Chelsea vs Arsenal Betting Odds: September 17th 2017

September 15, 2017 3 min to read

This Sunday Chelsea will be hungry to grab their fourth straight win against the other world class team – Arsenal.

One of the most anticipated matches in this year’s Premier League, Chelsea Vs Arsenal will dictate how the future of both teams will look for the rest of football league.

When Is Chelsea Vs Arsenal?

The match between Chelsea who won their last five home Premier League matches against Arsenal will take place on Sunday 17th, September 2017.

The Premier League encounter will take place at Stamford Bridge, anyone watching from home can tune in from 1.30pm.

Latest Team News: Chelsea Vs Arsenal

This is an important match for both teams in the Premier League since Chelsea have given Arsenal a run for their money. This is a league that they’ve dominated over the past few years and not ready to stop anytime soon.

The Blues have won the past five home games in this year against Arsenal.

On the other side of the pitch, Arsenal should they concede will have recorded the longest run of away matches without a clean sheet against one opponent within the Premier League.

The Chelsea Vs Arsenal match on the Sunday 17th September will mark the club managers, Arsene Wenger 59th match against Chelsea.

Arsene Wenger has been the manager of Arsenal football club since 1996 and this is the most matches any Arsenal manager has faced since.

Arsenal will go to Stamford Bridge this Sunday and fans will remember that the team has failed to score a win since Robin van Persie in 2011.

Chelsea goes into to the match on Sunday with no new injury concerns for the Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte.

The opposing team Arsenal, on the other hand, will continue to play without Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla.

Also, Jack Wilshere will in most cases be on the bench and joined by Calum Chambers after his recent groin strain.

Arsenal will need to prove themselves this Sunday against Chelsea as they have lost the first two Premier League games of the season, 0-4 Vs Liverpool and 0-1 Vs Stoke.


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Where Can You Bet On Chelsea Vs Arsenal?

All football enthusiasts alike will disagree on which team to support based on personal preferences.

But what they will definitely agree on is that this is the perfect opportunity to place a bet on the Chelsea Vs Arsenal match.

No matter who you support, on Sunday 17th September you can be sure that all eyes will be on these two teams.

With this mind, it might be even more exciting if you placed a bet on the Chelsea Vs Arsenal match since this is a football games that will hardly disappoint.

UK’s leading bookmaker, William Hill has over 200 markets for this match alone, so rest assured that you will find at least one market to match your betting style.

For the 90 minute game, these are the odds for the outright winner at William Hill:

Chelsea: 1.75
Arsenal: 4.50
Draw: 3.75

For more available betting options, use the button below.

BET Chelsea vs Arsenal

Last Comment

As you can tell from the odds at William Hill, Chelsea is more favoured to take home another win this Sunday at Stamford Bridge, London.

The Sunday Chelsea Vs Arsenal match will prove to be nothing short of entertaining for all football fans and the ideal market to place your money on.

You can also use football prediction tools to help make your betting decision that little bit easier !

What’s more is the both teams have a long standing history on the pitch, making the victory just that little bit sweeter.

Place a bet on Sunday’s match and tune in after 1:30 pm to see what the faith of both teams, Chelsea and Arsenal stands to be in this years season of the Premier League.

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