The Best European Sites For Online Sports Betting

April 4, 2017 6 min to read

Online sports betting has made Europe its home in recent years, mainly due to the favourable tax laws offered in countries like Gibraltar and Malta. This has given betting companies financial incentive to base their operations on the continent.

Another factor that has increased the popularity of sports betting is the new friendly approach that bookmakers have taken since the rise of social media.

So if you live in Europe and looking for a bookmaker in your region to bet on sports online, you are not short of options. This is a positive thing of course as it has increased competition meaning better incentives for us customers. It is up to us to see which incentives suit us best.

There is no bookmaker for everyone. Each bookmaker has its unique selling point that attractive different types of punters.

It all depends what you are after, certain bookmakers have better sign-up bonuses, some offer more varied markets and better odds, others focus on in-play betting, one has the best betting exchange platform and so on.

We at Alpha Sports Betting are publishing this article to make this decision easier for you punters. In our opinion, these are the best european sites for sports betting.

Our Top 3 European Sites For Online Sports Betting

William Hill – Rated 9/10 in our Alpha Sports Betting Review – read.

William Hill Sidebar LogoWilliam Hill, which is also commonly called Willhill by punters, is one of the most established platforms on the market. Most online sports betting sites rose with the rise of the internet but William Hill have been in the industry since 1934.

Their presence is not just in europe but globally too with a foothold in the UK, Canada, USA, Ireland and Australia. Within the UK alone, WillHill has 2300+ retail booths and roughly 25% of the market share.

WIlliamhill offers both sports betting and games such as casino, scratch cards, poker, bingo and virtual games, but being a sports betting site we will be looking at just their sportsbook.

They offer an extensive list of sports, with over 30+ sports available to chose from. This means William Hill will have something for everybody with each sport having a wide variety of markets to chose from.

William Hill have invested a lot in training for their customer care staff and this has led him to having one of the best reputations for having friendly and helpful customer support staff.

A key characteristic of WillHills products is simplicity, and this is reaffirmed in their mobile app. Their mobile app is my personal favourite for its easy navigation and overall user-friendliness.

William Hill have an attractive sign-up bonus. The offer is receiving a £30 after depositing £10 into your account by using the promotional code C30.

William hill is a platform the appeals to both rookies and veterans due to the diversity its offers in its product, this has played a pivotal role in its success.

Bet365 – Rated 9/10 in our Alpha Sports Betting Review – read.

bet365 Review logoBet365 is another giant in the betting industry with over 19 million customers from 200 different countries. The company is owned by the Coates Family and is based in the UK.

Bet365 is a unique betting company as it is family run which gives the organisation an unique trustworthy feeling.

The firm was actually established in 1974 but the online service was launched in 2000. It is now a full-service betting and gambling site therefore besides sports betting they offer casino, poker, bingo and so on.

The organisation offers almost all of the sports you will need and combines this with a great selection of features. Bet365 is a dream platform for most punters.

Bet365 has one of the best customer supports on the market, offering 24/7 help on various mediums. They also offer their support in an impressive amount of languages including Norwegian, Chinese, Greek and Slovenian.

The only area that I dislike about bet365 is the design of its mobile app and website. They are both not the most aesthetically pleasing but in their defence they are both very robust and have great functionality.

Bet365 have a competitive sign-up bonus in which they offer 100% free bet on your first deposit, which is capped at £200.

You can’t talk about Bet365 without talking about their in-play betting services. There is no argument who is leading with their in-play betting product, it is Bet365.

With around 90% of their events available to be betted on live, a great live streaming feature to compliment it and high value markets constantly on offer.

Bet365 is the ideal for anyone who looks to focus their betting on in-play betting and wants to have a ‘one-stop shop’ by having a live stream, cash out feature and betting markets on a single program.

Betfair – Rated 8/10 in our Alpha Sports Betting Review – read.

BetFair logoBetfair was founded in 2000 and has grown into one of the largest bookmakers in sports betting. Betfair built a name for themselves by dominating the betting exchange market, being the largest online betting exchange platform by some distance.

Betfair actually started as a betting exchange platform, revolutionising the betting industry forever. It introduced their sportsbook platform later on in their development.

Betting Exchange has given Betfair an edge over its competitors as it allows them to provide best winning odds without consequences to the bookmaker.

As you would expect, Betfair have a huge range of sports for customers to bet on. There is something for everyone with over 30+ sports available, including a variety of virtual sports.

Betfair’s customer support is the best there is, in my opinion. What I particularly like is how responsive they are on social media as it is an intimate way to communicate with consumers.

They also have an excellent FAQ on their website which often solves your query without a personal response.

Betfair has two mobile apps available on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux. One app is for their sportsbook and the other is for its betting exchange. Both apps have been praised for its simplistic navigation and user-friendliness.

Betfair have a decent sign-up bonus where users get £40 for depositing  £20. The bet can be used by placing 4 bets of £10 each.

Betfair is the ideal option for those punters looking to maximise their profits through high odds, this is possible due to their betting exchange platform.

Final Words

In our opinion, these are the best european sites for online sports betting. Each platform has specific strengths to which they will appeal to different types of users.

As said in one of my previous articles; “The Best Way to Make Money In Sports Betting, having multiple betting accounts will be a wise thing to do.

With multiple accounts, you will be in a position to take advantage of different market opportunities that may arise.

Thanks for reading my article. For more articles like this, explore our website where we have a variety of content.

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Get $250 to Bet On Sports if you Sign Up With ASB!