What Are the Odds of France Winning the World Cup 2018

May 4, 2018 6 min to read

As the World Cup draws closer, the favourites to land this year’s cup have made themselves known, and France is way up there amongst the top five teams to be considered major contenders.

Meeting old nemesis Brazil, along with Germany, Spain, and Argentina, in the top five favourites, France could be in prime position to capture the championship and stop Brazil taking their sixth win and Germany landing two wins in a row.

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The World Cup begins on the 14thof June, with the final taking place on the 15th July.

Until the day comes when the two final teams face off, we can only speculate who is going to make it to the final, and of course, before that point we have the round of 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals, to get through.

If you’re considering backing France through the group stages and onto the finals, then we have you covered with the odds and predictions, an insight into their previous successes, and what’s awaiting them in this years’ tournament.

Odds and Predictions

France has landed themselves the top three spot amongst the current predictions to win the 2018 World Cup; just being beaten to the top two spots by Germany and Brazil, who both have favourable odds of 9/2 from most of the top bookmakers.

Sitting just behind France is Spain with a stream of odds at 6/1 and then Argentina, with odds of 9/1, almost across the board.

The French team have average odds of 11/2 from the likes of top bookmakers.

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This trend of 11/2 is the most common, but there are some variations amongst the most popular betting sites.

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Sky Bet and Ladbrokes are offering odds of 6/1, while some sites like Bet 365 and Sporting Bet, have the odds at 13/2; which are the lowest odds of winning but offer some of the highest returns on a bet on France to land the champion spot in the World Cup.

Antoine Griezmann France World Cup 2018

France in Last World Cup

In the Brazil-hosted 2014 World Cup, France started off fairly strong in Group E against Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras; the only team in the group to have won a World Cup, with France’s victory in 1998.

Of the three matches that they played, they won two, against Switzerland and Honduras, with a draw of 0-0 against Ecuador.

After winning the group matches with 7 points to Switzerland’s 6 points, France progressed to play against Nigeria in the round of 16.

After winning against Nigeria, France faced off against Germany, and like one of the other major competitors this year, Brazil, lost out to Germany.

Exiting the 2014 World Cup in the quarter-finals was a big step-up from their performance in 2010, where they failed to qualify from the group stages with one draw and no wins.

France World Cup 2014

Group Matches

This year, France has been placed in Group C and are set to face off against Peru, Denmark, and Australia.

The first match is scheduled for Saturday the 16thof June, where France will play against Australia, one of the underdogs of the tournament this year.

France is the favourite to qualify first from Group C in the group stages, with their closest competitor being Demark, who are sitting on odds of winning the World Cup outright that average between 80/1 and 100/1.

Peru is next in line, who France will play second on June 21st, at odds averaging between 150/1 and 200/1 to win the World Cup.

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World Cup 2018 Group C

Bet on France

France is in a pretty good position going into the World Cup, they may not have as many wins under their belt as their two closest rivals, Germany and Brazil, but they have been given very good odds to make it out of the group stages and into the round of 16.

For the odds of an outright win in the group stages, France has been given 1/4 odds of beating Australia, 2/5 odds of winning against Peru, and 3/4 odds of victory against Denmark.

All in all, France appear to have landed themselves a very favourable group to start the World Cup in.

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However, it has been a long time since France won the World Cup, and after failing to make the semi-finals in 2014, and failing to make it past the group stages in 2010, they have a long road ahead of them to bring it back.

The first big tell-tale game will be the match between France and Denmark.

The two teams have a bit of a history, with France beating Denmark in 1998, only to be beaten in 2002.

With their prime position amongst this year’s betting odds, France is still considered as one of the safest bets, even though they sit outside the bracket of 9/2 that Germany and Brazil are sitting in.


Paul Pogba World Cup 2018

Betting Strategy

France is in a unique position going into the 2018 World Cup, not quite as strongly favoured as Germany or Brazil, but getting better odds than countries like Argentina, who surpassed France in 2014 by reaching the semi-finals against the Netherlands.

In terms of odds, Spain and France are fairly even, making a bet on either team pretty similar in terms of returns.

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Researching these teams, their line-ups, and previous placement is an excellent strategy to ensure that you’re backing the team in the best position at a similar betting level.

With the odds for France to win higher than the vast majority of teams, and the pay-outs subsequently less, it can be beneficial to split your bets and look at teams lower down the odds list, but that has still proven themselves to be in excellent shape for this year’s tournament.

For the best odds available, always do your research on what bookmakers are offering.

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For France to win, the odds have considerable range, and while a small change may not seem overly significant, for a big bet, it can make all the difference if France lands the victory position in 2018.

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France is definitely in the top 5 countries competing to win the FIFA 2018 World Cup!

They will face some stiff competition, mainly from Germany and Brazil, but they still have some fairly good odds.

For the latest World Cup and sports event news, keep yourself updated on our site.


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