The Top Sports Betting Sites (We Have Reviewed So Far)

March 27, 2017 9 min to read

So far, we have reviewed five top sports betting sites. These are Williamhill, Bet365, Betfair, Bet-At-Home and TitanBet Sports.

With none of these scoring less than a 7/10 on our Alpha Sports Betting rating, all websites have strengths that build a solid argument to why you should be betting on their website.

Annually, the annual gross spent by punters in sports betting alone is roughly €11.5 billion. All this money makes the betting industry very competitive which forces bookmakers to differentiate themselves from competitors.

As a result of this, each sports betting site has its own personal strengths. This creates opportunities in certain betting markets which users may want to take advantage of.

The strength could also be from a functional use, for example that Bet365 accepts Thai Baht which saves you money on exchanging currencies.

We have created full-blown reviews on each of the five sports betting sites mentioned above and this article is written for those who want a more straight forward approach.

We will be providing a one-stop article to where users may view advantages and disadvantages of each sports betting website and see which one suits your betting strategy best.

Our Top Betting Sites We Have Reviewed So Far

Top Betting Sites

William Hill – Rated 9/10 On Alpha Sports Betting

William Hill is one of the oldest companies in the industry, was founded back in the 1930s. It occupies market share in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

It is actually estimated that William Hill is responsible for 25% of the bets placed throughout the UK, which is not surprising considering Will Hill has 2300+ betting booths throughout the UK. William Hill has the largest retail betting booths presence in the UK.

With regards to their online presence, William Hill have a generous sign up bonus (€30 free bet on first bet of €10) , regular promotions on top of that, above average odds and wide range of deposit/withdrawal options.

This has made William Hill a massive figure in the online betting industry.

The range of sports that William Hill offer is endless, so you will have no problem finding the sport of your interest. The list even includes greyhounds, hurling, rowing and Australian football.

William Hill’s customer care has an excellent reputation for their helpfulness, they are considered one of the best in this area. They offer a multilingual support service and is offered on website, email, social media, fax and telephone.

There is no competitive bookmaker without a mobile app, so it comes to nobody’s surprise that William Hill has one of the best apps available which is offered on both Android and IOS.

The payment and withdrawal system is exemplary, being one of the most efficient on the market. Multiple currencies are accepted, traditional methods like Visa, Mastercard Credit and Debit and also e-wallets such as Paypal. William Hill also have one of the quickest processing systems there is, both for depositing and withdrawing.

Being a leader in every area, it is not surprising William Hill has the market share it does.

WillHill Sports Online

Bet365 – Rated 9/10 on Alpha Sports Betting

Bet365 is one of the biggest, if not biggest name in betting.

IT Was established in 1974 by the Coates family and since then has arguably set the standard in the betting. Today Bet365 have over 3500+ employees worldwide, majority of which are based in the UK. It is the 7th biggest privately owned company in the UK.

The ease of its platform has been the key ingredient to why Bet365 is such a success. It’s user-friendly approach, renowned customer care service and above average odds makes it a valuable platform for all kinds of users.

A notable feature of Bet365 is the amount of currencies it accepts, from Argentine Peso to Thai Baht are supported.

Bet365 offers most sports that you will ever need, and the wide range of betting markets available per event is a punter’s dream. Bet365 has a reputation for in-play betting in particular. Sports include Gaelic sports and Martial Arts to further emphasis to range available to users.

The sign-up bonus offer is very competitive. The offer is a 100% bonus on first deposit which is capped at €200, making it attractive for first-time users.

The customer care is one of the best in the business, the live chat being particularly efficient. The customer care team can also be contacted via email, phone, fax and call back service. The amount of languages is also very impressive.

Being the renowned for it’s usability, not surprising that Bet365 have a very clean and responsive app available on Android and IOS.

The processing of deposits and withdrawals is excellent as you would expect. Majority of traditional and non-traditional payments are accepted and transactions normally vary from 3-7 working days.

Being the most user-friendly platform, Bet365 has a very loyal customer base that will serve them for years to come. Bet365 is my personal favourite as I focus on in-play betting.

Bet365 Sports Betting

Betfair – Ranked 8/10 on Alpha Sports Betting.

Betfair was one of the few survivors of the dotcom bubble burst in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Through this, Betfair has made itself synonymous with online sports betting and has grown at an exponential rate.

Betfair also made a name for themselves in online sports betting after disrupting the betting market through their revolutionary exchange platform.

This gave them the capability to offer better odds to customers with no risk as a transaction fee is charged, no matter the outcome. Betfair Exchange is the by far the most dominant platform in the exchange market.

Today, Betfair offers both sportsbook and exchange platforms.

