The Advantages Of Using Online Betting Sites

April 10, 2017 7 min to read

With the rise of the internet, many punters who before loved to go down to their local bookmaker and place their bets have now turned their attention and betting experiences online, and can easily (and quickly) place a bet on their picks from the comfort of their home.

Like every other industry, the internet totally flipped it on its head and it's now super simple for us to place our bets and that is what we will be talking about today;

The advantages of using online betting sites vs. the “old” way of having to place a bet with an offline bookie (which sometimes was also borderline illegal).

In this post, we see how and exactly why online sports betting have taken off and how it now is one the biggest industries online with many reputable and long-standing “offline” bookies being the major players in the dot-com era.

Here are:

The Advantages Of Using Online Betting Sites

The Advantages Of Using Online Betting Sites

You Can Bet “On The Go”

One of the biggest wins for the punters (and also the bookies if you think about it) is that nowadays you can place a bet on the go whenever you feel so.

With the rise of easy-to-use betting sites and apps; it has never been easier the history of sports betting to place a bet. All you have to do is to create an account with a reputable online bookmaker and place your first bet.

This is even more true with the rise of mobile phones and high-speed internet which also allows you to be out and about and still place your weekly / daily bets.

Is this something you like? Let us know in the comment section below.

You Can Quickly Find Betting Tips & Strategies Online

Before the rise of online sports betting; most punters placed a bet on a “hunch”, but today there are thousands, possibly millions of sites that share with you their best tips and hacks to win more bets.

You’ll find sites like us that give you the necessary tools and mindset to pick the right sports to bet on, and there are many others who focus solely on breaking news in any given sports to give you the latest updates of what is happening; thus helping you pick better bets which (hopefully) gets you more wins.

You can see our best betting tips and strategies here and also we encourage you to take a look at a roundup post we recently published where we asked 10 betting experts what their biggest win was and how they managed to pull it off.

(Definitely some great value and aha-moments shared in that post).

Online Betting Is Safe and Quick

Remember the old jokes where if you didn’t pay your bookie’s vig on time somebody is going to break your legs?

That might have been a scary thought 30 years ago, but today with the rise of online sports betting; this is a thing of the past and you can rest assured that both your legs and the money in your account is safely held by government regulated agencies that enforce online bookmakers to obey certain rules.

We do get asked on a weekly basis whether it is safe to place a bet online and the answer is an astounding yes.

Sure there may have been some cases where an online bookmark refused to pay out but with the rise of online review sites; these instances are quickly brought to light, and shady bookmakers are quick to be aired out and in some cases even run out of business.

With the online bookmaker reviews we do on our site, you can rest assured that we are providing you an honest and reliable source of information and you can trust all the bookmakers we have reviewed so far.

You Get Bonuses

Another huge advantage of using online betting sites is that just for signing up; you are eligible for some great bonuses gently provided by the bookmakers.

For instance, some of the best bonuses we have seen so far are:

  • Betfair: €40 free bet on first bet of €20.
  • Bet365: 100% bonus on first deposit capped at £200 maximum.
  • William Hill£30 free bet on first bet of £10.
  • RedBet: 50% matching bonus on first deposit up to € 25.
  • BetVictor: £60 free bet with a£10 deposit.

This is technically “free money” you can use to start your online betting career (if there is such a thing) and although it does require you to sign up and make a deposit, getting a £200 bonus for your initial bet is a great incentive to help get you going and accustomed to the platform and online betting in general.

Are bookmakers so kind that they give out free bets?

Yes and no; but it does help them get new clients in by the droves, and it also gives punters a wide variety to choose from when it comes to betting sites and also a chance to place some “free bets” with the hopes of winning and kick-starting their betting journey with “borrowed money“.

A Wide Range Of Betting Markets

With all the online platforms available and also the many, many online tipsters; this allows you to broaden your scopes into new betting markets (if that is what you wish).

You’ve always placed bets in the English Premier League but now want to start betting on the American NFL, MMA, dog racing or horse racing?

With all the information readily available a quick search away and all the great online bookmakers offering these markets; you are free to place a bet on any sports, in any match happening around the world.

Please note this new found “freedom” brings with it the possibility that you might start placing more bets that you can afford so while we encourage sports betting as a hobby and entertainment; it’s good to know that gambling can get very addictive very quickly.

Always be sure you are betting responsibly and not let this new found power to make you do things you regret later.

You Get The Best Odds

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best odds can be found online and the best thing about it is that all the online bookmakers are competing against each other to bring you the best possible odds.

This is a win for you and all the other punters who have already realised the advantages of using online betting sites.

From all the online betting platform we have reviewed so far, we have found Betfair to offer the best odds so if you’re looking to get started, see our Betfair review here.

Live Betting (Bet While The Event Is Happening)

One last great advantage we’d like to mention is the ability to place your bet while the match/race is happening. Before this online boom, this was not possible, but luckily now it is.

A team is winning, but it looks like an equaliser is inevitable? Easy; hop on your computer or better yet your mobile phone and place your bets instantly.

The best thing about is that even the odds are adjusted live while the sporting event is happening thus giving you many more markets to jump into.

Get The Most Out Of Sports Betting Online

Get The Most Out Of Sports Betting Online

If these advantages have inspired you to give sports betting a try; then go ahead and try it out (please remember to do it responsibly).

Your first step after reading his blog post should be to find a bookmaker you would like to join. We have all the reviews listed on this page, and we’ve even curated the top European betting sites for you to pick from.

Once you find that one bookmaker you want to register, go ahead and sign up and make sure you get your bonus (we have another list of bonuses here).

Once you've set up; all is left is to do is to place your bets and you can start seeing for yourself the advantages of using online betting sites.

As always, be sure to let us know if you have any Qs by leaving a comment below. You can also tweet us and like us on Facebook for more info and reviews as we publish them.

We look forward to hearing from you and good luck.


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