Bet On World Cup Outright Winner: Who Will Win WC 2018?

December 6, 2017 9 min to read

We are only less than a month away from welcoming the New Year. What are you up to? Are you going to stay in because you have no money to go anywhere or will you start betting and earn some cash right now?

Well, either way, you would have to wait because we have 7 months to go before the World Cup starts.

Although, that doesn’t mean that betting opportunities haven’t started appearing. It still is too early and not many special bets are available but what you can currently do is to bet on World Cup outright winner.

Thousands of bets have already been placed. Don’t you want a piece of that money? Keep on reading to find out how you can get some yourself.

What Is The World Cup?

Football fans already know what it is and the majority of people have a general idea about it. It has “World” in its name so it has to be something international, right? Well, yes and no.

Yes to the part that teams from all over the world participate but no to the fact that it takes place all over the world as well.

The World Cup is held every 4 years in the summer and it has been like this since the very first time the event was held in Uruguay back in 1930.

The only times it didn’t take place was in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II. The very first time the winner was Uruguay and in the last event back in 2014, Germany won.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia starting on June 14th and ending July 15th.

All these are common knowledge amongst hardcore football fans but how exactly do these teams come together to play. The event requires the participation of 32 teams in order to begin.

However, there are more than 210 teams, coming from 6 conferences, who compete against each other to capture a place in the event.

Those 6 conferences are Africa, Asia, North/Central America and Caribbean, South America, Oceania, and Europe. Through various group stages and knockout matches, the final 31 teams are granted a place in the event.

We say 31 instead of 32 because the nation that hosts the event is automatically granted a participation ticket.

As soon as the 32 teams are divided into 8 groups of 4 teams each (based on global rankings) the event is good to go. All teams in a group must play once against the others.

The top two teams proceed to the stage of 16. From there on it is all single knockout games until the final winner of the event is decided.

Why Should You Bet On It?

We cannot tell you what to do but what we can do is to help pick the right option. So, having your own benefit in mind we would suggest you bet money on the event. Here is why.

Each time the event takes place the host assigns an average of more than 10 billion US dollars to it in order to prepare the venues, accommodations and anything else related to the event.

FIFA gets an average profit of 2.6 billion dollars! Even 400$ million go into the teams as different prizes based on their finishing positions.

Sports betting a profit of more than 1 trillion dollars per year. In the case of the World Cup, FIFA takes approximately a 5% cut from all the profits of each bookmaker, related to the event of course. 70% of the 2.6$ billion they made came from such companies.

Thus, 1.82$ billion. So if 1.82$ billion is about 5% what do the bookmakers make? Well, about 36.4$ billion and some spare change!

Get on this betting train while you can. You still have time and because we are only a month away from the New Year, some pretty insane offers are going to start pouring in. Bet on World Cup outright winner right now!

If you want to find out more about the money that goes into the event make sure to check out our previous article!

Which Are The Top 5 Teams

Bet On World Cup Outright Winner

Based on the predictions, past events and global rankings here is our opinion on which are going to be the top 5 teams to bet on the upcoming World Cup.

#1: Germany

Germany has been smashing it the last years. They managed to dethrone Spain who has won 2 consecutive EURO tournaments and a World Cup. They were the winners of the last event back in 2014 where they defeated Argentina 1-0 in extra time by a goal from Gotze in the 113th minute.

They are currently considered to be the most powerful national team in the world. They are the favorites of the upcoming tournament and all the odds are in their favor.

When it comes to the odds they always come first when it comes to betting on the World Cup 2018. Betfair offers them a pretty nice 6.00 which is also the highest offered out of all the other bookmakers’ odds.

#2: Brazil

The Brazilians are in the number one spot when it comes to how many World Cup championships each of the teams have. They have 5 and second is Germany and Italy each with 4.

Last time they won was back in 2002 when they were in the best shape they have been in the last 25 years. Now, after an absence of 16 years, they are back to get one more win.

