6 Online Betting Sites That Accept PayPal

Online sports bettors worldwide are always looking for new ways to improve their craft.

A punter must find the best way to deposit and withdraw money from a cheap and secure source. PayPal has emerged as the leading internet-based payment service for exactly this.

PayPal is a quick and secure option for punters to use as an e- wallet. It is the ideal option for those who have the availability. Currently in the US no sportsbooks allow this as a payment option - see our top rated US sports book here.

We are recommending this internet-based payment service to fund your account.

You can check your balance from the comfort of your choice of device. You can also transfer larger bank wires through PayPal. Also for the European punters; you can use your credit or debit card.

PayPal is convenient. Few other online payment options can compete with this e-commerce institution.

We’ve compiled the top 6 online betting sites that accept PayPal.

What is PayPal?

The basic idea behind PayPal is a hassle free one. The software allows people to make financial transfers between devices.

PayPal operates by an individuals depositing money into their account. Then you transfer your money to the seller of your choice.

The payments are instant with the added security, of not providing the seller your bank/ card details. PayPal was set in motion back in 1999, although the system took off when eBay purchased it in 2002. PayPal reached an astounding $71billion in 2009.

PayPal’s service is available for all european and UK users.

Online Betting Sites That Accept PayPal

How to use PayPal for Betting Online ?

PayPal is the most successful online payment processor. Recognised by the majority of online bookies.

Many sites also offer a free bet bonus for those bettors who make their first deposit through PayPal.

To get started, all you need to do is signup and register an account and put in your bank account details. Once you set up an account all you need to do is select it as a payment option. In your next sale the money will be withdrawn from your PayPal account.

6 Online Betting Sites That Accept PayPal


Betfair is easily one of the leading online sports betting companies. They are constantly reinventing themselves within the betting market.

The company has grown exponentially throughout the years and they have recently partnered up with Paddy Power in 2016. Making them a force to reckon with in the betting industry.

Punters can ease their minds knowing that their deposits are safe in place when betting with Betfair.

They accept PayPal as payment option with a minimum deposit £10. No extra fees are charged when using PayPal as a payment option. Withdrawal is available up to 24 hours or less after the wager.

This is a brand you can trust.

Betfair Sports Betting Review


LeoVegas is the new kid on the block compared to other betting companies. Although they are a well established brand that is gathering hundreds of bettors daily.

LeoVegas is an online casino but also has a well-rounded sportsbook platform.

The betting company has joined the betting giants and teamed up with PayPal, which is now available for UK customers only.

Customers can deposit and withdraw through PayPal, giving the punters yet another option of payment.

PayPal can be used to pay for wagers on their casino, Live Casino or any of their sportsbook products.

LeoVegas is one of the UK’s most popular places to bet online.

LeoVegas Sports Review Mobile App

William Hill

William Hill is another well-known online sports betting brand with an outstanding reputation in the UK.

When a bettor opts for PayPal as a betting service, there are no additional fees incurred and the transfer of money is instant.

William Hill accepts both withdrawals and deposits from PayPal as an e- Wallet. They do have a limit ranging from £10 to £20, 000.



Bet365 in online sports betting is most widely known and used worldwide. They are serious contender for any betting company and also a required option for punters alike.

Bet365 offers a range of promotions for their bettors and for this reason they rank highly within betting markets.

Bet365 do accept PayPal as a method of payment. They charge no additional fees to their punter when using PayPal as form of payment.

The transaction is instant and bet365 accept both withdrawals and deposits. The limit when using PayPal is from £10- £5,500.

Bet365 Tennis


Sky Bet has become the go-to sports betting site online, for people who are already familiar with the Sky brand.

They are one of the only bookmakers online that have decided to only focus on football. Since they only focus on one sport, they offer supreme coverage and details about any upcoming matches and teams.

Sky Bet are also an online sports betting bookmaker that accepts PayPal as a form of payment. They charge no additional fees and accept both withdrawals and deposits from PayPal accounts.

The minimum bet is of £10 when betting at Sky Bet and using PayPal as the payment service.


Ladbrokes is a strong leading brand, especially within the UK.

They have recently drawn up a sponsorship deal with ArsenalFanTV. This has positively increased their social media presence.

Ladbrokes like big names in the business, offer PayPal as a form of payment for their punters. They accept both withdrawals and deposits from PayPal issued accounts and the transfer is instant.

The mimimum bet is of £10 when betting at Sky Bet and using PayPal as the payment service.

ladbrokes review


When it comes to PayPal, it combines the greatest convenience and security when it comes to depositing your money online.

These 6 online betting sites that accept PayPal have assured that the time you spend betting is, as hassle free as possible.

The great thing about PayPal is that they save your bank details and you won’t need to re-enter them each type you use PayPal as a payment option.

What’s more is that PayPal will never reveal your bank details to the seller.


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