Best-Kept Horse Racing Secrets

July 9, 2018 10 min to read

Back when we first started betting online we wouldn’t think even in our wildest dreams that one of the most profitable sports to wager on would be Horse Racing.

However, the odds are way high, even those offered to the favourites, and no one could pass the opportunity to easily make some extra money, right?

This is why in today’s article we would like to tackle this exact sport and how you can win when betting on it.

There are countless horse racing secrets you can find on the Internet but if you read our list we can guarantee that you will see your betting profits skyrocket!

horse betting secrets

Horse Racing Secrets

So what exactly do we mean by “Secrets”? We believe is awaited that we aren’t referring to how you can actually win a horse race yourself.

No, of course not! We are talking about the different tactics and insights you ought to use in order to maximize your chances of winning a bet.

So without any further delays let’s jump right into the action!

1. The Dutching Formula

If that rings a bell is because you have probably heard of the term “Dutching” before.

It is a common betting system used in Horse racing and in various other sports as well.

But what most people aren’t aware of is that this specific sport is the most likely to pay out when using that tactic.

The Dutching Formula is a somewhat simple mathematical equation.

You pick at least 2 selections you want to bet on, decide how much total money you want to bet on.

Then you can figure out how much money you have to wager on each selection so that no matter which one wins you will always end up with the same exact profit.

Of course, this only works if one of your selection wins.

Don’t be scared by how the word “equation” sounds.

Just do a quick Google search for Dutching Formula calculator and you will come up with thousands of results.

Our personal favourite is the one provided completely for free by the site of Oddschecker.

You can input up to 12 selections and set their odds.

Then you just fill in how much you want to bet and voilà! Now you know exactly what you must bet on each selection and how big your possible profit will be should you win.

However, you shouldn’t get excited too soon as there is one more thing you should be aware of when using this Formula.

You can’t apply it to any selections you like.

For example, if you had three selections with odds of 3.50, 4.30, and 5.00 then yeah you would be good to go but if you had a 2.00, 3.40, and a 4.00 then it couldn’t apply as no matter which one of them won you would always be in a loss.

2. Favorites Don’t Always Win

This isn’t the NFL nor the NBA which means that the favourites will not be the winners almost always.

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In fact, you should know that the top 3 horses in the odds table win an average of only 1 out of 3 races.

Take for example the last 10 or so Melbourne Cups. The majority of those were won by a horse with odds no lower than 7.00.

The year 2015 a horse named Prince of Penzance came in first place and guess what his odds were. A freaking 101.00!

So now you know why you shouldn’t always bet on the top horses or the favourites.

The Melbourne Cup and various other major Horse races have been won by underdogs the majority of times.

So next time you want to bet on the “easy win” pick think again!

If you want to check out some of the biggest Horse races to take place in the UK in 2018 then you can check out our previous article on the matter.

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3. Lay Betting

Choosing who is going to win can be difficult and in most cases, it will take you a lot of time before you make your final decision.

But time is money and you can’t spend it reading analytics all day long. This is where lay betting comes in.

This betting system works based on a simple principle.

Instead of picking who you think is going to win you do the exact opposite.

Pick the loser that is.

Let us give you an example so you can understand it better.

You know how when you speak with your friends about an upcoming game you say something like “I bet they are going to lose” or “If that player doesn’t show up they will lose for sure”.

This is exactly what lay betting is.

You bet on what you think will NOT happen.

You should be aware though that you can’t use this system in the majority of online bookmaking sites but only in Exchanges like Betfair.

Betfair Exchange is known for its lay betting punters.

You take the role of the bookmaker and offer the other users of the site an odd on a specific betting option. If they take the bait and bet on it you are going to win money.

When it comes to horse racing lay betting can be extremely profitable but only if you know how to present “great” betting opportunities that work to your advantage.

Be careful though, because you will only win money if the other user loses the bet.

4. The Underdogs Tend To Win As Well

Previously we mentioned that only 1 out of 3 races are won by one of the top three horses.

This ratio changes drastically when you go a little further.

