Manchester Utd Vs Manchester City Sunday 10th December 2017

November 14, 2017 5 min to read

The English Premier League rightly sits at the top tier of English football for good reason.

This a football league that presents world-class football for 9 whole months as teams travel around the country in hope to be the title champions.

We have to admit that the Premier League has a special status and grandeur to the league and as we have already seen this season, the teams keep pushing boundaries within the sport.

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If you had to look at the Premier League table right now, you would see Manchester City at the top of the fixture table and Manchester United right below them.

In this article, we will discuss how both these teams' statistics compare… and more importantly, how the faith of the Manchester Utd Vs Manchester City game on Sunday 10th December 2017 at Old Trafford will determine their future in the Premier League!

manchester utd vs manchester city sunday 10th december 2017

Man Utd Vs Man City: Who Is The Real Winner?

The two Manchester clubs are leading the pack.

Some of the top soccer prediction sites foresaw this and punters took advantage of it, while making profits from the team's wins.

Manchester City hits the record for the most money spent on the team with a whopping £138 million and Manchester United comes in second once again with £136 million.

What this tells us is that these teams are hungry for a win and have invested a lot in making those results more than possible.

Manchester City Fixtures

Manchester City is currently 8 points ahead of the other teams in the Premier League table.

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The team that Pep Guardiola brought together this summer have won 10 out of 11 matches that they played and one draw match against Everton.

Manchester City is the leading goalscorers, 38 to be exact.

What is truly impressive about this rock steady team is that they have more points in the Premier League 2017/18 season that Southampton, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Swansea and Crystal Palace combined.

Manchester City is paving the road to success and it will be interesting to see which team will give them a run for their money.

Here are some key stats:

Goals Scored: 38
Goals Conceded: 7
Clean Sheet: 4
Points: 31
Points Per Game: 2.82
Win Rate: 91%

manchester utd vs manchester city sunday 10th december 2017

Manchester United Fixtures

As some football fans might know, Manchester United are known to be slow starters when it comes to a football league.

To date, their best league was that of 2006-7 when they accumulated 28 points from their first 11 matches.

Although Manchester United got fewer points than Pep Guardiola’s Man City, the 06/07 team had a stronger defensive team.

Here some key stats:

Goals Scored: 26
Goals Conceded: 5
Clean Sheet: 7
Points: 28
Points Per Game: 2.55
Win Rate: 82%

What Can We Predict From The Man Utd Vs Man City

Manchester City does have the majority of the top scorers in the league whilst Manchester United are gaining more momentum as the league draws on.

Whilst you will never be 100% certain on who will win the match, you can rest assured that there are tools which you can use that will predict the outcome of the game.

Case in point? The famous Betegy prediction site which uses an algorithm to accurately calculate the scores, making sure that you win wagers more often.

With a game like the Man Utd Vs Man City Sunday 10th December 2017, we can expect the stakes to be high and the profits even higher.

Whichever team you decide to put your faith in, make sure to place your bets with the right bookmakers. Let the countdown start!


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