10 Betting Bonuses For World Cup 2018

November 21, 2017 9 min to read

Who do you think is the best football player in the world? Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Neymar Jr?

Well, no matter which one is your favourite all of them are going to be part of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The event will take place in Russia starting June 14 and ending July 15.

A big part of this event is the betting process so today after doing our extensive research we came up with the definitive list of the top 10 betting bonuses for World Cup 2018 if you’re looking for a free bet on the World Cup.

Apart from the bonuses, we are also going to provide you with the odds each bookmaker offers.

The 10 bookmakers mentioned:

  1. William Hill
  2. Betfred
  3. Coral
  4. Betvictor
  5. Betfair
  6. Dafabet
  7. 888sports
  8. Bwin
  9. Leo Vegas
  10. Betbright

Betting Bonuses For World Cup 2018 

What Is The FIFA World Cup?

It is the biggest football event in existence and it takes place once every four years in the summertime.

Over 250 nations from all over the world belonging to 6 different confederations fight each other for a place in the top 32 teams to join the event.

Only one team is granted a place in the event and that is the host, in our case Russia.

In the first stage of the tournament 8 groups of 4 teams each, are created.

Each of the teams in the groups has to face the other three teams only once.

The top two teams in each group are then promoted to the stage of 16.

After that is all single knock-out matches up until the final couple’s game where the team that wins also wins the World Cup.

Each time the World Cup is on, betting companies are having a blast simply due to the number of people that throw their money on irrational bets.

You are not like them and even if you are then reading this article should help you make the right choices and then you will be the one laughing in the bookmakers’ face.

Bonuses From Bookmakers For The World Cup 2018

Keep in mind that this article is mostly dedicated towards the offers and promotions of each online bookmaker.

Even though we may list the odds offered most times we will not go into further details regarding them.

1. William Hill: Get Awarded 30£ In Free Bets

What does the oldest bookmaker in this list have to offer apart of its great reputation?

The British bookmaker offers:

  • Germany: 4.50 
  • Brazil: 4.50 
  • France: 5.50
  • Spain: 6.00
  • Argentina: 9.00

There is a pretty sweet betting bonus active on William Hill.

When you sign-up on their platform and place a bet of 10£ or more you will be awarded 30£ in free bets which you can use on the World Cup.

However, there is one rule you should follow in order for the bonus to kick in.

The team you bet on must have an odd of at least 1.50.

Because of that, they offer one of top betting bonuses for World Cup 2018.

Claim Your William Hill Sign Up Bonus Here

Betting Bonuses For World Cup 2018

2. Betfred: 30£ In Free Bets AND Another 30£ For Their Casino

This is one of those few online bookmakers that offer betting options on every single thing you can imagine, perfect for betting offers on the World Cup.

Ranging from television show winners to dart championships.

Of course, they cover the World Cup as well.

  • Brazil: 4.50
  • Germany: 4.50
  • France: 5.50
  • Spain: 6.50  
  • Argentina: 9.00

When you place your first bet of 10£ or more on Betfred on a minimum odd of 2.00 you will be awarded 30£ in free bets and another 30£ that you can use in their casino.

The only thing you have to remember is that in order for the offer to apply the total stake must be at least 10£.

Find out more about  Betfred here>>

3. Coral: Three 10£ Free Bets & Another Casino Bonus

This online bookmaker doesn’t appear often on our list but because of their excellent bonus, we decided to include them this time.

The odds from Coral are as stands:

  • Germany: 4.5
  • Brazil: 4.5
  • France: 6.0
  • Spain: 6.0
  • Argentina: 9.0

When you place your first 10£ or more bet you will get three 10£ free bets from Coral.

In order for these to apply, you should bet at odds of at least 1.50.

Find out more about Coral here>>

4. Betvictor: Free Bets & Casino Bonus

A name synonymous with the word “quality” when it comes to online sports betting.

As it was expected their odds for the World Cup 2018 are excellent.

  • Germany: 4.5
  • Brazil: 4.5
  • France: 6.0
  • Spain: 6.0
  • Argentina: 9.0

Betvictor have a betting offer on the World Cup where you can bet 10£ at odds of 2.00 or greater and you will get three 10£ free bets and another 10£ casino bonus.

You can also have at least five selections on your bet and if only one leg loses then you will be refunded the stake you placed.

Find out more about BetVictor here>>

5. Betfair: 20£ In Free Bets

Just like their little sister, Betfair Exchange, they offer both great odds and amazing bonuses.

