Bet on the Super Bowl Winner: New England Patriots

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the sporting year, and whether or not you're an American football fan, it is still one of the most popular events to bet on in the entire sporting calendar.

The Super Bowl is the yearly championship game of the NFL (National Football League), culminating the regular season which starts towards the end of the previous calendar year's summer.

Traditionally, Roman numerals identify each game, with the first-ever Super Bowl being held back in 1967. 2018 will see Super Bowl LII (or 52) rounding off the 2017 season.

Bet on the Super Bowl winner: New England Patriots again this year and possibly see aa great return on your money!

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Super Bowl – The Facts

The date set for Super Bowl LII is 4th February 2018, and once again, the event will be held inside a dome, just like Super Bowl LI.

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However, this time, the event will be held a lot further north, in the cutting edge US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis which will be fresh from hosting its 2nd Minnesota Vikings season.

The venue for 2018's Super Bowl was announced back in 2014 before the stadium had even been finished. In fact, it was only finished in time for the NFL's 2016 season.

The large stadium can seat 66,200 people, however it does expand to fit as many as 70,000.

The 2018 game will be Minnesota's first Super Bowl since 1992 when Super Bowl XXVI was held in the Metrodome. During that game, the Buffalo Bills were defeated by the Washington Redskins.

How Do Teams Go The Super Bowl?

The NFC and the AFC are the two conferences which make up the NFL.

Each has 16 teams and each of those 16 teams are broken up into four groups depending on their cities. Only six of the teams will go on to the Playoffs first stage.

The top 2 winners go to the second stage instantly while the other 3 are the 2 remaining division winners together with the two Wildcard teams which are the ones in their division that have the best record.

Which Teams Will Be Playing?

Of course, the biggest question being asked by anyone who is keen to bet on the winner of 2018's Super Bowl is which teams are going to be playing.

While it's still far too early to be certain which the top two teams are going to be, experts have been casting their predictions for some time after analysing the performance of the various teams and their choices have been narrowed down to the top four in each division.

AFC East

This division is made up of the:

  • New England Patriots
  • Buffalo Bills
  • New York Jets
  • Miami Dolphins

So what is their current form?

The New England Patriots are currently experiencing an eight win streak and are on a 10-2 record.

They are a pretty good bed as the overall winner since they were last year's winners, beating the Atlanta Falcons by 34-28.

The game was a record breaker in that it was the first ever time in history that the Super Bowl had gone on to overtime.

The Buffalo Bills are coming in second at the moment, with a 6-6 equal record, which means they're doing fairly averagely.

In their division games, they are currently 1-2 and that means that they stand a risk of being imminently dethroned by the New York Jets, a team which are currently third with a 5-7 record which is exactly the same as the Miami Dolphin's 4th place record.

At the present time, this evidence points towards the New England Patriots being the overall AFC winner, with the New York Jets coming in second.

AFC North

This division is made up of:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cleveland Browns

Of these teams, the Steelers are coming first with a record of 10-2, and they haven't seen a defeat over their last seven games.

This has led to them coming 2nd in the odds for outright winner.

The Baltimore Ravens are second, with a 7-5 record.

They are currently on a three win streak, and they are followed up by the Cincinnati Bengals with a 5-7 record. Last of the four is the Cleveland Browns, who have had the worst team performance in the conference all year, having not won one game all season.

When everything is weighed up, the top two contenders are therefore the Steelers and the Ravens.

AFC South

This division consists of:

  • Tennessee Titans
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts

At the moment, the Titans are leading the way with their 8-4 record, with the Jaguars coming in a close second with an identical record.

The Texans and Colts are both extremely unlikely candidates since they have been doing extremely badly this season.

This puts the Titans and Jaguars neck and neck.

AFC West

This division is made up of the:

  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Denver Broncos

The first three of these teams stand on an identical 6-6 record while the Broncos have a 3-9 record, although they did win the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.

The Chiefs at the moment are on a four loss streak, so this will probably take them to second place allowing the Chargers to take first place and the Raiders to stay in third.

When everything is taken into account, the top 2 teams which are most likely to go through to the Super Bowl from the AFC are the Patriots or the Steelers.

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NFC East

This division is made up of the:

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Washington Redskins
  • New York Giants

The two finalists in this division are pretty easy to predict.

The Eagles have a 10-2 record, making them first, and the Dallas Cowboys who are 3-1 in their division.

Although it is still technically possible for the Redskins to come in second, it's unlikely and the Giants have no chance with only two wins from 12 games.

