Who should you bet on: The Ashes 2019 Odds

May 22, 2019 7 min to read

This summer, England will be hosting the 71st edition of a world-famous cricket event. The Ashes, a sports rivalry between England and Australia which has been going on since 1882, will once again take place in August and September. The first of the series of matches will be played on the 1st of August. Australia’s and England’s teams will provide cricket fans all over the world with an exciting sports event that will rattle the world of online sports betting. In this article, we will discuss the bookmaker’s favorite in winning The Ashes this year and the current betting odds for the upcoming event!

Who is the favorite?

The upcoming match will be the 71st edition of the cricket match. The English team seems to be in the favorite's position, mainly because their opponents have not won a series of the Ashes on English territory since 2001. This year hasn’t been the best year for the team from down under either: they took losses in a series against India. England, on the other hand, managed to defeat Sri Lanka only last year. In the odds that are shown down below, it’s safe to say that the bookmakers now place their trust in England to win the cup.

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Betting odds

Taking all of this into account; which casino should you place your trust in and which team should you place your bets on? We selected the best online sports casinos for you to do so, check them out below! Take a look at the odds and decide on which casino matches your preferences.


Bovada is a bookmaker for bettors living in the United States. Bovada is a premium bookmaker we can highly recommend. The company has a well-stocked sports book and the perfect place to place your bet for this summer’s cricket event. The Bovada odds of who will take home The Ashes are as following:

England to win and regain The Ashes 1.89

Australia to win and retain The Ashes 2.71


LeoVegas is known as part of top-notch mobile casinos and remote sports betting. It’s easy to bet on sports at staggering speed with their sportsbook. LeoVegas is another bookmaker that you can add to your list of places where you can bet on the upcoming Ashes 2019. The LeoVegas odds for this year’s Ashes are:

England to win and regain The Ashes 1.77

Australia to win and retain The Ashes 2.85

William Hill

This London based bookmaker is perfect for you as a punter to place your bets for the nearing Ashes 2019. William Hill is one of the leading betting and gaming companies in the world and one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The William Hill odds for the upcoming edition of The Ashes 2019 are:

England to win and regain The Ashes 5/1

Australia to win and retain The Ashes 10/1

The bookmakers seem to have made up their minds, however, we can’t make any promises about which team will call themselves victors in cricket this September. Anything can happen in the next few months leading up to The 2019 Ashes.

Cricket enthusiasts and sports betters from all over the world are looking forward to the event which will start on the 1st of August. Both teams will give it all to regain or retain the coveted urn that holds the ashes. We will make sure to keep you up to date on the Ashes 2019. Do you want to read more about The Ashes history and the event itself? You can find an overview of the Ashes 2019 here!

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