Joshua vs Miller: Who is More Likely to Win?

April 9, 2019 9 min to read

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joshua, a unified heavyweight champion and undefeated challenger Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller will meet each other in the ring and both parties have already promised to do damage. Joshua vs Miller fight will take place on the 1st of June 2019 at Madison Square Garden in New York. The location made boxing history before as names such as Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson entered the ring previously.

Since both boxers have gained a noteworthy status in the ring over the past few years, it is likely the fight will be a widely discussed one as well. The two have not met in the ring before, but have opposed each other at several press conferences at this point.

Obviously, we can’t make any promises on who will walk out of Madison Square Garden a winner on the 1st of June. However, we can give you a more clear idea of who has the best chance to do so when looking at the latest odds. Let’s take stock of the current Joshua Vs Miller betting odds and see who is more likely to victor on the 1st of June.

Who is the favorite?

In terms of experience, Miller seems to be in a more favorable position as he spent more years in training than his opponent while there is only a one year difference in age. Joshua started his professional boxing career at age 23, Miller did so when he barely turned 21.

Big Baby Miller has had an unbeaten record with 23 wins and only 1 draw out of 24 fights. Experts proclaim Millers engine to be incredible considering his size. In addition, Miller seems to have an advantage as well since it will be a home match for him and this is Joshua’s debut in the US ring. However, the odds show a completely different view…

In New York, Miller showed that he was able to provoke Joshua as he shoved him at the press conference. This caused the usual calm of Anthony Joshua to vanish as he pronounced his aim to ‘strip every ounce of spirit’ from his American opponent. He also promised to give him a ‘makeover’ in which he will ‘reconstruct his face and body’. The British champion concluded:

“Jarrell can't beat me, not even on his best day. In terms of promotion, I'm the champion, he's the challenger, this is the first time he's headlining a show. I'm the landlord, I'm collecting the rent.”

Anthony Joshua seems to be in a favorites position as far as the bettors are concerned.

Miller replied to Oddschecker about his inferior position and said it is mainly about popularity but is not necessarily about winning chances. To people betting on his opponent for the fight on the 1st of June he exclaimed:

“Fuck being favorite, I’m the best. I’m gonna come kick his ass, it’s going to be World War 3.”

The Big Baby predicted the fight with Joshua to be settled in “seven to eight rounds”.

American professional boxer Deontay Wilder recons Miller has a good chance. He feels that Joshua would have the upper hand in winning by knock out but that Miller would win by decision. Dillian Whyte, a professional British boxer, proclaimed in an interview with Behind The Gloves that Watford’s AJ will punch his opponent to bits as Miller is ‘a big cabbage’.

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis feels the press conference was mainly Miller who was trying to make a name for himself. Lewis said the upcoming fight will not really test Joshua.

Needless to say, the odds are in favor of Joshua winning the fight but we won’t know for sure until the 1st of June 2019. Let’s take a look at the current odds for several online bookmakers!

Joshua Vs Miller: Betting Odds


Bovada is a bookmaker for bettors living in the United States. Bovada is a premium bookmaker we can highly recommend. The company has a well-stocked sports book and the perfect place to place your bet for the upcoming battle.

The Bovada odds of who will win the fight are as following:

Anthony Joshua 1400
Jarrell Miller + 750

According to the odds, Anthony Joshua is expected to win. However, these aren’t the only bets you could make. Check out all the possibilities for the Joshua Vs Miller fight, here at Bovada!


LeoVegas is known as the king of mobile casinos and remote sports betting. It’s easy to bet on sports at staggering speed with their sportsbook. LeoVegas is another bookmaker that you can add to your list of places where you can bet on the upcoming battle. The LeoVegas odds for the Joshua Vs Miller fight are:

Anthony Joshua – 833

Jarrell Miller + 550

William Hill

This London based bookmaker is ideal for you as a punter to place your bets for the nearing Joshua Vs Miller fight. William Hill is one of the world’s leading betting and gaming companies and one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Anthony Joshua – 800

Jarrell Miller + 500

The game is on. The build-up to the 1st of June has started an will only continue to grow more intense and bets are being placed as we speak. Boxing fans from both sides are looking forward to an impressive fight, hopefully with a knockout. Whoever will win, the Joshua Vs Miller promises to turn out to be a spectacular fight in which it is probably worth it to place your bets!

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