6 Horse Racing Betting Tips To Keep In Mind Placing A Bet

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Horse racing as a sport has been growing in popularity since it first started hundred of years ago. It is a thrilling sport to watch as its fast paced momentum and unpredictability means anything can happen in a short time period.

In all topics that are popular, individuals enjoy making predictions to sound like an expert on the topic. This common occurrence has proven to be a situation where a lot of money can be made. This has happened in the form of sports betting.

Horse racing has grown to be synonymous with sports betting, with over $100 billion wagered every year. The nature of the sport is tailored for betting as it is a short, exciting and a superbly unpredictable event.

Although masses of people place their bets on races on a regular basis, the vast majority of these punters lose their stakes. This has made horse racing hugely profitable for sports bookmakers.

The reason for this is that majority of punters bet on their gut feeling alone without any proper strategy which is necessary to achieve consistent profits.

The Alpha Team have decided to prepare must-know 6 horse racing betting tips to provide a foundation to your betting activity.

6 Horse Racing Betting Tips By #TeamAlpha

horse racing betting tips

Before You Start Betting, Know Your Options

In horse racing, there is a lot of betting terms and options that are unique and specifically made for the sport itself. If you do not know what a Superfecta is, then you shouldn’t be thinking of placing a bet anytime.

Many punters get sucked into the excitement and hype that comes with the scene of horse racing and feel urged to place a stake to get involved in the sport.

Today, there are many blogs and forums that offer in-depth explanation on all the terms and options that are involved in horse racing. Use these sites to educate yourself and put yourself in a position to take advantage of all the bookmakers have to offer.

Ignore Boxes And Wheels

For those of you who have not followed the first tip and have not done research on certain horse racing betting terms, Boxes and Wheels are bet types that allow punters to combine multiple bets on a single betting slip.

From personal experience, Boxes and Wheels bets are a waste of time. Although they may look the most exciting to play as the offer the highest potential winnings, you have to be practical and realise they offer the highest odds due to it being the least likely to happen.

Horse racing is an extremely unpredictable sport therefore it already challenging to get a single prediction right, let alone multiple predictions.

Learn how to enjoy small wins and slowly accumulate your resources in your betting account.

Do Not Let Hype Decide Your Bet

With all sports, a mainstream opinion will form on who is favourite for a certain sporting event. This happens in horse racing, where in each race there always tends to be around 2 horses that are strong favourites to win the race.

Although strong favourites are regularly set, history has proven that upsets are just as possible to happen. Use this fact to teach yourself to look past the set favourites and do your research on the other horses to discover profitable opportunities.

Use Multiple Bookmakers

All this profitable potential in the sports betting market has created fierce competition amongst bookmakers.

This has proven to be a great thing for punters as it forces bookmakers to constantly come up with new ways to provide value to consumers to convince them to register an account on their website.

Each bookmaker have their own approach which means each bookmaker has its own specific strengths.

Creating multiple accounts with several bookmakers allows yourself to take advantage of the different opportunities on the market that sports bookmakers have to offer.

Become knowledgable in which bookmakers tend to offer certain type of value to put yourself in a position to maximise your profits.

You can see all our sports betting reviews here.

Do Extensive Research On All Horses

Becoming knowledgeable in areas such as recent schedules, racing style, traits and win record puts you in a position to make insightful decisions.

Horses that have recently had a more intensive schedule tend to be in better shape than ones who have had a long lay-off, so looking into this is more than beneficial for punters.

Certain horses are suited to different type of tracks than others. Studying the patterns in which type of horses tend to thrive in which type of track will help you predict potential upsets.

Forms plays a significant role in horse racing, with a strong correlation between recent winners and the eventual winner. Look into this and reap the benefits in profits.

Study The Trainers

Learning about the horse’s trainer will be hugely beneficial in the long-term for your betting activity.

Each trainer has different success rates, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. Therefore each race may be more favourable to certain trainers than others.

There is a strong link between winners and experienced trainers, with rookie winners hardly ever occurring. Therefore looking into a trainer’s success record will be of benefit to your chances of earning profits.

Final Words

These are the Alpha Sports Betting team’s must know 6 horse racing betting tips that will provide a platform from which you may spring your betting venture into action.

Although there is no golden tip that is going to secure regular profits, the combination of these 6 bets will drastically improve your chances.

Betting is a skill and like all skills, requires time to master. Use the failures as lessons and apply the information gained to your next bet. Keep this mindset and you will be successful.

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