How To Become A Professional Bettor

July 5, 2017 8 min to read

Nod your head if this sounds anything like your current situation.

Recently your bankroll has expanded exponentially in the last few months. Your handicapping skills have improved, resulting in placing smarter and more reliable wagers.

You managed to double your initial bankroll sum of money. You also have extensive knowledge on one or more sports.

Lastly, you find real fulfilment in betting on sports online.

Well, if you find yourself nodding at this screen then we’re sure that the thought of turning into a pro punter has crossed your mind once or twice before.

The good news is that we’re here to help. In this article, how to become a professional bettor we will clearly lay out all of the pros and cons.

Also, the first few steps from turning to a casual bettor to a professional punter. This is not an impossible feat. The important thing to remember is not to hit the ground running.

Let’s start with the basics and build our way up from there. As we like to say here at Alpha Sports Betting, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

 Become A Professional Bettor

Time To Dig Deep

As the idea of turning into a professional bettor mulls over in your head, there are few things you should know before you make your final decision.

As any bettor knows, it’s crucial that your track your wins, losses and strike rates. However, should you choose to become a professional bettor will this suffice?

Not exactly. In order to get to the next level as a bettor, you will need to delve deep into finding the trends within your own wagers.

A pro punter will need to methodically analyse why certain bets thrive and whilst others sink down the drain. All successful bettors will have this in common, spotting dips and trends within their own bets and the markets too.

You might be asking, what’s the point of all of this?

Spotting the movements within your own betting record and the analytical skills required to do so will result in you finding your edge.

A professional punter knows his edge and most importantly, takes full advantage of it.

Generally, a good starting point is by finding the odds range within your most successful bets. Some punters will notice that sticking to the underdogs works well for them. Others will figure out that using certain betting strategies has proved to work out well for them in the past.

The reasoning behind this is logically sound. As a professional bettor or even as a novice bettor, you are predicting your next betting moves on numbers which have proved to be lucrative.

Make a conscious effort to bet within your specific odds range.

One tip we can offer here is to reach out to more experienced bettor and find out what works best for them and absorb any advice they can give you.

Fail Fast

Remembering that you will eventually be the subject of failing is a reality all punters will face. Who wouldn’t love to win all the time? But you’d be delusional in thinking that this is sustainable.

This why, as a Professional bettor you need to know what your weakness is so that you can work around it better.

There are bettors who chase losses, punters who repeatedly play on their favourite team even though they know that the chances of them winning is slim.

Punters who also place impulsive bets after a long period of winning bets are taking an unnecessary risk here. Being overconfident can be the undoing of any punter, no matter how skilled you are.

Whatever the reason, emotional responses and betting do not bode well together. You need to develop a thick skin and treat betting as nothing more than what it is. Take it at face value and don’t wrap your heart around any sports, sporting event or teams.

Now that you are a professional bettor, this is your job and you need to see it that way.

If you’re too emotional this will affect your betting in a negative way. Damage might be done that will be irreversible.

You must reach a neutral state when betting. If you look back on your past bets and see when they turned sour you might understand how your emotions affected your instincts at the time.

This is no easy task, after all, we are humans. However, being shrewd in betting will be a skill you will thank yourself for in the near future.

Control your emotions and train yourself to bet like you have no personal ties.

Find an alternative for your emotions when placing bets. Instead, use a betting calculator and betting formulas to predict sports events and to analyse odds.

This will keep your edge and your bankroll intact.

Pinpoint your emotional weaknesses and consciously eliminate them from your betting processes.

Revive Your Strategies. Be Consistent.

Throughout your betting pursuits, you have come across a plethora of betting strategies. Some of which you took a liking to, others you quickly dismissed.

The point is that when you bet you apply a strategy.

As you decide if professional is best suited for you, you need to choose which betting strategies have proven to work best for you.

As bettors we know that consistency is key, but how do you keep the ball rolling?

Develop a ritual.

Just as you have morning ritual before you leave for work each morning, you should adopt this habit for your betting processes too.

Developing good habits from the beginning of your betting career will save you lots of time and money in the future.

Having a sound betting ritual will help you steer clear of haphazard and careless betting. Test systems and strategies, as you begin to bet more frequently and you will soon come to realise that you have no room for errors.

Pro Tip; If you have a new idea for a betting system, first paper trade the strategy for a while. Then move to trying it out with smaller scale stakes. If the process seems to be successful than you can incorporate into more of your regular stakes.

 Boss Bankroll

Successful Bettors have these two factors locked in place;

  1. Ability to find winners
  2. Profit from winners

Accompanied by these two betting factors are secure and consistent staking plans.

If you’re a promising punter than chances are that you already have a sound staking plan. In order to reach the next level, you will need to consistently apply your staking plan with a few tweaks.

Begin to treat your bankroll as an investment. Therefore, thorough knowledge and research is a must for you to make the right dips into your funds.

We suggest that for those bettors who wish to receive a weekly wage to set up a betting schedule. This will give you the flexibility to set up your finances accordingly.

For example, if you wish to take an average of £1,000 a week from your betting (a yearly wage of £52,000), then your bankroll, bet schedule and staking plan need to flexible enough to support this.

Assuming that you're average return is 5% profit per bet, to make £52,000 a year, you would need a yearly bet turnover of £1,040,000 (I..e 5% return on £1,040,000 being £52,000).

If you are placing an average of 1,000 bets per year, each bet would then need to be an average of £1,040 to achieve the £1,040,000 in total turnover.

For this size of the bet, with a recommended betting bankroll of 100 average units, you would need a bankroll of £104,000.

As the old adage goes, you need to spend money to make money. If you seriously want to make a living from betting your main concern is build your bankroll.

The key to this is: invest, invest & invest.

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Progress with Passion

If there’s one nugget of wisdom we can pass onto to punters reading this is; to bet passionately.

Betting is above anything else; a game. A game which requires being passionate, aggressive and a good decision maker.

Being passionate about betting will help you through times when luck is not on your side. You have to keep in mind that when bookmaker sets their odds, their end goal is to collect their commission.

However, as an educated punter who will have an upper hand on the bookmaker. Sifting through several top bookmakers and betting markets, you will be able to fine tune which betting lines are valuable and those which are not worth or time or money.

The professional punter will able to see the discrepancies within the lines and pursue those lines which will maximise their bankroll.

Be selective and only attack those markets which are lucrative.

The great thing about becoming a professional bettor is that you are the main driver. No one will tell you how to place your bets or where to place your bets. You are the sole decision makers here.

Final Words

There is no special recipe to becoming a successful bettor. It takes hard work and the sum of all the lessons learnt from past bets.

Yes, how to become a professional bettor is no easy task, however, it can be done. With the right bookmaker as your backbone and the appropriate betting strategies in place, you’re already halfway there.

If there is one piece advice we wish you hold onto is this: take the time to understand which sports you enjoy betting on and the best way forward for you, to achieve those results.

After All, we bet for the love of sports.

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Adam is long time Manchester United fan but admits that he has a few international favourite teams which he looks forward to watching and betting on for international events like the World Cup


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