How Much Money Is Bet On the World Cup?

October 9, 2017 6 min to read

Ever wondered how much money is bet on the World Cup?

Football gambling is a gigantic and flourishing international industry that’s worth billions of pounds every year.

Betting on football is now a global phenomenon that’s continually rising in popularity.

In this article, let’s tackle the success and growth of sports betting, the risks that could come along with it, and some tips that can help both new and experienced bettors get a winning chance.

how much money is bet on the world cup

How Much Is The Sports Betting Industry Worth?

The existing estimation, including the legal and illegal markets combined, is said to be around $700bn to $1tn a year. Roughly 70% of this comes from gambling on football.

Roughly 70% of this comes from gambling on football.

Among the 55,000 matches covered by more than 350 global bookmarkers, the authorities detected 1% of fixtures.

It might sound like a meagre portion, but it still indicates that around 500 matches are probably illegally fixed.

More than 2,300 Operation Soga raids have been carried out to put a halt to these match-fixers.

They were able to seize more than $27m in cash and close down illegal betting hubs that handled over $2bn.

What Are People Betting On?

Betting in Asia is typically limited to a certain range, but there are many options legal in Europe.

Authorized bookies provide around 200 various markets on matches worldwide. On top of the traditional loss, win, and draw, you can freely bet on the first and last

On top of the traditional loss, win, and draw, you can freely bet on the first and last goalscorer, the half-time score, the correct score, the number of goals, and so on.

Some markets, however, are time-bound, offering odds on whether there could be a goal, corner, card, or penalty in the first 5 minutes of the game, for instance.

What Has Changed In Recent Years?

The advancement of the internet has made online betting access real quick and easy.

Various satellite TV channels and more coverage of live football games throughout the world boosted much interest and offered more opportunities.

Online football started gaining traction before 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000. Since then, online football betting has been a staple.

How To Bet On The World Cup

Despite the issue of match-fixing and the other risks involved, there’s no denying that trying out sports betting is still worth the shot.

You never know how lucrative something could get until you plunge in.

Before anything else, you need to understand the basic structure of the World Cup tournament.

It’s worth noting that the very first World Cup tournament was in Uruguay in the year 1930.

Since that event, the international tournament has already taken place every 4 years with a host country being selected years in advance.

The host country is also given a default spot in the tournament.

All other national teams should participate in the regional-based qualifying tournament first before the finals—with 32 teams finally winning and seizing a spot in the big tournament.

The World Cup qualifying teams are further divided into 8 groups of 4.

The split will be based on world rankings. 16 teams all in all will have the chance to proceed to the next round, and the victors get to still be in the running to win the World Cup.

What follows are the Quarter-finals for the 8 remaining team, semi-finals for the 4 winning teams, and the final game to hail for the ultimate world championship.

how much money is bet on the world cup

These are some of the steps that could enable you to start, if you haven’t yet, the right way.

If you are experienced already, you can still pick up some tips that you might not have considered before.

Understand Football Betting

At the basic level, you can bet on the winner or loser for each match.

You can also specifically bet on the first goal scorer, the final score, and so on.

There are many betting categories, so for more chances of winning, it’s best to place multiple outcome bets.

As for the World Cup betting, the eyes of the whole world are now on Brazil.

Decide Your Budget

How much can you afford to lose? Don’t easily get carried away by the hype.

Impose a budget on yourself to avoid a big financial trouble.

Get Betting Tips

Reading the latest news and opinions about the tournament is a must.

The World Cup is getting a lot of media coverage, so there’s no reason for you to miss an update.

Find A Reputable Online Sportsbook

Choose where to put your bet.

Choose the site or the shop with more options as it’s a sign of flexibility and, to some extent, reliability.

2018 Russia World Cup

So, if you’re ready to join the bandwagon of successful sports bettors, it’s time to prepare and start placing early bets for the 2018 Russian World Cup.

Everyone is basically excited to know how things will go.

Will Lionel Messi bring triumph to Argentina and outdo the notable Diego Maradona?

Will Brazil claim revenge after their 8-1 beating in the last tournament?

Will England finally go beyond the 1966 heroes?

These are just some of the many questions that usually sprout.

Whatever World Cup betting market you’re planning to jump in, you need to know how things are going to boost your chances of cashing out great profits.

Russia has beaten out a joint of the bid from Spain and Portugal to win the honour of hosting the event, which will happen in 10 to 12 stadiums—six of which are said to be brand new. The opening game will take place on June 14,

The opening game will take place on June 14, 2018, and the last game will be on July 15, 2018, in Moscow.

It’s going to be a month-long culmination after years of qualifying. Finally, the top 32 teams in the world take their ultimate fighting stance after years of anticipation.

Germany, the defending champion, is said to be the favourite to keep their title in Moscow.

The highlights of the 2018 World Cup will take place in the Luzhniki Stadium right inside Moscow’s walls, which was opened in 1956 and was also the venue for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

The Luzhniki Stadium is right at the heart of the 145-hectare Olympics Complex in Moscow. This is one of the biggest sports complexes across the globe.

This is where the Opening Match, the semifinals, and the Finals take place.

2018 World Cup Qualification Team Predictions

The FIFA World Cup remains to be one of the grandest events in the sporting calendar, especially in the field of sports betting.

The participants of the 2018 World Cup Qualification include Russia, Germany, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Portugal, New Zealand, along with the winners of the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations.

Below are the early betting odds for the upcoming 2018 World Cup at Bet365:

  • Argentina 7/1
  • Germany 5/1
  • Brazil 8/1
  • France 10/1
  • Spain 8/1
  • Netherlands 12/1
  • Italy 16/1
  • Belgium 16/1
  • England 20/1
  • Colombia 25/1
  • Russia 20/1
  • Chile 33/1
  • Portugal 25/1
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina 50/1
  • USA 33/1
  • Croatia 50/1
  • The Czech Republic 66/1
  • Uruguay 50/1
  • Mexico 66/1
  • Switzerland 66/1
  • Portland 66/1
  • Denmark 80/1
  • Ukraine 66/1
  • Sweden 80/1

how much money is bet on the world cup  

Final Thoughts

Be it the Premier League or the World Cup, sports fans generally love placing a bet or two.

This is the largest football competition in the world as you can see how much money is bet on the world cup.

You too can have your own say today and be part of the glory!


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