2017 MLB Predictions: The Teams To Bet On

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The 2017 Major League Baseball season kicked off on April 2, 2017, with three games. With only two months away from the regular season’s end, various predictions are being made over which teams will be making it through to the postseason.

Which teams will become champion leagues? And which runner ups will survive the playoffs?

When looking at MLB Predictions, remember that MLB is a sport where anything can happen.

Even the very best teams lose one-in-three of their Regular Season games. Even seasoned veterans in the sport don’t like to make predictions on the outcomes between the top teams.

Let’s take a look at what are the predictions for which teams will emerge winners in each League.

2017 MLB Predictions


Who is likeliest to become league champions?

The Boston Red Sox – they’re burning through the competition this year. They’ve just won their 6th straight game – an incredible feat with a sport like MLB. This Sunday, they have swept the Chicago White Son.

Their manager, John Farrell, made the right decisions. Their investment in Chris Sale, their ace, has paid off. With a six week streak, 63 wins and 49 losses, they are well ahead of their closest competitors, the New York Yankees.

What about the other teams?

The Yankees are all-time rivals of the Boston Red Sox. They have won 18 division titles and 40 AL pennants.

They’ve won more titles than any other franchise. Their rookie, Aaron Judge, is leading the majors with 30 home runs. With 59 wins and 51 losses, it is very likely that they’ll be one of the two Wild Card teams.

In this case, they will play against the other Wild Card team, expected to be Kansas City, in the playoffs.

The Baltimore Orioles (47-43) have too many problems, bad ERA in the majors, and there are too many good teams ahead of them to get a chance at a spot in the postseason. Toronto Blue Jays (41 – 47), are also stuck in the same position.

2017 MLB Predictions


Who is likeliest to become league champions?

Cleveland Indians – With 59 wins and 50 losses, their spot in the postseason is assured.

Last year, they’ve reached the World Series and added slugger Edwin Encarnacion on a team-record deal. This time around, their performance against the Yankees have cast some doubt over how well they will succeed once they face the champions of the other leagues in the postseason.

It will be up to them to show their dominance in the upcoming match.On, 8th August, the Indians will be facing the Colorado Rockies.

What about the other teams?

After winning 10 of 11 games, the Kansas City Royals are in a very good position to compete in the American League Wild Card standings.

Despite a rocky start, Cain, Hosmer and Moustakas assured the club a 5-1 week, which increased the Royals’ impressive stretch to 10 wins in 11 games.

Because the Cleveland Indians started strong and have been on a similar roll, the Royals haven’t gained any ground in the AL Central. However, the team improved its position in the Wild Card standings by six games – from a 3.5-game deficit to a 2.5-game lead.


Who is likeliest to become league champions?

Houston Astros – With 71 wins and 40 lessons, this is a bit of an obvious choice. Despite their recent struggles, falling to the Toronto Blue Jays and then to the Detroit Tigers, they are still more than safe.

Their closest competitors, the Seattle Mariners, stand at 57 – 56, so it is quite clear that the Astros don’t need to worry about making it to postseason.

What about the other teams?

What looked like was going to be a stellar 2017 for the Seattle Mariners has been marred by a series of injuries.

The Mariners are only 1.5 games back of the final Wild Card, the Kansas City Royals. Last weekend, Felix Hernandes faced a second trip to the DL. The Seattle Mariners have been resilient, but will this be one injury too many?

2017 MLB Predictions


We hope that this article gave an indication of which clubs have the strongest chance at competing in the postseason, which will start on the 3rd of October. Before you start placing stakes, you may want to look at our article on how to bet on the MLB predictions.

Take a closer look at the teams we’ve mentioned in this article, research, and with a bit of luck, you’ll find value bets.

Keep tuned for the MLB predictions on the National League, which we will go over in the next couple of days.

Be the winner you were always meant to be.

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