Conor McGregor Analysis: Pre-Mayweather Fight

June 29, 2017 5 min to read

This August, Floyd Mayweather will take a short break from his retirement to fight against the young UFC star Conor McGregor.

This has got to be one of the most highly anticipated fights in recent history. This fight will feature two of the highest paid fighters in boxing as well as two top-selling fighters worldwide.

The two fighters recently announced that they actually challenge one another in the ring, rather than through twitter. This has sent a shock wave around the world for all boxing fans and punters alike.

Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated champion boxer. Whilst Conor McGregor has never competed in the field of boxing but rose to fame from the MMA.

It’s for this reason that many are eager to watch this fight unfold. Will the overnight success story of the Irish MMA fighter stand a chance against a pro boxer?

Well, the truth is that no one is certain.

We’ve decided here at Alpha Sports Betting to do our Conor McGregor analysis ahead of his Mayweather fight.

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Conor McGregor Boxer Profile

Age: 27

Born: Dublin, Ireland

Title: UFC featherweight champion

Nicknames: Notorious, Mystic Mac

Early years: Just four years ago McGregor was picking up a dole cheque and has worked as a trainee plumber

Famous fight: McGregor defeated José Aldo, one of the greatest pound for pound mixed martial artists, in December 2015 to win the UFC featherweight title. Aldo had not been beaten for 10 years and McGregor knocked the Brazilian out in 13 seconds.

Networth : McGregor is one of the highest earning MMA fighters, and earned an estimated $10m fighting American Nate Diaz, even though he lost. His networth is $35 million.

Weight: A featherweight champion, McGregor was stepping up two weight divisions – 25 lbs – to welterweight in order to face Nate Diaz. In retrospect, it was a step too far.

Method: McGregor trains under movement specialist Ido Portal and goes through almost yogic movements in his training.

Irish icon: McGregor has become a huge star in Ireland, for the younger generation, with sharp suits, a hipster beard and inspirational speeches. Yet he is a polarising figure amongst fans in the sport of mixed martial arts.

What Are McGregor’s Fighting Techniques ?

What we need to firstly understand is that, there is no wrong or right style in a sport like boxing.

As for Mixed Martial Arts, there is no one way to train for these kinds of fights. This is the beauty of the sport, that each fighter brings something new to the fight every time.

MMA allows fighters more flexibility within the fight, whilst boxing in the ring is has it’s own rules to abide by. McGregor must quickly latch on to boxing rules and apply his own winning style to the ring.

Conor is a very effective out-fighter, centered around his left hand & effective kicking.

Conor McGregor is a force to be reckoned with in any case. He is powerful and fast and he once commented that, ‘precision beats power and timing beats speed’.

McGregor has stunned the MMA community with his swift movements and fluid drills, whilst maintaining full control over his body and also his competitors.

The Irish superstar has been said to be efficient,smart and often more mobile than other fighters. Setting him apart from other MMA fighters who have failed to fully develop their own fighting style.

It is abundantly clear that Conor McGregor’s main fighting tactic is : Control. After tearing his ACL back in 2013 in a fight against Max Holloway. McGregor learnt the hard way that controlling every element of his body at all times is the only way he will be succeed.

“To be able to control someone with your own pressure and movements … that’s a science right there. To shut down another man’s body.”

What About His Movements ?

Well, McGregor has unique movement when he competes. He tends to move up and down and often his stance looks goofy. But in actual fact, this makes it hard for his opponent to read his next move.

It is rare that McGregor is static whilst fighting. He likes to he likes to bounce forward and backward on the fringe of his opponent's range, constantly toeing the invisible line between himself and his foe.

There is often a predictable rhythm to this bouncing. McGregor dips in and out of range, moving forward and backward like the pendulum of a clock. He does not move at maximum speed while he does this, instead settling into a comfortable tempo while he eyes the opponent and waits for a reaction.

This is all a ploy, of course. He eases into the rhythm of the fight and lets his opponent get comfortable with his jabs. He then changes the speed and breaks the rhythm. Catching his opponent off guard.

Conor McGregor is also well known for his signature move, the hop- step.

It is a move that works to the best of McGregor’s feather -light feet. It ironically, fits him like a glove.

conor mcgregor analysis

What Is His Biggest Strength ?

His mindset.

Yes his remarkable skills come in handy when fighting, no doubt about it. However, with the right mindset he can beat just about anyone.

The right mindset is what champions are made of. Both MMA and Boxing are grueling sports. They are not only taxing on your body but even more so on your mind.

This is why you see so many fighters pumping themselves up before a fight. You need to believe you are the best and that you can take down the person in front of you. Confidence is key.

McGregor is a pure animal.

He's very versatile. He throws lots of spinning kicks and flying knees. These mostly serve to disguise his left hand, but they do an effective job of doing so.

He's very fast. His punches, kicks and knees, his footwork and defensive movements all come with real speed.

Also, his chin is made of granite.

Final Words

The two fighters who will combat each other in one of the most viewed fights in history, both have a chance of winning.

How he will win the fight, is another story. This Conor McGregor analysis has revealed that, although he is an experienced MMA fighter, he has a lot to offer.

He is a strong fighter that employs precision and accuracy to every fight. He is young and still moulding himself, which makes him a fighter to surely keep an eye out for.

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