NFC North

This division consists of:

  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Detroit Lion
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Chicago Bears

The Vikings are certain to be going to the Playoffs since they are currently having an eight-win streak and a record of 10-2.

The Packers and the Lions both stand on 6-6, however, the Lions are having a two-loss streak so it's likely that the Packers will prevail.

As for the Bears, their 3-9 record makes the Super Bowl unlikely.

NFC South

This division is made up of:

  • New Orleans Saints
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Although it's harder to predict how this division will unravel, it's likely that the Saints will come first with their 9-4 record.

The Falcons may well come second.

NFC West

This division is made up of the:

  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • San Francisco 49ers

The first place is likely to be the Rams, who have a record of 9-3. The Seahawks are probably likely to come in next, although at 8-4 they have the potential of taking the first spot.

When everything is taken into account, the top 2 teams for the Super Bowl are likely to be the Philadelphia Eagles or the Minnesota Vikings, although the Vikings probably have the edge since they are the event's hosts and this is bound to give them additional motivation.

Betting On The Outright Winner

If you want to stand the best chance of betting on the outright winner of the Super Bowl, you'll need to know what the current predictions are and who is in the odds table.

First is the New England Patriots who remain undefeated in their division and have been the winners of all of their away games. Their odds currently stand at 3.25.

Second is the Pittsburgh Steelers with their 11-2 record.

They are on an eight-win streak, but since the Patriots have played one extra game, this puts the Steelers second with odds of 6.00.

The top favourite NFC team is the Philadelphia Eagles with odds of 8.00, however, the Minnesota Vikings are a team well worth watching with odds of 9.00.

They have made it four times previously to the Super Bowl, but have never yet won.

However, with their 10-3 record and the fact they playing in their own stadium, they may well be the best team to put your money on.

Experts recommend choosing one team from each side and then placing an identical wager on both.

By going with the sportsbook's favourites, you have a good chance of scooping a profit of over 60% on your bet.

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What About An Outside Bet?

Although going with the favourites may give you the best chance of winning, it won't give you the huge winnings that you can get should one of the outsiders get through to the second round of the Playoffs and then manage to win the Super Bowl itself.

Betting on one of the long shots may be a lot riskier, but if you're lucky it can really pay off financially, with huge winnings being possible thanks to the long odds.

So, which teams are the best choice for a long shot bet?

Kansas City Chiefs

Although the Kansas City Chiefs might not be the most likely team to be successful in the Super Bowl, they are a very efficient team – one of the most efficient in the NFL in fact.

Their defence is traditionally stingy, usually getting the first downs where needed. Although their odds are especially long at 40/1, if they manage to get a favourable matchup in the Playoffs, they could still possibly make it through to the Super Bowl, and then who knows?

Oakland Raiders

Another good choice for an outside bet is the Oakland Raiders. While they may not be an obvious choice for a wager, if we look more closely at the facts there is some encouraging evidence pointing towards them being an interesting choice if you're keen to really maximise your chances of scooping an enormous win.

It was already unlikely that the Oakland Raiders would even be able to make it to the Playoffs stage, and yet they have managed to achieve this goal for their first time since 2002 when they managed to get to the Super Bowl.

The odds of the Oakland Raiders winning the 2018 Super Bowl are currently quoted at +2500 and this could net you a tidy win if they beat all the odds and actually manage to get that coveted win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently being offered odds of 40/1 which means that if you're in luck you could be taking home a pretty big increase to your bankroll.

It isn't quite as unlikely as you might think either, since this team finished its 2016 season strongly, with a win against Seattle and in Kansas City.

The last season has seen a number of impressive signings of free agents including DeSean Jackson, and this could well mean that they'll do well in the Super Bowl in February.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have the best chance of having a bet on the Super Bowl winner that turns out to be successful for you, the above advice and evidence should point you in the right direction.

With this information, you can make a well-informed decision about which is the best team to bet on for the outright winner in Super Bowl 52.

If you choose your bookmaker carefully and use your judgement wisely, you stand a good chance of being a winner this season, however, if you want to get the best odds, and so maximise your wins, you'll need to get your wager in quickly before it gets too close to the event and the odds get worse.

Remember that the odds are constantly changing, so if you want to take advantage of the odds you see today, place your bets now!

Bet on the Super Bowl winner: New England Patriots, which stormed to victory last year, or choose from one of the other amazing teams in the line up for this year.


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