What To During The Lockdown

March 25, 2020 5 min to read

During this time of crisis, everyone is scrambling looking for things to cope and manage such time. Anxiety might be running high and all the news is reporting on the same thing, it can get very tiring and exhausting but it is important for everyone to stay calm. Here at AlphaSportsBetting, we urge everyone to stay at home and stay calm because that is the only way we can help in ‘flattening the curve’. By staying at home we will reduce the risk of contracting the virus and thus reducing the number of people going to the hospital.

Always remember that if you contract the virus, it can be asymptomatic, meaning that the symptoms might not show but this does not mean that you cannot transmit the virus! This is information that has been circulating for a very long time now but it is always imperative that you know.

The World Health Organization or WHO for short, is constantly sending updates to the public about new studies, new statistics and ways with which one can prevent contracting the virus. Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is important, the second-best is hand sanitizer, avoid meeting people and only go out for essentials like food, medicine and taking care of someone who is alone. We all can do our part in helping to stop the spread.

HandwashingIf we can keep the virus controlled than the toll on our health care system would be less and the hospitals and staff will be able to care for their patients much better and more closely.

With regards to alphasportsbetting, we are going to take a break from talking about sports betting because frankly there are no sports to talk about! Most of the events have been cancelled and rightly so! Having so many people gathered in one location is not the smartest of things. Covid-19 is something that we should have taken seriously from when it started but now it is impossible to miss! Instead of talking about sports we are going to discuss a few general things you can during your time in quarantine!

This time could be used to learn or perfect a skill, maybe a language, learning how to use new software or even an instrument!

Picking up a new instrument can be a great way to pass the time, investing in a relatively cheap instrument is quite an easy task. There are beginner instruments you can buy off websites like Thomann, where they sell music ranging from amateur to professional while also giving some free lessons with it. Ideally, you would go for something that you can easily find lessons on, we are talking about instruments like guitar, bass, ukelele, keyboards and stuff of the sort. 

That being said it is good to note that Fender is giving out 3-months of free guitar, bass and ukelele lessons on their Fender play software. 

Fender LessonsSomething that the alphasportsbetting team has found very useful is trying to understand and learn more about how to fix cars. If you have an issue with your vehicle and everywhere is closed, this is a great time to take it slow and learn how to fix your car. There are many tutorials on youtube which help with fixing any part of your car so this could be a massive bonus once this whole ordeal is over. You can learn how to service your vehicle, which is a skill that not a lot of people know and something that if you take the time to learn, it can prove to save you a lot of money. Instead of going to a mechanic to stay checking if everything is in the order you can always learn yourself and buy the parts to go about fixing it! 

Be sure to take the initiative, if you do not use this time wisely you can end up wasting a lot of valuable time and just go around your place being lazy. Fight this! Be productive.

Something which a lot of us should already be doing is organizing the house! Be on top of your chores simply because no you have the time to do them well. Fix whatever needs fixing around your house and clean whatever you need. Also, something which is very fun and can help you pass the time while also being very productive is doing DIY crafts. These can firstly be useful to teach you handy tricks and skills to avoid buying from home while also being a great activity to do with your family or people you are stuck at home with.

DIYYou can also spend your time playing online. Sports betting took a hit but online poker and slots are still a viable option for anyone looking to wager in a few. Learning how to play games like poker, blackjack and roulette can be a fun pass time even when simply playing with friends and family. Websites like Bovada and Ignition offer the best online experience and it would be exciting trying to win some money, and what do you know, you might come out of it with a hefty sum of money!

The coronavirus has put a heavy burden on the world but we can come out of this really well with a new skill at hand, you can simply catch up on reading, or try to learn new software. Adobe offers free trials for all its software, so if you know you will be stuck inside for a long time, paying their subscription won’t be a problem if you are doing what you love or just simply learning a new thing. It is never too late to learn something new.

What to do during quarantine is a topic frequently researched because people are spending a lot of time at home doing nothing. Use this time! Be smart and try to learn something new, or be proactive at work and try to come up with new ideas that can boost your teams moral. Constantly try and stay up to date because now you have the time!


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