Baseball Sports Betting: Who Are The Top Contenders?

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With the non-waiver trade deadline settled, and the postseason schedule just released, the MLB is well on its way to the World Series. With the exception of the National League Central division, the contenders for the postseason are clear.

Bettors everywhere are sizing up the teams which they think have the highest chance to snatch away the crown.

So, which are the top contenders to keep an eye on?

If you’re a punter who has a good understanding of how to bet on the MLB, now is the time to learn about the likely competitors in the postseason.

#teamalpha looked at the standings, past records, and the odds as presented by oddschecker to rank the teams.

Unlike other top-tier leagues where one can identify the two-three teams that are likely to win at an early stage, the MLB is known for being highly unpredictable.

Even the best teams can lose to more average contenders. Matches are fast paced and can go in any direction.

This level of competition is thanks to the draft system used by American national leagues. The MLB uses a draft system that ensures the teams who underperform get to pick new talent straight out of Universities and colleges around the country for free.

This means that previously underwhelming teams can become a force to be reckoned with if they pick the right talent.

This unpredictability and excitement is what makes the ‘American pastime’ a global phenomenon.

 Baseball Sports Betting

The MLB Standings

Our decisions were based on two factors:

• The results of the teams to date
• How each team projects the rest of the way up till the World Series

Let’s start by looking at the American League;

• Astros

Despite their recent struggles, Astros retains a huge lead in the West league and is the clear champion in the West.

Their performance has been mediocre since the All-Star break, but with 71 wins and 41 losses, the Astros may be choosing to store their energies for the postseason.

• Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox have won six games in a row, sweeping away the White Sox four times. They aren’t a head a by a huge margin, but the Red Sox are clear front-liners.

• New York Yankees

The New York Yankees may be unable to catch up to their all-time rivals Boston Red Sox, but their successive victories place them in the Wildcard playoffs, where they will likely face the Kansas City Royals.

If they build upon their momentum, they may yet make it to the postseason. The Yankees are all-time rivals of the Boston Red Sox. They have won 18 division titles and 40 AL pennants.

 Baseball Sports Betting

• Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians – With 59 wins and 50 losses, their spot in the postseason is assured. Last year, they’ve reached the World Series and despite being a bit inconsistent this year, their performance against the Rockies shows that they are not to be taken foregranted.

• Kansas City Royals

They don’t have a shot at taking the crown for their division, but winning 10 of 11 games, the Kansas City Royals are in a very good position to compete in the American League Wild Card standings. Despite a rocky start, Cain, Hosmer and Moustakas assured the club a 5-1 week, which increased the Royals’ impressive stretch to 10 wins in 11 games. The Seattle Mariners are their biggest threat for the Wild Card.

National League

• The Dodgers

The NL West was far closer in the early months of the season, starting out with three power teams, the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Rockies. Now, the Dodgers have swept aside the competition and currently sit comfortably at the top of the pyramid in the west.

• The Nationals

The Nationals in the East League have been quite inconsistent over the last three weeks. This may be a short bad spell, or the team could be conserving its energies for the postseason. Regardless, no team in the NL East has a chance to catch up to the nationals.

• The Chicago Cubs

Although expectations were that the Chicago Cubs would be sweeping away the competition, this clearly didn’t happen. The Chicago Cubs had a rocky start, but they have become far more consistent.

This is where we’re still undecided. The Chicago Cubs may have gotten back on their feet, but this doesn’t eliminate the fact that other teams, namely the Milwaukee Brewers, are gunning for a spot in the Wild Cards.

Among the division races that have yet to be realistically decided, the NL Central is shaping up as one of the most intriguing headings into the final weeks of the season.

Baseball Sports Betting


We hope that this article gave you a good idea of who the top contenders are.

If you want to bet on baseball, make sure you start your research.

Implement the right strategies to get the most profitable wagers possible, watch live streams, news, read articles, and then zoom onto the players that capture your attention.

MLB is a unique sporting tournament that gives punters, both new and pros, the chance to make large profits.

The MLB is a highly unpredictable tournament, and this means information can only go so far. After you’ve carried out your research and implemented the right strategies, it is time to trust your intuition.

Be the winner you were always meant to be.

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