How To Bet On Football (An Informative Guide To Help You Win)

July 16, 2018 10 min to read

What if we told you that there are ways, specific actual strategies that could help you win more when betting on sports?

Nobody said it would be easy to master sports betting and especially when talking about football but we are here to help you get that extra edge.

In today’s article, we are going to show you:

You may not believe it at first but even the smallest detail could drastically alter the result of a football game.

Keep reading to find out how we can help you win!

how to bet on football

An Informative Guide To Help You Win

First things first, we are going to talk about the best available ways to bet. We are going to start from accumulators.

  1. Accumulator Betting

Acca, as it is commonly referred to, betting is the single most popular form of betting mainly because it can be used in any competitive sport or even a combination of two or more.

Usually, it consists of at least two or three games but it could go up to more than 15. But how can you get the most out of an accumulator?

Here are some tactics you could use:

  • Bet on single games

The most common form. You are going to pick at least three games, better to go for at least two easy matchups and a harder one just to pump up the odds.

If your accumulator has a total odd of less than 2-2.50 then you might want to change up the bets or just add another selection.

If you are a beginner then you will want to stick with the outright winner of the game being your only option.

As soon as you get more accustomed to betting on football you will soon find out that you can place money on other options that may help you even more in making the right decision.

A good example is the Over/Under and the Double Chance.

  • Over/Under Betting

Our personal favorite bet to choose. Things here are simple. You get a baseline of goals.

But because the bet has to cover all the possibilities it takes the form of point five meaning that an Under 2.5 applies to two or fewer goals and the Over 2.5 to three or more.

There are two ways you could go about this. First is to study a selection of games every couple of days or so to determine how each of the teams in the respected matchups has been performing lately and how they have been doing against each other in their previous games.

Then you will have a good idea of how many goals are going to be scored in the game.

The second method is to stick with a specific team. For example, this year Paris Saint Germain has been scoring more than 4 goals to almost all the weak teams in Ligue 1.

The good thing is that the Over 3.5 option in those games would usually be bigger than 1.80-2.00.

Still, this is a difficult bet to win since there is always the possibility of the opposite team having a good defense.

To increase your odds of winning you would have to bet only on the games where your selected team plays in its home stadium.

over and under football betting

  • Double Chance

Opposite to the previous point, you would have to keep a record of all those teams that have been doing relatively bad.

For example, Dortmund which hasn’t been doing great is currently third in the Bundesliga but if you take a look at its stats you will notice that their draws and losses in total are more than the wins.

So a good idea would be to bet on the 1/X or the 2/X accordingly depending on whether they are playing in their home stadium or away.

The possibility of getting it right is very high as you are actually betting on two outcomes rather than only one. Be careful though to place those bet only when they are playing away games just to increase your odds of winning the bet.

  • Number of goals

Now, this is a tricky one but the good thing is that if you are going to bet on Over/Under selections as well then you would already have done all the research required beforehand.

Take how much a team scores on average against the level of the team they are going against, how many goals get scored per game on the selected league and finally the odds offered on the Over/Under selection.

By doing so you will see what the bookmaker believes is more likely to happen.

They may not know this but they are actually helping you decide on what to wager.

bet on the number of football goals

  • Selections to stay away from

Just like all those good options you have, there are their counterparts. We are of course talking about all those selections that you would be better off staying away from.

The first example is the number of corners, fouls, yellow/red cards etc.

Those are impossible to predict and you would be placing a bet counting your money entirely on sheer luck.

The same goes for halftime result. The odds are slightly better than the overall game ones but would you really risk it all just to get that extra 0.10 edge?

Before we move on to the next section we would like to remind you that you can actually combine the preferred selections as you don’t have to bet on Over/Under, number of goals etc. alone.

That way you will be able to place the most likely bet on each of the games you have an interest in.

  • Matched Betting

Now, this is where the 100% guaranteed profits kick in. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about a sure profit.

The reason for that is that by using the following method there is no chance of losing. Keep reading to find out how this happens.