  • Brazil: 5.5
  • Germany: 5.5
  • France: 7.0
  • Spain: 6.5
  • Argentina: 10.00

Place five 10£ or more bets on at least 1.50 odds and you will get 20£ in free bets, perfect to use on the World Cup,  but this isn’t the best part of the offer.

You can actually do this five times for a grand total of up to 100£ in free bets.

This is why they offer one of the top betting bonuses for World Cup 2018.

Claim Your Betfair Sign Up Bonus Here

6. Dafabet: Lose And Get Refunded

You may know them as the main sponsor of many football teams such as Celtic, Burnley, Sunderland, Blackburn, and Leicester City.

They were also the main sponsor of the Wales football league as of a few months ago.

Dafabet offer:

  • Germany: 5.50
  • Brazil: 5.50
  • France: 7.0
  • Spain: 7.0
  • Argentina: 8.50

As for how their bonuses go, you can place the first bet of at least 5£ on minimum 1.50 odds and if it loses they will refund you up to 30£ in the form of a free bet, ideal to use on the World Cup.

Find out more about Dafabet here>>

7. 888sports: Top Betting Bonuses

The 888 family has always brought great odds and bonuses to us may that be in their casino, Poker, or Sportsbook platform.

Regarding the World Cup 2018, odds are still pretty excellent.

888sports’s betting offer on the World Cup:

  • Brazil: 5.00
  • Germany: 6.00
  • Spain: 7.00
  • France: 8.00
  • Argentina: 12.00

They also offer countless special bets like who is going to be the top scorer of the tournament.

The top three in that option is Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Neymar Jr (Brazil) both with an 8.00 odd followed by Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) who has been assigned an odd of 10.00.

As for how their offers, you can deposit and bet a minimum of 10£ on 1.50 or greater odds and you will get 30£ in free bets to use on the World Cup (20£ free bet and 10£ free mobile bet) as well as another 10£ as a casino bonus.

This is why they offer one of the top betting bonuses for World Cup 2018.

Find out more about 888sports here>>

8. Bwin: 100% Match Bonus

They have always offered their users some pretty great odds no matter the event they wanted to bet on.

On the World Cup front, they offer:

  • Brazil: 5.00
  • Germany: 5.50
  • Spain: 7.00
  • France: 7.50
  • Argentina: 10.00

When you register on the site you will get a 100% match bonus up to 20£.

In order to keep it, you just have to wager it five times at minimum odds of 1.70.

There is also another bonus that lets you place as many bets of 2 or more selection on minimum odds of 1.50 and you can get a free bet up to 50£ at the end of the day.

The amount depends on how much you bet.

Find out more about Bwin here>>

Betting Bonuses For World Cup 2018

9. Leo Vegas: TWO 100% Profit Boosts

This one may be known for their casino but they do indeed feature a pretty amazing Sportsbook as well.

  • Brazil: 5.00
  • Germany: 6.00
  • Spain: 7.00
  • France: 8.00
  • Argentina: 12.00

When it comes to the bonus, Leo Vegas will give you not one, but two 100% profit boosts.

However, the odds and minimum/maximum bets are too many and are affected by many factors so you can check them on your own for your better understanding and style of play.

Claim Your Leo Vegas Bonus Here

10. Betbright: 100% Match Bonus Up To 100£

This is another online bookmaker that you don’t usually see on our lists.

However, their bonuses at the time and the great betting odds they offer on the World Cup have granted them a worthy place in this article’s list.

Betbright offer:

  • Germany: 4.5
  • Brazil: 4.5
  • France: 5.5
  • Spain: 6.0
  • Argentina: 9.0

Make a minimum deposit of 10£ and you will get a first deposit 100% match bonus up to 100£.

You have to wager it 4 times at minimum odds of 1.80 before you can withdraw it.

There is also another offer.

Place a bet on 5 or more selections and if one leg losses you will be refunded up to 100£ depending on your stake.

This is a mobile-only bonus that can be used on their dedicated Android or iOS app and the total odds of all the selections must be at least 7.00.

Claim Your BetBright Bonus Here


We hope you enjoyed our article and found it both informational and useful.

All of the online bookmakers mentioned in it are great options if you’re looking for a free bet on the world cup and you really can’t go wrong regardless of which one you pick.

The best possible thing you could do is to bet on multiple betting offers for the World Cup to make your possible free winnings through the free bets and bonuses even more.

Learn more about some of the top online bookmakers here>>

These are the best 10 betting bonuses for World Cup 2018 we could find and we wish you that the team you bet on ends up winning the big football tournament of 2018.

Make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest World Cup news and other sports events on our site or continue the conversation here.

Good luck on your FIFA World Cup 2018 betting adventures!

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