Premier League Betting Odds: The Top Teams 2017/2018

November 9, 2017 9 min to read

Premier League is the king of all football divisions not only in Europe but worldwide.

Since 2001 when Barclays’ corporation started sponsoring it the League’s fame has climbed to heights it has never seen before.

Before the world even knew it they were hooked in watching the British play against each other on a regular basis.

And from that rose the Premier League betting odds we all know and love.

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But wait a bit, do we really know what these odds are actually like?

Well, to make sure you do know them we decided to write an article on this matter and after that, we would like to offer you some tips as well.

In this article we will highlight:

  • The Premier League Odds Winner
  • The Premier League Outright Odds
  • Premier League Top Scorer Odds

premier league betting odds 

Why You Should Bet On The Premier League

Just as previously mentioned, English football may as well be one of the most viewed sports in the world.

And if you are even a little aware of how the economy works you should also know that fame comes with money and that applies to the Premier League as well.

Just to get a grasp of how much money goes into this league we will let you know that an amount of more than 2.5£ billion is in play and that is the funds that go to the clubs alone.

To be more precise, each of the 20 teams in the Premier League receives a fee of 35.3£ million just for participating.

On top of that, they get about a little less than 5£ million for commercial rights and another money prize based on the position they finish in when the season ends. But the big money comes from television broadcasting rights.

For the general rights to the highlights of the matches used inside the UK each team gets about 1£ million and for each match that gets broadcasted live, they get an additional 1.1£ million.

And get this, for all the overseas broadcasting rights they each get a total of approximately 40£ million.

Do the math and you will see that all of the teams get more than 100£ million per year and that is, to say the least.

Some of the top teams get way more than that and remember that the funds each sponsor pays the team they are partnered with aren’t included.

Many bookmakers, and especially the British ones like William Hill, have been providing some of the best odds a player can use to make some pretty good money out of.

Wouldn’t you like to make some money too?

Then go on and start betting on the Premier League right after reading what we have to say next.

The Premier League Top Teams of 2017-2018

So we thought that people like getting some help from time to time and having the edge especially when it comes to the Premier League betting odds can prove to save you time and money.

Because of that, we decided to provide you with some Premier League betting tips by presenting you some pretty informational details about each of the top 5 teams in the Premier League.

We will also show you the odds they have, at the time of this writing, to win this season.

1. Manchester City

The Citizens are currently standing in the top of the league.

They are first having a total of 31 points which they have managed to earn from 10 wins and a draw.

Currently, they are undefeated and are almost guaranteed to win this season as they are already 8 points above the runner-up.

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This season they have already defeated some of the top teams in the Premier League such as Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool and the only team that managed to get a draw out of them was Everton.

Their attackers Sergio Agüero, Gabriel Jesus, and Raheem Sterling have been doing an excellent job and have scored 22 goals altogether in only 11 matches.

When it comes to the Premier League winner betting odds the famous British bookmaker, William Hill has assigned them the odd of 1.17 which may seem a bit low but let’s face it, the chances of them losing this season’s title are almost nonexistent.

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2. Manchester United

The Red Devils have been doing great so far in this season and it may be time for them to catch a break and win their 14th Premier League title.

They are the current record holders with 13 first position titles but the last one they won was back in 2013 which was also the last season they played having Sir Alex Ferguson as their manager who retired that summer.

Their manager was with them since the Premier League took its form back in 1992 and it finally seems that they are getting back on their feet after four years of his absence from the team.

They are currently in the second place of the standings with a total of 23 points coming from 7 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses.

Manchester United has suffered many big roster changes and their main scorer is Romelu Lukaku who has scored 7 times so far.

It may be his first season playing for The Red Devils but he is doing great.

He has been getting help from Henrikh Mkhitaryan who has 5 assists so far.

William Hill offers them an odd of 17.00.

The only thing we can say for certain is that they will be in the top three teams in the end of this season.

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3. Tottenham

The Spurs come in the third place with the same amount of points as Manchester United but the latter has scored more goals than Tottenham. Just as The Red Devils, Tottenham also has a total of 23 points from 7 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses but is that all there is to them?

No, it’s not. In fact, their main attacker, Harry Kane who has currently 8 goals in 11 appearances, has won two consecutive times the top scorer’s award, Golden Boot, for the last two years.

If he manages to do that for the third year in a row he will be the third players in Premier League to ever do that.

The first two were Newcastle United’s Alan Shearer and Arsenal’s Thierry Henry.

William Hill currently offers the Spurs odds of 13.00.

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premier league betting odds

4. Chelsea

The Blues are currently in the fourth place of the standings with a total of 22 points over 7 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses.

It is a bit odd that they aren’t doing so great considering they were last season’s winners but who can blame them.

Leicester City has won the 2015-2016 season and they are currently in the 12th place.

Anyway, their number one scorer is Alvaro Morata who has scored 7 times so far and is he has received much help from his teammate César Azpilicueta who has 5 assists at this time of writing.

William Hill offers them odds of 15.00.

In case you didn’t know Chelsea is the second team with the most titles after Manchester United, they have five titles to be precise.

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5. Liverpool

A team with a huge history behind them.

What many people don’t know is that even though Liverpool may not have many honours under their belt they still are in the top 10 most valuable teams in the world.

Their club value is approximately 1.5$ million and they have an annual revenue of about 400$ million.

They are currently in the fifth place in the standings with a total of 19 points over 5 wins, 4 draws, and only 2 losses.

They aren’t doing excellent but their fans always believe in them which is why Liverpool has won 5 times the UEFA Champions League and 3 times the UEFA Europa League. William Hill offers them an odd of 51.00.

As for their top scorer, his name is Mohamed Salah and he has 7 goals so far.

None of his teammates is in the top assists players list and he appears to be the only one holding the team together.

Only time will show what will happen to them.

premier league betting odds  

Premier League Top Scorer Odds

Before we end the article we would like to show you the odds that are offered to the top scorers of this season so far.

1) Sergio Agüero

The Manchester City attacker has scored 8 times in 11 appearances and is currently in the number one spot in the top scorers list together with Harry Kane of the Spurs.

William Hill offers Sergio Agüero 4.50 odds.

2) Harry Kane

The consecutive two times Golden Boot winner is the favourite to be this year’s top scorer as well.

He has scored 8 times so far and chances are he will be the top scorer because he is the only Tottenham’s attacker who appears on the top scorers' list.

William Hill offers him 2.75 odds.

His odds are great and it would be such a shame not to place some money on him.

3) Romelu Lukaku

Manchester United’s new player has already proved to be an excellent addition to the team as he is currently third, together with Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus, in the top scorers' list with 7 goals so far.

William Hill offers him 6.00 odds.

4) Gabriel Jesus

The Citizens have three players on the top scorer's list. Sergio Agüero, Gabriel Jesus, and finally Raheem Sterling.

The last two have the same number of goals so far, 7 that is. William Hill has provided its users with a 6.50 odd in favour of Gabriel Jesus.

5) Alvaro Morata

Chelsea’s attacker has scored 7 times so far and he is the only attacker of the team to appear in this top scorers list.

William Hill always makes sure to provide excellent Premier League top scorer odds and offer him the odds of 10.00.

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When it comes to betting you could bet on Premier League outright winner or bet on Premier League top scorer.

Either way, odds are excellent for both of those options. This has been our guide for the Premier League betting odds and some Premier League betting tips based on the current standings.

The odds to win the Premier League 2018 have already been set and although it might be a bit premature, the leading football clubs have already begun paving their way to success.

Kick start your Premier League betting ventures today and don't forget to sign up our free newsletter!

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