Where To Bet On The Premier League

August 1, 2017 8 min to read

Arsenal and Leicester will be opening up the top flight of English football – the English premier league – on the 11th of August. That’s still a couple of weeks away, but the hype is already heating up.

For pro punters, the game has started. Aside from a variety of betting markets on Arsenal and Leicester, bookmakers have already set up wagers on futures, totals, and props.

With so many bookmakers available, and football’s enormous popularity, the sea of information and opportunities that will come at you will seem overwhelming. Consider #teamalpha your ship captain until next May.

So, where to bet on the premier league?.

In this article, we’ll go over the bookmakers with the best value odds, and the markets available, including betting opportunities for the upcoming match between Arsenal and Leicester, totals, and future/out rights bets.

If you are in need of a brush up on what the premier league involves and its mechanics, you’re not too late. Check out our article on how to bet on the English

Check out our article on how to bet on the English Premier League for an easy rundown of the basics>>

where to bet on the premier league

The Bookmakers

Markets on Football, or if you’re American, Soccer, can be found on every bookmaker sportsbook you can find. We have sifted through online websites to find the ones which put you in the best possible position to place stakes easily and wisely.

Our criteria were based on what kind of in-play betting platform the bookmakers provide, promotions and offers, their commission rates, and market opportunities.

All the Bookmakers in the list have a large selection of betting markets on both individual matches and outrights (futures).

With bookmakers in this list, you can also opt for over / under betting. In this case, unless broad sample data shows otherwise, we suggest betting over/under the 2.5 score line. [

William Hill

Responsible for 25% of the bets placed in the UK, William Hill is a must if you want to bet on the Premier League.

New punters get £30 free bets after the first £10 bet, accumulator insurance, and access to a list of bonuses and promotions.

In-play Betting
When it comes to in-play betting, William Hill does not take the top spot for niche markets, but when it comes to a major league like the English premiership, it is one of the best.

William Hill already has markets open for all upcoming the matches up to the 27th of August, and it also has markets on what the exact score will be at the end of the match, match handicap, and the total number of scores.

Unlike some other bookmakers on this list, it also has a bet available on the total amount of scores teams will have scored at the end of the league.

where to bet on the premier league


The family owned company is one of the oldest and largest online gambling and sports betting website. It boasts over 19 million customers in 200 countries.

Its commission rates tend to be a bit high, but its promotions, in-play betting service, mobile app, and market are the best you will find.

To newcomers, Bet365 offers a 100% deposit bonus on their first purchase (up to £200). This is the highest one can get from a ‘first customer promotion’. For a list of its other superb promotions, click here >>

In-play Betting
They currently have the best live-betting platform which provides features such as quick bet, cash outs, live statistics, and streaming.

Like WillHill, Bet365’s sportsbook offers bets on a large number of markets related to the English Premier League, both on upcoming matches and outrights.

At Bet365, the odds for the upcoming match are:

Arsenal 1.36
Leicester 4.75
Draw 8.50

Aside from odds on the full-time result, Bet365 has a variety of season-lng props you can bet on before August 14, including markets on double chance, over and unders, totals, and asian handicaps.

Bet365 homepage


As explained in our review, Bovada is the only online sports bookmaker who offer their services to American residents exclusively.

Place a bet of £10 or more at odds of EVS (2.0) or greater, and receive Euro / £10, and receive Euro / £ 30 in free bets. They also provide accumulator insurance, and a number of other promotions.

In-Play betting & App
Bovada has a reliable online live-betting platform. Unfortunately, Bovada do not have a mobile app as of yet, so you may need to rely on the other bookmakers on this list when you’re on the move.

Despite their focus being mainly on American sports, they also have an extensive range of bets on international markets, particularly the English Premier League.

Like WillHill and Bet365, Bovada have a plethora of markets both for the upcoming match between Arsenal and Leicester, and outright bets on end of league statistics.

They also have a bet on which team could remain unbeaten throughout the entire league. The feat hasn’t happened since 2003 – 2004, so you might want to think twice about placing a large amount of money on this, but it is definitely worth looking at.

As the odds stand, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United seem to be the likeliest candidates to accomplish this feat.

where to bet on the premier league


When it comes to football leagues, SportingBet has bets on every event you could think of. They have good commission rates, reliable customer support, and a live betting platform.

If you’re also into low tier football leagues, you should sign them up as one of your sportsbooks.

SportingBet has a welcome offer that allows you to get up to £50 free bets and accumulator insurance.

In-play & mobile app
Their online live betting platform is simple and easy to navigate. One can also access in-play betting through their mobile app.

For the English Premier League, they offer wagers on Over and Unders for the 2.5 goal line, handicap betting, bets on upcoming matches, and outrights.

where to bet on the premier league


Ladbrokes have a sterling reputation, a fair commission rate, and a plethora of betting market opportunities, particularly when it comes to props, totals, and novelty bets.

At Ladbrokes, the first time you place a bet of £10 you will get £30 free bets in return. You also get accumulator insurance. To check out their other promotions, click here >> 

In-play betting
Ladbrokes have one of the best live-betting platforms right now, which includes a free dedicated mobile app and features such as quick bet, cash out, streaming, and live statistics.

Like the others on this list, for the upcoming match, Ladbrokes’ sportsbook offers wagers on the result of the fight, over and under (with most betting on the 2.5 goal line), bets on whether both teams will score, or neither, results in half time and over time, and much more.

Their outrights, include bets on who will finish top 4, top 6, teams that will stay up, and teams that will fall down the ladder and find themselves in the bottom half.

If English football is your field and you have followed key players for a while, the sportsbooks all offer bets on who will be the top goalscorer.

where to bet on the premier league


Known as the pioneer of online and live-betting, BetFair is also the largest online sports betting exchange in the world. Because of this, BetFair guarantees the best winning odds to their customers as they do not gain profit by adding to the margin.

BetFair is currently offering a 25% refund on your losses over the first 30 days, refunding up to £250 euros. It also provides accumulator insurance and other bonuses >> 

It's online live betting platform is not as LadBrokes or Bet365, but it is still reliable and easy to use.

It's odds on who will win the English Premier League’s first match are

Arsenal 1.40
Leicester 4.33
Draw 7.5

Betfair also has bets on the rest of the matches, and a large variety of futures and prop bets.

where to bet on the premier league


BoyleSports started as one single betting booth, now it is the biggest bookmaker in all of Ireland.


BoyleSports offers a $20 bonus on the first $10 bet, and accumulator insurance.

In-play Betting

It's in-play betting is a bit of a letdown, but BoyleSports compensate with competitive odds and quick customer service.


Their range of sports markets is as extensive as that of a bookmaker giant like William Hill. Check out the markets for the English Premier League, both of the upcoming matches and outrights.

where to bet on the premier league

Some Final advice…

If you want to fatten up your bankroll over the next months, make sure you revise your strategies, and stock up with the 3 – 5 football sportsbooks you believe will serve you best and also these prediction sites>>

One final tip: When looking at odds, keep in mind that at times, the favoured team will have significantly high odds of winning. This does not necessarily mean that they are more likely to win – simply that it is the most popular choice between punters.

If you’ve done your research, and you think you’ve found a value bet, betting against the public can be a bold, but rewarding choice.

The Premier League season is a lengthy one and you need to know where to bet on the Premier League to seek out the best possible odds.

Let us know what you think and which matches you'll be betting on below!

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