You may have seen online bookmakers offer all those free bet bonuses. That means that you could place money on events with some specific pre-set minimum odds and in case the selection loses you would get your money back. So here is what you are going to do.

First, pick the draw as this is usually offered more than a 3.00 odd.

Then you will have to visit an exchange betting site such as that of Betfair. There you are going to lay the draw instead of backing it.

In case you don’t know, backing means to bet on the selection winning while laying means to bet on the selection to lose.

If you were paying attention you would have understood by now that no matter what the final result turns out being you are always going to have a profit.

Lose the bet on the bookmaker and take your money back. At the same time win money at the exchange.

Win on the bookmaker and lose at the exchange. Again, you are making money!

There is a catch though. There is a limit to how much you can earn by applying the matched betting method. It is sure that at some point in time you are going to run out of opportunities.

  • Spread Betting

In order to play with that specific tactic, you would need to get access to either a specific piece of software or to join Betfair Exchange.

Then you would study how the odds offered to a selection change as time goes by.

That can show you what the bookmaker and the players believe is going to happen in the game. Place your bet accordingly.

Tested Tactics

Here are some specific tactics that we have personally used to make sure that they do indeed work. If you wanted to learn how to bet on football then using those methods is your easiest option.

1. Bet on Draws

There is a good reason that draws are offered an odd almost always bigger than 3.00 and that is the possibility of a draw taking place. About 1 in 3-4 games end up in a tie. Here is how this method works.

You are going to select 8 draws in your accumulator but you will bet on the selection of only 4-6 of them to win.

Get 4 of them and you will have a small profit. Get more and here is where the big bucks come in play.

Before you just go out there and start picking draws at random there are some things to consider. Your chances of winning the bet will be higher if you go for specific leagues where draws occur more often.

Some of those are Brazil, Argentina, Estonia, and Greece.

2. Home Wins and a Draw

Tested and very profitable. You are going to pick two games that are easy to win, usually, the odds at those will be at about 1.20-1.35. It is better to go for games where the favorite team plays in its home stadium just to increase the chance of winning.

Then following the advice given in the previous point you will select 4-5 draws.

Now create the same amount of 3-fold accumulators, each time picking two easy games and a draw.

It is better to go with a different couple of easy games per accumulator just to eliminate the chance of something going wrong.

Last time we personally tested that method we won one bet out of the three we placed and the winning odds were at about 6.50-7.00. We went on and selected 3 easy games and a draw but you would be more likely to win by doing what we previously said.

Things To Look Out for:

There are some specific things that you must regularly pay attention to, especially when you are getting ready to place a bet. Here are some of them:

1. Importance of the Game

Are we talking about a game taking place in a big competition such as the UEFA Champions/Europa League?

Then you better study the game very well because all the teams are going to be fighting with all their power to get the win.

In fact, you may be better off by betting on the Over/Under options rather than those of the outright winner of the game.

2. Random Events

Recently, the captain of the Italian team Fiorentina, Davide Astori, passed away in his sleep. As a result, his team wanted to honor him in the next game. Guess what happened.

His substitute played in his place and Fiorentina ended up winning the game by him scoring the winning goal. It is certain that the team didn’t want to disappoint him by showing him that without him they would lose the game.

So they played with all their heart just to get the win.

Unfortunately, random events like this, the sad death of Davide Astori, happen from time to time and you must be able to use them to your advantage, as bad as that may sound.

We didn’t bet on that game but if we had then we would have won it!

3. Temperature

Even the temperature of the playing venue can have a huge effect on a team’s overall performance.

If, for example, a team playing in Spain where the weather is warm had to visit Russia to play a game then it is sure that the players wouldn’t be as comfortable playing in an environment like that.


When betting on football you have to pay attention to all the details, no matter how small or big they may appear to you.

So if you wanted to learn how to bet on football, by using our informative guide to help you win, you must now have a better understanding of how football betting works.

Remember to follow our website for any updates, news, and information regarding the sports betting world. Now, why don’t you go online and place a bet just to check out what you have learned here today?

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