Take a look at their squad and you will understand why they come second in the odds. Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Casemiro, Dani Alves, Ederson, and the list goes on and on with many more top class talented players.

Brazil’s odds are almost identical to those of Germany. Usually the same and sometimes smaller. The best odd on them is offered by none other than the renowned Bet Victor which has assigned them a 6.50.

If you don’t know who to bet on World Cup outright winner option then Germany and Brazil are your go-to standard options. Make sure to keep reading to find out more through our informative insights.

#3: France

The same thing we said about Brazil’s squad can be said about that of France. Lloris, Koscielny, Pogba, Griezmann, Mbappe, Giroud, Lacazette, and many more great individuals.

France has appeared in the finals two times and won 1 of them. It is about time they make a comeback and judging from how well they have been doing in their last matches.

It is guaranteed that they will reach the stage of 8 and probably even the final 4. They are one of our personal favorites as we strongly believe they will win this time.

When it comes to the predictions, France is currently clearly in the third place.

Even though they have won the event only one time this year their team is believed to be one of the best. The best offer on them comes from Betfair which has given the French a 7.00 odd!

#4: Belgium

This came as a surprise to us as much as it did to you. They were great in the EURO 2016 and have been on a win streak over their qualifying games as they didn’t lose even once and got a draw 1 time. Everything else was win after win and with many goals scored.

With Courtois in front of the goal post and players like Fellaini in the mid and Lukaku in the offense, there is a good chance they will be one of the top teams even though they are 6th in the predictions.

Belgium isn’t so high in the predictions and we strongly disagree. We believe they are going to ace this competition and be one of the 4 finalists.

The best odd is offered by both Bet365 and William Hill which have assigned them a 13.00. Bad luck number but let’s try not to think about that very much.

#5: Portugal

The EURO 2016 winners seem to have no rest. Judging from their amazing statistics over the last 10 qualifying games, they are easily going to be in the final 8 teams of the event.

Apart from their star, Cristiano Ronaldo, their squad is composed of other top players such as Pepe, Nani, Quaresma, Moutinho, Carvalho, Bruno Alves and many more.

To be honest, a team that just one year ago won the biggest European tournament, meaning the EURO, shouldn’t be in the 8th place in the predictions list.

The best odd on them is 29.00 and is offered by one of the best British bookmakers in the online Sportsbetting industry, William Hill!

Here is a list of all the 32 finalists and the odds currently assigned to them by three of the top bookmakers in the world;

  • Bet365,
  • William Hill and
  • Betfair.

Team Bet

TeamBet365William HillBetfair
Costa Rica501.00251.00301.00
Korea Rep.751.00501.00501.00
Saudi Arabia1001.001001.001001.00

You may have noticed that Spain and Argentina are very high in the odds but we didn’t include them on our previous list.

The reason for that is that they have been doing terrible in the last games they’ve played and if they don’t get any better they will probably not be mentioned in our upcoming articles about the World Cup 2018 either.

You can also bet on some pretty good special bets available at the time like who is going to be the top Goalscorer or the finalists.

As soon as more of those special betting opportunities arise feel free to check back on our site as we will be publishing a piece regarding those alone.

Furthermore, William Hill and Betfair, as well as Betfair's Exchange site, offer some pretty good promotions that can actually be used in the World Cup betting.

Make sure to check them out in order to maximize your winnings. Hurry up and use them. You can always thank us later!

If you are based in the US go on ahead and check out the Sportsbook of Bovada as they offer some of the best odds when it comes to US-accepting online Sportsbooks and casinos!

betting markets for the fifa world cup 2018


Money is power and if you have the power you can rule the world. It’s true that money doesn't necessarily bring happiness but they certainly can help you achieve it.

So don’t lose any more time. Just pick one of the bookmakers mentioned in the article and start gambling.

Just remember to check back on our site as we will be covering the event ever more analytically.

At the time the best chance of making money is to bet on World Cup outright winner. So go do that right now before those amazing odds change.

Good luck!

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