

top bookmakers for the premier league

#6 Naira Bet

If you’re based anywhere else than Nigeria, you probably haven’t heard about our next bookmaker – NairaBet.

It’s one of the oldest and most established sportsbooks on Nigerian market and boasts a stellar reputation among locals. NairaBet offers odds on all major sports as well as Live play and virtual games, so there’s something for everyone.

With sports betting increasingly growing in Nigeria, this bookmaker is one of the places to go.

If you’re interested in placing a bet for the 2017/2018 English Premier League season and you reside in Nigeria than Nairabet has got you sorted.

They currently have several betting markets for the season including:

  • Both Teams To Score
  • Total Goals – Odd/ Even
  • Under/ Over Bets
  • Home/ Away Bets
  • Number Of Goals

See a full list of the betting markets available here >>

#7 Pinnacle

Pinnacle is considered as the Walmart of sports betting by many experts due to the low margins- high volume price model adopted by the company.

This bookmaker finds a spot on our list for its straightforward approach since their establishment in 1998.

The betting markets for the Premier League include:

  • Full-time Result
  • Team Totals
  • 1st Half
  • Handicap Markets

Find more betting markets here >> 

#8 Vulkan Bet

VulkanBet is one of the newly formed bookmakers with it being recently founded in 2005 as a purely online sports and casino bookmaker.

Despite its recent formation, VulkanBet has received significant attention from the online sports betting community.

A driving force behind their rapid growth has been their fun and user-friendly approach which has created a memorable and enjoyable user experience.

For these reasons and many more VulkanBet should definitely be on our list for the top bookmakers in this Premier League.

Here are some of the betting markets available for punters:

  • Winner
  • Relegations
  • Top London club
  • To Finish Bottom
  • Top Goal Scorer

Find out more here >>

#9 BetBright

This company’s philosophy is to offer an experience of value and substance. A straightforward approach where users are given what they want without any distortion. No extra emails or text popping up, just valuable content created from the user’s perspective. They have a well-stocked sports book and casino on their site. 

The two sports that BetBright primarily focus on are horse racing and football. Which makes it the perfect pit stop for the bettor interested in the premier league.

Here are some of the markets they have on offer for the Premier League:

  • Outright betting
  • Top goal scorer
  • Top 4 finish
  • Relegation

Learn more here >>

top bookmakers for the premier league

#10 Marathonbet

Marathonbet has focused its efforts on becoming a dominant player in football betting and as such has developed exclusive partnerships with several football clubs in England, Spain and Scotland.

At present, Marathonbet has partnerships with Manchester United FC, CF Malaga Football Club and Hibernian FC.

Despite their strength in football, Marathonbet offers some of the best winning odds in the industry to its customers who also get access to one of the widest ranging sportsbook in the betting industry which has practically all the popular sports on which one would like to bet.

Their wide range of languages allows them to target customers across the globe (more on this later) and ensures that they are able to get their message across in a language understood by their user.

Marathonbet snatches the last place on our list for the top bookmakers for this year's Premier League.

Unlike other bookmakers, they have one clear and easily accessible betting table where the odds are updated daily.

Final Words

The Premier League is the football event of the year that never fails to disappoint. With 380 games spread over 9 months, there is a match for every punter.

These top bookmakers for the Premier League are your steady foundation for all of the top teams and games.

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Adam is long time Manchester United fan but admits that he has a few international favourite teams which he looks forward to watching and betting on for international events like the World Cup


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