13 Sport Betting Tips For Beginners (From Alpha)

March 27, 2017 5 min to read

Being a student, the idea of betting and making quick returns on my stakes sounds appealing which is understandable since I currently have no income.

Unfortunately, as appealing as the idea sounds, without a clear strategy I will be losing money quickly rather than gaining it.

There is a reason why the saying ‘House always wins’ exists, and the reason it does is that it is the reality. The vast majority of who bet lose and the main reason being is that it is common for one to be misled by delusions of grandeur.

If you have experience in this, it is ok. This is how betting companies make their money and there is no shame in falling in this trap.

Betting on sports comes with a steep learning curve, there is nobody on earth who currently makes a regular profit that did not pass through a phase of loses. Like in anything, you need to pass through a tough initial phase.

Keep an open mind while persevering by taking all failures as a lesson. Ultimately in anything you do, your mentality will play a huge role in deciding your faith and betting is no different.

Rant over. Here are my:

13 Sport Betting Tips For Beginners Getting Started With Betting Online

Sport Betting Tips For Beginners

Do Your Research

In order to make a rational decision, you need a background on the subject. May sound obvious but it is common for punters to be swayed by the odds and push them to make an instant decision.

This an efficient way of improving your chances as it is free!

Put some effort into fully understanding your betting platform and the terms of the betting markets you fancy. The last thing you want is to lose a bet out of misunderstanding betting terms.

Bet On What You Know

Betting on sports you follow on a regular basis gives you an understanding that a few hours of research does not. You see past statistics and reports and are willing to make predictions on your own hunches.

This puts you in a position where there is less uncertainty and also puts you in a position to spot bets on great value.

Great Odds Are Great For A Reason

As nice as the winnings total looks versus your stake before placing a bet, they look great for a reason.

Everyone wishes they bet on Leicester to win the Premier League last season as the odds were 5000/1, but they were also favourites to finish last so not surprising not many people placed the bet.

Be Patient

As a beginner, you will have a series of losses at the start. It is a reality you must face, most probably the majority of the bets you place will result in a loss in the beginning. See these losses as an investment to your betting education as you will be in a better position to succeed.

Have A Budget

Although I stated your losses will prove to be of value to you long-term, there is a limit.

A budget helps you call it a day and go again later on with a fresher mind, betting right after suffering a significant loss is never a good idea.

Set weekly limits to your betting account, this can be done via settings on your betting platform. Also, set a limit to your stake per bet and resist the will to chase your losses.

Sports betting tips for beginners

Bet Online

Although today most people do bet online, this is one for the people who have not made the jump.

Betting online has several advantages over betting at your local betting booth.

A few advantages are that top online bookmakers are the safest to bet with, it is far more convenient to bet from the comfort of your home, odds tend to be far more competitive online than betting booths and online offer far more bonuses and rewards than your local betting booths.

Use Different Bookmakers

Do not stick to one bookmaker, one of the perks of online betting is that the bookmakers are constantly competing with one another.

Create accounts on multiple betting sites in order to benefit from better odds, better promotional offers and more varied betting markets.

Avoid Casino Section

Casinos and Games are the sections betting companies make the most money as that’s where most people lose their money. That is why they are made very visible to users, so stick to sports betting.

Start With Small Bets

Everybody who creates their first betting account already has a nice total in their head they would like to reach.

Take a step back and first learn and discover a betting strategy that suits you. You need to set your foundational skillset before you can make any significant amount.

Have A Betting Strategy

One thing I have learnt over the years in betting is that there is no such thing as a winning system that suits everyone.

We have different strengths and therefore should be focusing on different betting markets. At the start, analyse in which areas you have felt most comfortable and go all in on that.

Self-Analyse Your Performance

At the end of each month, view your betting record and analyse where you are losing most money and which areas are most profitable. This will help you create a suitable betting strategy which is a must.

Don’t Bet With Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

As obvious as it sounds, a betting addiction can prove to have a huge effect on your personal life. No money gain is worth an exchange for your peace of mind, work out a limit beforehand and set your account settings accordingly.

Lastly, Remember To Have Fun

Betting on sports is thrilling when done purely for entertainment, never become reliant on the potential winnings for your own personal life. The more seriously you take it, the less of a thrill it becomes.

These are my 13 sport betting tips for beginners. Following these tips will greatly increase your chances to enjoy an attractive return in your free time.

Remember to always keep it strictly for entertainment and to know when to call it a day.

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Adam is long time Manchester United fan but admits that he has a few international favourite teams which he looks forward to watching and betting on for international events like the World Cup


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