Formula 1 Betting Odds: The Available Markets

August 8, 2017 6 min to read

If the Major League Baseball (MLB) sits at the top of baseball leagues, the FIA Formula One World Championship, also known as Formula One, or F1 for short, is the pinnacle of Motorsport.

Formula One has been the premier motorsport competition for 66 years since the maiden season in 1950. During this period, legends, memories and records have been created. In the betting world, F1 racing isn’t as large a sport as MLB or the Premier League,

But any punter can find a plethora of markets available with most of our recommended bookmakers. This article will take a look at the odds as they stand today.

Formula One sees the world’s best single-seater drivers competing in the most technologically-advanced and fastest cars. Teams and drivers will race in twenty Grands Prix around the world for the World Drivers’ and World Constructors’ championship. Naturally, you will find markets for both.

The league kicked off in Australia on 26th March and will end in Abu Dhabi on the 26th of November 2017.

The reigning Drivers’ Champion Nico Rosberg announced his retirement from the sport in December 2016, which makes 2017 the first since 1994 in which the reigning champion did not compete.

Below, we’ll briefly look at the best bookmakers to bet on for the Formula 1, the markets that are available for the Formula 1, and the odds offered on them by the selected bookmakers.

When it comes to a sport like Formula 1, a sound understanding of how it works is important if you want to make profitable wagers. So, before you continue reading, you may want to read up about how the Formula 1 works, and learn a bit about the tournament.

Formula 1 Betting Odds

Markets Available For The Formula 1

Different bookmakers offer a number of markets for those who wish to bet on the Formula One. The main market for Formula One consists of outrights. Outrights, or futures, are bets placed over the course of a whole season rather than an individual event.

Because of Formula One’s ever-changing form, pace, and confidence outright pop up both before it actually starts and throughout the campaign.

F1 Drivers Championship Odds

Punters can place a stake on which driver they believe will win the 2017 Drivers’ Championship. This is awarded to the driver who accumulates the most points for race finishes throughout the course of the season.

This market is offered by most bookmakers out there. Based on our previous reviews, we suggest you look at these bookmakers:











The odds on Bet365 for the top 3 to win are:

Lewis Hamilton- 0.73

Sebastian Vettel- 1.67

Valtteri Bottas -20.0

Although most of the other bookmakers listed above are offering the same odds, some vary slightly, so check each. Read up about commission rates to understand how to identify the odds that will yield the highest profits.

Formula 1 Betting Odds

F1 Constructors' Championship Odds

You can also bet on the 2016 Constructors' Championship.

This award is given to the team that finishes the season with the most accumulated points. While the award above is given specifically to a driver, this is given to a team, along with their two drivers. Bets on which team will win are very popular, so you will find this market on any of our recommended bookmakers.

The odds, as offered by William Hill, are:

  • Mercedes- 1.11
  • Ferrari-  6.00

Mercedes is clearly the favoured team to win here. If you looked at statistics, did your research, and strongly believe Ferrari can win, bet against the line.

Careful, the bookmakers tend to be right. If you won’t be betting on Ferrari, we’d suggest not betting on this market as its returns will be low.

F1 Any Race Podium Finish Odds

It isn’t as popular a market as the above outrights.

This market gives punters the chance to bet on any driver to win a race in 2016, and also to finish on the podium. Should the driver selected either finish any race first in the standings or cross the line in the top-three positions, the better will successfully win their bet.

Right now, the only bookmaker who is offering this market is

The odds, according to their sportsbook, are:

  • Mercedes -2.05
  • Ferrari- 3.25
  • Any other team- 3.00
  • Red Bull- 11.00

Because the odds aren’t heavily stacked on just one team, this is where we suggest you apply your knowledge and research.

Formula 1 Betting Odds

Driver vs Driver Match Bets

What distinguishes the F1 from most other sports leagues is that, unlike other sports, all competitors face each other at the same time.

There are no 1vs1 individual matches. The track sees a large number of drivers racing one another concurrently. However, punters and bookies are creative.

This market allows you to place a stake on inter-team rivalries. In this format, the punter is given two options: Driver A or Driver B. The outcome will be decided by whichever driver finishes higher in the official Formula One standings at the end of the 2016 season.

Skybet offers a plenty of markets on different matches.

F1 Race Winner Odds

One of the most popular markets. The race winner in Formula One goes to the driver who crosses the finish line after the prescribed number of laps in the fastest time.

Markets on the race winner of the Belgian GP can be found on sportsbooks in our list.

The Belgian race track is the most famous Grand Prix in the formula 1 league, and there a lot of markets on this particular track:

  • Lewis Hamilton -1.83
  • Sebastian Vettel 4.50
  • Valtteri Bottas 5.50

Formula 1 Betting Odds

Pole Position Odds

The Pole position is decided on Saturday afternoon before race day.

The drivers are given one hour to set their best one-lap time in order to escape elimination. The F1 Qualifying rules state that the driver who finishes this season with the fastest time is awarded the pole position. The pole position is the first place on the grid at the start of a race. On certain tracks, this position gives a significant advantage.

The odds on BetStars are:

  • Lewis Hamilton- 1.53
  • Valtteri Bottas- 3.50
  • Sebastian Vettel -4.00

Top 3 Finish

As per formula one tradition, the top-three finishers get to celebrate with champagne, a points haul, and a trophy.

You can bet on any driver on the grid to achieve a podium finish, with the less likely drivers handed longer odds compared to the more traditional frontrunners.


We hope this gave you a clear indication of who the Formula 1 betting odds favour. But, the majority aren’t always right.

This is the part where you look at past records, assess each team, and try to find a market where the majority may have it wrong.

This will be your opportunity to find a value bet.

One last tip:

When looking at which bookmakers you want, do not base your decision just on the ones with the long odds. Yes, commission rates are an important factor, but you should also base your decision on the functionalities a bookie offers.

So, look at their live betting platform at their customer service, their liquidity, and their reputation, then makes an informed decision.


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