Betfair offers one of the most varied selections in sports betting, on both exchange and sportsbook. Notably, Betfair offer a wide range of virtual sports such as Horse-Jumps, Speedway, Cycling, Football and Motor Racing.

Betfair sports has one of the most attractive sign-up bonuses available. The current offer is offering a €30 bonus on your first €10 bet. You can separate this bonus, for example you bet 3 bets of €10.

In my opinion, Betfair’s customer support is the best in the business, if you are english speaking (as it is only offered in english).

It is 24/7 and highly responsive and can be reached through Twitter, facebook, email and phone. They also have a very in-depth FAQ on their website which often answers queries without needing customer care staff.

Betfair has a separate for app for its sportsbook and exchange platforms and each of which are available on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and more. It is less user-friendly when compared to Bet365 and William Hill but is still very usable nonetheless.

The processing speed of the transactions are second to none, with nearly all transactions being recorded within a second. Betfair accept vast majority of traditional and non-traditional payment methods.

A negative worth noting is that Betfair charge 1.5% to cover charges of credit charges which I find unnecessary.

If you are into using Betting Exchange, Betfair is the obvious choice for you.

Exchange platform allows you to maximise returns so I strongly recommend you to consider this option. If you are only into sportsbook, I’d recommend William Hill or Bet365 depending on which markets you prefer.

Betfair Sports Betting Review

Bet at Home – Ranked 7/10 on Alpha sports betting.

Bet-At-Home was established in March 2000 in Austria. Unlike most betting sites which tend to focus on casino due to higher profit margins, at the start Bet-At-Home primarily focused on sports betting. Bet-At-Home eventually got involved in casino after 5 years in the business.

Be-At-Home is one of the leading European sports betting sites and have a significant market share in most European countries. They are a particularly small organisation, with only around 300 employees globally. This gives the firm a personal touch when dealing with customers.

By offering most type of sports, personalised customer care, in-play betting, live streaming and a particular focus on european events bet-at-home have managed to establish themselves as one of the main players in sports betting online.

Bet-At-Home is one of the few websites available that offers its services in languages such as Polish, Slovenian, Romania and many more.

With regards to range of sports available, Bet-At-Home offer most popular sports and some exotic sports too, notably Combat Sports, Netball, E-Sports and even Politics.

The customer care is probably the most unique I have ever seen. Due to Bet-At-Home’s small size, they are capable of taking a very personal approach to its customers. The customer support is available 24/7 and the best way to get instant help is their live chat found on their website.

They also have a telephone service which is praised by many users on online forums.

Bet-At-Home offers a 50% deposit bonus with a maximum limit of €20 which is not too great when compared to the bigger betting companies.

Bet-At-Home offers a mobile site, Android and IOS applications. All have been praised for their usability.

Due to its European focus, Bet-At-Home offers a vast majority of European currencies to conduct transactions.

This includes Bulgarian Lev, Polish zloty and Romanian leu. Transactions are very efficient, an example would be the cash out requests being processed within 8-16 hours in most cases.

The main reason why Bet-At-Home received a lower rating than the others is due to its focus on Europe rather than a global scale, it’s average sign-up bonus and it’s rather dull website and applications.

Bet At Home Review

TitanBet Sports – Rated 8/10 on Alpha Sports Betting

TitanBet Sports is the final company in this article and actually was the first website to be reviewed on Alpha Sports Betting.

TitanBet Sports is a subsidiary company of the main betting website TitanBet which also offers casino and games besides sports betting. They are also a public limited company, which means their accounts are transparent.

This makes them a trustworthy bookmaker, they even have a statement on their website providing assurance over their integrity which is refreshing to see in a relatively shady industry.

Although TitanBet Sports provide a considerable variety of sports you may bet on, it is fair to say that the top bookmakers provide more markets. Saying this, most popular sports are on offer.

The sign-up bonus is very competitive, offering €25 free bet on first deposit. Another nice feature that they offer is that the minimum deposit is only 10c, which makes all deposits valid.

TitanBet Sports customer is 24/7 and is offered via their telephone lines, email and fax. Although they receive great reviews on their current service, the mediums offered are limited considering they do not offer a live chat or any social media.

Most forms of payment are accepted, the notable negative is the 7.25% charge which is way above market average and something I think they should strongly reconsider.

According to online forums and reviews, there seems to be very mixed feelings with TitanBet Sports. Its limited markets and charge on winnings are big put-offs but they also have some strong selling points such as their sign-up bonus.

TitanBet Sports Review

Final Words

These are the reviewed platforms on Alpha Sports Betting and I feel this article provides a solid foundation in making your choice to which bookmaker you will be using.

Leave a comment below to tell us which you will be using after reading this article!

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