4 Main Takeaways From 4 McGregor vs Mayweather Conferences

July 17, 2017 6 min to read

It was powerful, it got intense and it was nothing short of a brilliant show.

The Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather press conference tour came to an end on Friday the 14th. The two fighters made their way to four destinations in the span of four days.

They started off in Los Angeles, then New York City, Toronto and lastly London. Although the 4 city tour is over, we’re still digesting the aftermath of the press conferences.

The outcome of the McGregor – Mayweather fight is still unclear but the 4 city tour was not aimed at answering that question. The press conferences were a presentation to the world, placing these two fighters on the largest sporting platform yet.

The fighters knew they had to prove themselves to the crowds and give a good show.

This, in turn, will increase the ticket sale to the fight on the 26th of August at T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

What we have witnessed over the past four days is that, if the fight is anything like the 4 city tour then, we’re in for a real treat.

The press conferences in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London were the best build up for this fight.They also shed light on both fighters and what they’re bringing to the table.

We analysed all 4 press conferences and these are the 4 main takeaways from the 4 McGregor vs Mayweather conferences.

4 takeaways from 4 McGregor and Mayweather conferences

#1 Los Angeles: McGregor and Mayweather Mouth Maul

This was the first press conference and the first time the two fighters met face to face in public after months of back and forth Twitter bouts.

The first take away from the press conference in LA was that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have their own particular tendencies.

For example, McGregor decided to sport the press conference in an unforgettable tailor made ‘f*ck you’ algorithm printed all down his suit.

This was done to mock Mayweather in what seemed at a glance a pin striped suit. We imagine that McGregor’s intention was to prove that he's unbeatable and will not be intimidated by anyone, even if it is the unbeaten boxing champion.

You have to hand to Conor McGregor this was a pretty bold move- which he pulled off effortlessly.

The boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, seemed unaffected by McGregor’s sharp attacks.

He instead responded by whipping out a $100 million uncashed check dated May 2nd, 2015. This was the day that Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao the boxing legend.

Anyone who is a Mayweather fan would have seen this stunt coming, as the boxer, after all, is nicknamed ‘Money’. He is the A side of the fight this coming August and as the latest odds indicate is a front runner for the fight.

#2 Toronto Canada; Conor McGregor An Obvious Crowd Favourite

The fighters head over to Toronto for the second press conference with a better idea of what to expect. They enter the stadium Budweiser Stadium with guns a blazing.

This second stop of their worldwide tour gives us spectators the next takeaway from the 4-city press conferences that McGregor is the crowd favourite.

After the first press conference, fans were intrigued and they definitely showed up in Toronto.

What was clear was that Conor McGregor although lacking in boxing experience emerged as the crowd favourite and gave Mayweather a run for his money. This was his day to shine and he totally owned it, leaving Mayweather in the shade.

The crowd went wild and even booed Mayweather when he emerged on stage. You would think that the undefeated boxing champion would be greeted otherwise, instead, the crowd chanted “F*** the Mayweathers”.

Although new to the scene, McGregor is right at home in the boxing sphere. The Irish UFC champ has an infectious energy which has got combat fans worldwide rooting for him.

#3 New York: Mayweather Intimidates McGregor

Following the highs of Toronto, the third press conference failed to reach the same momentum.

McGregor faced the crowd in a polar bear jacket aiming to replicate some sort of royal status. The crowd edges him on and love the confidence he brings to the sport.

Although apart from McGregor’s attire, the rest of the press conference was recycled back talk from both of the fighters at the Barclays Center, New York.

So much so, that Mayweather once again pulled out a backpack and tossed moeny on Mayweather. McGregor stated that they were $1 bills.

Money Mayweather says that’s all you’re worth.

Things got pretty heated by the end of the conference. Mcgregor was soon surrounded by bodyguards from the Money Team, thankfully security intervened before things out of hand.

One could read this as Mayweather feeling threatened and intimidated by the Irish UFC star.

The New York press conference reassured the public that, Mayweather might be the current boxing world champion however someone with McGregor’s confidence will get under anyone’s skin.

4 takeaways from 4 McGregor and Mayweather conferences

#4 London: Mayweather Rules The Mic

The last press conference took place in London on the Friday 14th which coincidentally happened to be Conor McGregor’s 29th birthday.

McGregor was feeling especially confident and went as far as to touch Mayweather’s bald head. To McGregor’s dismay, the veteran boxer was calm and collected and didn’t even raise a brow.

We have to keep in mind that Mayweather is 40 years old and knows all the tricks in the book. He is leaving all of his moves for the ring on the August 26th.

The conference was packed with McGregor fans, many Irish fans travelling to London to support the UFC champ for his birthday.

The press conference was held in a boxing ring, sending the world a message that this fight is more real than ever and will be one to watch at the end of August.

The verbal battle began when McGregor appeared on stage and called Espinoza a weasel but Mayweather soon put him to shame when he impressed the fans with his impressive mic skills.

He most definitely intimidated McGregor and his team. Ending the four city tour with a bang and fans only wanting more.

Showtime Access and Tickets For McGregor And Mayweather Fight

Despite the resounding chorus of boos, Espinoza the Showtime Sports and Event Programming executive Vice President and general manager revealed details about the fight.

The Showtime All- Access special would begin on July 28th. For those unfamiliar with this concept, it's essentially a documentary-style feature on both fighters as they prepare for the bout.

Tickets for the McGregor and Mayweather go on sale on July 24th.

According to reports, the prices will start at $500 and range to $10,000.

4 takeaways from 4 McGregor and Mayweather conferences

Final Words

After all this talk all we can do is wait for the 12-round boxing match on August 26th in Las Vegas between the two 154 pound fighters.

The 4 main takeaways from 4 McGregor and Mayweather conference highlight several factors one must take into consideration if they are interested in placing money on the fight.

Whilst they put on a good show in front of the cameras, these fighters do have their own vulnerabilities. Be sure that they will be working hard to expose the opponent's weak spots during the fight.

The countdown begins.

Here at Team Alpha we hope to keep you updated with latest betting odds and news from the McGregor and Mayweather fight.

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