Norway Parliamentary Election 2017: The Latest Polls

September 4, 2017 3 min to read

Only days away from the Norway Parliamentary Election 2017, things are heating up.

As it stands the political party in government is the Conservative Party that has been in power since 2004. Erna Solberg is the current Norwegian politician who took office 2013 and could soon possible, lose her seat in Parliament.

As the Norway Election draws closer we can’t keep our eyes off the polls. The latest polls show a steep decline for the opposition Labour Party and the political party leader Jonas Gahr Støre.

On the other side of the coin, the Conservative Party continues to gain momentum to once again hold office in Norway on the 11th of September. The Norway Election is proving to be quite interesting as the election date draws closer.

Norway parliamentary election 2017

What Are The Projected Outcomes For The Norway Election?

It seems that after the poll conducted by Kantas for TV2 firmly believe that Erna Solberg will continue to act as Prime Minister after the September 11th Norway Election.

The conservative party gained 1.1 points in the most recent poll. The Labour Party, on the other hand, dropped by 1% when compared to the previous poll carried out by the same station, leaving both parties with 26.1 percent.

This results in a devastating result for the Labour party who hoped to overthrow the Conservative Party that has been in government for the past 13 years. This also means that the Labour Party will lose the overall parliamentary majority.

As we flipped to other polls we noticed a trend. The labour party will need to form a new government under the guidance of party leader Jonas Gahr Støre.

Conservative Foreign Minister Borge Brende went to Twitter and posted that he thinks the ‘Conservative advance was a result of a negative campaign by the Labour Party against Solberg’.

And we can’t completely disagree with him after the debate last week. Støre lashed out at Solberg after a cancelled meeting between the Nationalist Progress Party immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug and her Swedish counterpart Helene Fritzon.

The TV2 poll confirms the reaction to Labour’s negative campaign against Erna. Unemployment and health care waiting times are going down and the economy is growing,” Brende wrote.

Norway parliamentary election 2017

Have Your Say:

You may or may not be a Norwegian citizen, either way, you can have your say.

This is another interesting election that has taken the world by storm. Norway is a key country in Europe and therefore the upcoming election will largely affect the next few years.

As with the German Chancellor election on the 18th of September, the Norway Parliamentary election will prove to be an interesting one.

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