The underdogs, placed in position 4-10 tend to win way more games than the top 3 together.

In fact, the top 10 horses in the predictions and thus the odds table tend to win an average of 9 out of 10 races.

This means that if you use a betting system like the Dutching Formula in order to combine some of those horses your chances of winning are extremely high and because the odds will be high so will your profits.

You can also use that to your advantage even without betting on the top 10 favourites.

Lay betting, the system we previously mentioned, can prove to be very good and drive in loads of money for you especially if you are dealing with people who don’t know the statistics.

5. Check The Possible Bookmaking Options

This is one of the biggest horse racing secrets you can learn when starting out and is better getting to know it while it is still early in your betting journey.

Remember how we previously mentioned that the winner of the 2015 Melbourne Cup was a horse which had a 101.00 odd?

This was the odd provided by the official bookmakers and not the online ones.

The online sports bookmakers tend to offer better odds as they get way higher user bases than the offline ones. So the odds go higher as well.

In our personal experience, we believe that Leo Vegas always offer extremely high odds compared to the other big names in the industry.

If you want to bet and you live in the United States then you should give Bovada a try. 

You should also know that some online bookmakers tend to offer Virtual Games and Horse racing is often featured in such categories.

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William Hill virtual horse betting

6. Steer Away From Low League Races

Now, pay very close attention.

Low-level races tend to not get as much exposure as the high-level ones.

As a result, the statistics regarding the horses as well as the jockeys participating in such races are very few and unclear.

The odds may look good but this is just a trick bookmakers use to lure you in and make you bet money and thus most likely lose said money.

7. Horse-Jockey Relationship

The relationship between the horse and the jockey isn’t something that plays an important role only in the movies.

In reality, it is so vital that it has led horse-jockey couples all the way to not only wins but world records.

Makybe Diva and the jockey Glen Boss were the only couples that made it into becoming three-time consecutive Melbourne Cup winners back in the years 2003, 2004, and 2005.

Pay close attention to such relationships as they can prove to be one of the best insights to be aware of and can lead you to a very profitable bet.

8. Field Conditions

This can really help you out if you are a punter just starting out with horse races.

The field conditions such as how wet the turf is or of what material it is made of plays a big role in how each horse performs.

Some horses tend to do better on the hard turf while others perform great when running in tough weather conditions.

Countless are the times that the favourites fell sort because the underdogs knew how to control such bad weather conditions better than they did.

9. Pay Attention To The Recent Winners

If you check out the winning horses of the most horse racing events you will start noticing a specific pattern.

This is that the majority of such horses have had a winning streak or have been on a roll in their previous few races.

This has happened countless times and is one of the best horse racing secrets a beginner can learn.

It doesn’t have to be 5 wins in a row or something crazy good like that. Some horses may not have won a single race all year and win the last one before a major event.

Their chances of winning the event will be greater than the chances of a horse that hasn’t won a race for a couple of months or so.

Horse Racing Calendar 2018

10. Read More

Recently we published a piece on some of the best sports bettors you can follow on Twitter.

Even though most of them deal with NFL and NBA matters that doesn’t mean that there aren’t professional bettors out there interested in the Horse racing category so do some research and find out who these people may be.

Read and hear what they have to say very carefully as the experience of such individuals is significantly difficult to find elsewhere.

That being said, you should also constantly be on the lookout for extra information and insights on every little thing that may prove to play a role in how a horse race may unravel.

You can also check out these top books on sports betting for more insights.


After having read through the whole article you should now be ready to hit the online Sportsbooks and start placing some bets.

Keep in mind those 10 horse racing secrets that we discussed here and you should be on your way to win some serious money.

British Horse races are one of the biggest attractions in this specific sport so make sure to check out our previous article on the 2018 UK major upcoming horse races and get to reading.

To learn more about strategies and make sure you wager on the right horse and jockey, then this article is a must read.

Who knows? You may turn to be the next big winner like the person who won the 101.00 odd in the 2015 Melbourne Cup. Good luck & don't forget to sign up for our newsletter!

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