Breeders Cup 2017: World Championship

September 8, 2017 5 min to read

Every sport ends the year on a high, that wraps up the season in the perfect way. For example in tennis this is the US Open, for football, it’s the Premier League whilst for horse racing, it’s the Breeder’s Cup.

The Breeder’s Cup is the ultimate thoroughbred horse race that is known worldwide and yields over $6 million each year.

The race is 1 1⁄4 miles (2,000 m) long and hails in the top international thoroughbred horses year after year. The race is eligible to horses that are 3 years old or older and is limited to 14 horses on the starting line.

Seven of the starters are automatically signed up after qualifying through the Breeders’ Cup Challenge series.

In this article, we will go over all the things you need to know about the Breeders Cup 2017 and where you can place a bet.

Punters who have never bet on horses before might not know that it is the sports that make most money. Punters who have experience in horse racing know that making money on horse racing requires the right horse betting strategies but is worth the effort.

breeders cup 2017

The Breeder’s Cup Classic

The Breeder’s Cup Classic forms part of the Breeders’ Cup World Championship and will be taking place on the 3rd of November, 2017.

The race takes place in the United States and for this year's edition, it will take place Del Mar Thoroughbred Club racetrack in California.

The distance of the race is 1 1⁄4 miles on a dirt track.

The Breeder’s Cup Classic is often associated with the premium thoroughbred horse race of the year although the Kentucky Derby that gets more attention.

However, the Kentucky Derby is known more amongst the casual punting fans, whilst the Breeder’s Cup Classic is where the real money is, as any pro punter will tell you.

This race was once the richest horse race in the world, although today it has been surpassed the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe and the Dubai World Cup.

It’s interesting to note that the winner of the Breeder’s Cup Classic often goes on to win the U.S Horse of the Year honours.

The Breeder’s Cup Classic is known as the fourth leg of the horse racing Grand Slam:

  1. The Kentucky Derby,
  2. Preakness Stakes
  3. Belmont Stakes
  4. Breeder’s Cup Classic

How To Predict The Breeder’s Cup Classic Outcome?

This is a high-quality horse racing event and for this reason, it may be hard to predict the outcome. Consider this the World Cup of horse racing, all of the best horse and jockeys after the same title.

Although it is hard to predict the winner, it adds up to be a fantastic betting opportunity for punters looking to increase their betting bankroll.

What all of this in mind, we remind punters to keep an eye out for the underdog which always proves to be even more profitable than the favoured horse.

One example is the victory of Arcangues back in 1993, an underdog who caused took the Breeder’s Cup Classic by storm. His $269.20 payoff for a $2 wager remains a Breeders' Cup record.

breeders cup 2017

Breeders’ Cup Betting

This is a horse racing event a punter would be unfortunate to miss out on. This is one of the richest and exciting sports events of the year.

What makes the Breeder’s Cup Classic even more attractive is that, since this is the last horse racing event of the ‘Grand Slam’, is that it sees fans from Europe as well as the USA.

They come together to watch the fastest and most prestigious horses race the 2000m track. The race also holds one of the largest purses in the sport making it the optimum betting opportunity for horseplayers.

Best Bookmakers For The the Breeder’s Cup Classic

Now that you have a better idea of what the Breeder’s Cup Classic is, the next step is to find the right bookmaker to place your bet.

Through our own personal experience, we have learnt that allocating some of your time to finding the best bookmaker for you will pay twice over in the future.

Think of your bookmaker like you would think of your bank. An institution that you trust almost blindly with your money. Just like a bank, the bookmaker must have the best interest at heart.

A bookmaker must also make your money work for you in high value betting markets with competitive odds.

When it comes to horse racing, in particular, the betting markets are profitable when the right horse betting strategies are employed.

Here at Alpha Sports Betting have rounded up 3 of the best bookmakers for the Breeder’s Cup Classic 2017.

1. Bet365

The house hold name in betting, Bet365 has efficiently dominated all areas that makes a bookmaker. From a mobile app, to live betting and reliable customer service Bet365 have checked off every need on a punters list.

For the Breeder’s Cup Classic Bet365 have one betting market for the outright winner and the odds are:

  • Gun Runner: 2.62
  • Arrogate: 4.50
  • Collected: 7.50
  • West Coast: 9.00
  • Classic Empire: 17:00

breeders cup 2017

2. William Hill

The second bookmaker that is offering high-value odds for the Breeder’s Cup Classic is William Hill.

Arguably the founding bookmakers in the betting industry, William Hill is the go-to bookmaker when it comes to most sports, especially horse racing.

These are the odds for the Breeder’s Cup Classic at William Hill:

  • Gun Runner: 2.75
  • Arrogate: 3.75
  • Collected: 7.50
  • West Coast: 9.00
  • Good Samaritan: 21:00

3. Betfair

The final bookmaker is no other than Betfair.

A bookmaker that strikes the perfect balance of traditional bookmaker features and modern betting technology. Betfair has a bountiful sportsbook and offer odds on traditional sports like the Breeder’s Cup Classic and also on special markets like politics.

For the Breeder’s Cup Classic the odds at Betfair are:

  • Frosted: 1.02
  • Mastery: 1,02
  • Gun Runner: 2.76
  • Arrogate: 3.55
  • Collected: 8.65
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