Man City Vs Stoke Saturday 14th October 2017

October 5, 2017 2 min to read

Man City Vs Stoke Saturday 14th October 2017

Tune in for Man City Vs Stoke Saturday 14th October 2017.

The odds at Bet365 are:

Man Utd: 1.16
Draw: 7.50



When Is The Man City Vs Stoke Game?

The match between Man City and Stoke will take place on Saturday the 14th of October 2017.

Manchester City will host Stoke at the Etihad Stadium.

The match kicks off at 3 pm.

The referee for the match has been confirmed as Neil Swarbrick.

What To Expect from The Manchester City Vs Stoke Game

Manchester City has taken the Premier League world by storm this summer. Coach Pep Guardiola has forked out millions in transfers over the summer.

Pep Guardiola knew that he needed to revamp his team and introduce a younger set of players to the mix.

Manchester City failed to claim the Premier League title in the last couple of year and this was their aim for this year.

They have scored 26 goals in seven games and smashed Liverpool, Feyenoord and Watford.

Currently, Manchester City is at the top of the league table with a secure position in first place with 19 points.

Manchester Utd is drawn in points.

Stoke, on the other hand, are in the 13th position with Southampton right before them. Stoke have played a total of 6 games in the 2017/2018 Premier League till now.

The first game was a draw against West Brom and a few weeks later they came draw again against Man Utd.

Following these two draw matches, Stoke lost the next 3 matches against Newcastle, Bristol and Chelsea.

However, on the 6th Stoke match, they managed to finish off the match with a win against (2-1) against Southampton.

man city vs stoke saturday 14th october 2017

Predictions For The Man City Vs Southampton Game

Although it is still a bit early to predict the exact outcome of the Man City Vs Stoke game on Saturday 14th October 2017.

According to a few soccer prediction sites, Man City is the favourite team to win.

Man City have had a great track record in this year's Premier League so we can't say that we’re surprised.

Also, the odds at Bet365 for Man City Vs Liverpool are favoured towards Man City by a landslide. This means that bettors can benefit greatly from this game.

With the chances of the Man City losing this game to Stoke little to none, placing money on an almost guaranteed win will earn you a great profit!

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