Profit Accumulator Review: An Arbitrage Sports Betting Tool

June 22, 2017 7 min to read

Here at Alpha Sports Betting, we continuously spend our time in the “dark corners of the web” trying to find you, our loyal reader, easier ways you can have more success with your betting endeavors.

Today, we’d like to share with you a product that we stumbled across and that is Profit Accumulator.

Profit Accumulator is a recently-launched tool, which you can see their website here, and it mainly uses the “Matched Betting” (or sports arbitrage) methodology behind winning (more) bets from online bookmakers.

Today we are looking into this product, and try to determine whether this product is something you need in your betting arsenal.

Obviously, we will be going through all the pros and cons and we’ll also be giving this Profit Accumulator review a solid shakedown and trial run.

Now, although that the Profit Accumulator claims that they can guarantee you a profit using their service, we have to say that there are no guaranteed wins in sports betting, even if you are using tools such as this and science-based methods such as “arbitrage betting”.

So, let’s get into this review and see if Profit Accumulator can be your ticket out of the daily grind, or just a complete waste of time and money.

Profit Accumulator Review

Name: Profit Accumulator UK
Product price: Free trial, £17.99 per month or £150 per year.
Final Rating: 4.0/5.0

What is The Profit Accumulator?

The profit accumulator is a software that will show you how you can use sports betting arbitrage to make money using a little loophole exposed by the bookmakers themselves.

On the homepage of PA, you can clearly see the whole operation explained with an-easy-to understand example.

If you are new to matched betting and sports arbitrage, we recommend you see the video below:

How Matched betting works video

What Is Sports Betting Arbitrage?

Just to add a bit more context to the video, sports betting arbitrage is a mathematical formula to help you make money on bets through the bonuses offered by bookmakers.

Obviously, you need a tool like this to help you find all the bonuses of all bookmakers and also keep up to date with the new bonuses coming up.

This task can be done manually, but it’s so time-consuming that having to do it manually would likely make your earnings not quite worthwhile considering the time spent looking up bonuses across the web.

What Does It Do?

What Profit Accumulator does is that through the powerful algorithm that powers it, you will have access to the bonuses that are available at any given time.

With this instant information, you can easily pair and match bets, bonuses and wins “on the fly,” thus giving you a “proven” formula of how to beat the house and also make money in the meantime.

How Can It Help You?

If you are new to sports betting or have been doing in sports betting for a while with no real results to show for it, then this product might just be something you should take some time exploring.

Luckily, it’s free to try, so you have nothing to lose.

As explained above, Profit Accumulator is a “guaranteed,” or rather a ‘proven way” to turn a profit in sports betting. Even the betting experts that we feature on our site from time to time have used sports arbitrage to their advantage.

5 Great Features About Profit Accumulator

Free Trial

One thing I do not like about certain courses online (especially when they offer the promises of quick riches) is the fact that you can not try out the service before you make a commitment.

Luckily, for the time being, Profit Accumulator is still free to try and use (for a limited time only) so be sure to take advantage of that while the free trial offer still stands.

Training Videos

Once you are a member, you will also find many training videos out there that will show you all you need to know to become another Profit Accumulator success story.

While some intermediate punters may already have an idea of what the whole process is, we're sure you will come across some “ah-ha” moments hidden in the video guides.

Email Newsletters

You also have the option to receive the bonuses and the offers they are promoting via email, which is a great touch considering you won’t have to regularly visit the website and check if there have been any new updates or bonuses being offered.

Support Forum

Inside the Profit Accumulator membership area, you will also find a growing online community forum where you can share experiences and lessons learned.

After spending just a few minutes on this forum, you will see that there is a lot of content and information to learn from.

Multiple Options Available

Also, it’s good to point out that Profit Accumulator can be used not just for sports betting, but for a variety of different betting markets such as:

  • Casino
  • Slots
  • Bingo
  • and more.

If sports betting isn't your thing, fret not as there are many other options to choose from.

how does Profit Accumulator work?

(Some) “Cons” About Profit Accumulator

Use With Caution

Bookmakers tend to quickly catch up to schemes like this so if you are just using their services to take advantage of their offers and you will immediately be banned.

What is suggested you is that you do place a few actual real bets from time to time just to give the idea that you are an active customer/gambler.

Bonuses Might Not Be The Same For All Countries

Some of the bonuses that bookmakers offer are tailored towards certain countries.

For the most part, the UK and the Irish market have access to all bonuses and promotions, but you might come across some issues with certain bookmakers if you live outside their target market.

Of course, there is a way around this, and that is using a different IP, but it’s good to point out that some issues may arise from time to time.

(Sometimes) Bonuses May Be Too Small

Another thing we noticed is that many times, the bonuses offered are too small so while you may still be earning money (risk-free), it may not be enough “to retire on”.

Having said that, if you spend your time understanding and learning the art behind matched betting, I see no reason as to why you won’t be able to make a nice comfy income each month with Profit Accumulator.

How Much Money Can You Make With Profit Accumulator?

Having a browse through the forum, you will see users that are making close to $25,000 a month just by taking advantage of the offers sent to them by Profit Accumulator.

Obviously, you should take everything with a grain of salt online but we're not saying making those figures or even a smaller yet still-pretty-good figure is not possible.

There are yes, many who have tired and didn’t make money with Profit Accumulator, but that also doesn’t refute the power and the opportunities presented by “matched betting” tools such as this.

Profit Accumulator testimonials

Final Rating

Overall, the #AlphaTeam here at Alpha Sports betting would give this product a solid 4/5 rating.

This product gives you exactly what they promise you, there are proven success stories, and if you have the willingness to make it happen, I am sure this product is one of the best to show you how to do it.

Any Alternatives To Try?

Some alternatives to Profit Accumulator are;

  • Profit Maximiser or
  • RebelBetting.

We will be doing the Profit Maximiser review in the coming weeks after giving it a trial run, be sure to join our newsletter for updates on that.

Final Words

Thank you for reading our Profit Accumulator review, we hope this post has answered all the questions you may have had about this tool and sports betting arbitrage in general.

Again, we urge you to visit the Profit Accumulator website and get started on a free subscription to see if this is something worth your time.

If you think this is something that you can do well, then you can go for the higher premium levels at a later stage.

If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comment section below. We’re here to help so feel free to reach out; you can tweet at us here too.

Talk soon.

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